You might have seen many reviews in the search results showing stars and review summary below their post titles. In this article, we’ll list the best free WordPress plugins to display the star rating on the Google search results page. They basically give a clue to people what’s inside for them. These ratings help to increase click-through rates and my affiliate income as well.

Star Rating on Google Search Display WordPress Plugins For Free

As more people click on your page the more sales you’ll make and finally more commissions you’ll earn. CTR depends on various factors like writing magnetic headlines, targeting relevant keywords, higher ranking in search results and many other factors. But do you know what? Google rich snippets review ratings also play a key role in it. As a result, Your sales depend on the Click Through Rates that you get from Google.

All In One Schema Rich Snippet

This free WordPress plugin lets you display all types of rich snippets in the Google search results. In case you don’t know what a rich snippet is, here’s a quick definition. A rich snippet is a short description of your page on the search result page. Rich snippets can be in the form of images, price, author name, star ratings, and more.

All In One Rich Snippet supports the following types of content formats: Review, Event, Product, People, Recipe, Video, Articles, Software Application. This is one of the simplest solutions out there to display star ratings for your article on the search result. All you have to do is to select the type of post in your WordPress post editor and you’re all set! The plugin is available for free and is definitely one of the best star rating plugin for WordPress.

Before Choosing This Plugin

It’s an all in one solution for showing rich snippets in the Google search results. In addition, it’s free and you can download it from the WordPress repository. Download it.

Star Rating Google Display Plugins: Review Block by Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is the only Gutenberg Blocks plugin that offers ‘Schema-Enabled’ Review Block. This block lets you add a review box in your blog post. It allows you to add rows of review criteria and the cumulative star ratings will be calculated automatically.

You can edit the review title, author name, review summary and call to action button. You can also change the star color, star hover color, button color, button URL and text. The best part of the block is, you can edit the block inside the Gutenberg editor. It’s truly ‘what you see is what you get. Currently, the block only allows the author to add reviews. The readers cannot submit their reviews.

Before Choosing This Plugin

  • It’s not a dedicated plugin for the star rating. Rather it offers a handful number of Gutenberg blocks to create better and engaging content.
  • Finally, completely free download.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Another plugin in this list is WP SEO Structured Data Schema. It’s a free plugin that lets you add a schema for articles, local businesses, events, products, organizations, videos, services, and reviews.

Unlike the other plugins mentioned in this list, configuring this plugin might be a little confusing to you as it has many options. But if you want to have complete control over everything, this might be the right plugin for you.

The plugin also comes with a pro version which has the following features:

  • Auto-fill function
  • Custom post type support
  • WordPress multisite support
  • More schema types (books, courses, job postings, music, movies, recipes, TV episode, etc)

Why This Plugin?

Yasr: Free Star Rating Google Display Plugins

This is another plugin that can help you show a star rating in Google search. With this plugin, you can display a star rating in your posts or pages.

You can also enable visitor rating with the help of a shortcode. The plugin also has the feature to give a rating based on different aspects of a review.

The plugin is very simple to use and free. Though aesthetically speaking, it’s not the best looking as it doesn’t have any design options that allow you to tweak the appearance of the rating box.

Here are the features of this plugin:

  • Schema Support
  • User Rating
  • Multiset Support
  • Shortcode Support
  • Easy To Use

This Plugin in Short

  • It lets you add simple star ratings to your blog post. You can also enable visitor ratings.
  • It’s available on the WordPress repository.

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