Star Rating on Google Search Display WordPress Plugins For Free

In this article, we'll discuss star rating on the Google search display results page and share a list of the best free WordPress plugins

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 27, 2023
Star Rating on Google Search Display WordPress Plugins For Free

You might have seen many reviews in the search results showing stars and review summaries below their post titles. In this article, we’ll discuss star rating on the Google search display results page and a list of the best free WordPress plugins. This rating helps to increase click-through rates and my affiliate income as well.

CTR depends on factors like writing magnetic headlines, targeting relevant keywords, higher ranking in search results, and many other factors. But do you know what? Google rich snippets review ratings also play a key role in it. As a result, Your sales depend on the Click Through Rates you get from Google.

All In One Schema Rich Snippet

This free WordPress plugin lets you display rich snippets in Google search results. Here’s a quick definition if you don’t know a rich snippet. A rich snippet briefly describes your page on the search results page. Rich snippets include images, prices, author names, and star ratings

All-in-one rich snippets support the following content formats: reviews, events, products, people, recipes, videos, articles, and software applications. This is one of the easiest ways to display product star ratings in search results. All you have to do is select a post type in the WordPress post editor, and you’re ready to go! The plugin is free and one of the best star-rating plugins for WordPress.

Before Choosing This Plugin:

  • It’s an all-in-one solution for showing rich snippets in Google search results.
  • In addition, it’s free, and you can download it from the WordPress repository. Download it.

Review Block By Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is the only Gutenberg Blocks plugin that offers a “Scheme Trigger” review block. This block allows you to add a review box to your blog posts. It allows you to add rows of rating criteria, and the cumulative star rating will be calculated automatically.

You can edit the review title, reviewer name, summary, and call-to-action button. You can also change the star color, hover star color, button color, button URL, and text. The best part of the block is that you can edit the block in the Gutenberg editor. It really is “what you see is what you get.” Currently, the block only allows authors to add reviews. Readers cannot post comments. 

Before Choosing This Plugin:

  • It’s not a dedicated plugin for the star rating. Rather it offers a handful of Gutenberg blocks to create better and more engaging content.
  •  Finally, completely free to download.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Another plugin on this list is WP SEO Structured Data Schema. Free plugins allow you to add topics for posts, local businesses, events, videos, services, and reviews.

Unlike the other plugins WordPress mentioned in this list, setting up this plugin can be confusing because it has so many options. But if you want full control over everything, then this might be the right plugin.

The WordPress plugin also comes with a pro version with the following features: 

  • Auto-fill function
  •  Custom post-type support
  •  WordPress multisite support
  •  More schema types (books, courses, music, movies, recipes, etc.)

Why This Plugin?

  • It offers complete control over everything, but you have to deal with a lot of options.
  •  Moreover, this is a free rating WordPress plugin.

Yasr: Free Star Rating Google Display Plugins

This plugin can help you show star ratings in Google searches. With this WordPress plugin, you can display star ratings on your posts or pages.

You can also enable visitor ratings with shortcodes. The plugin also has the function of giving ratings based on different aspects of the review.

The plugin is easy to use and free. Although aesthetically speaking, it is not the most beautiful as it does not have design options that allow you to change the look and feel of the scoring cell.

Here are the features of this plugin:  

  • Schema Support
  •  User Rating
  •  Multiset Support
  •  Shortcode Support
  •  Easy To Use

Final Words About Star Rating Google Plugins

As more people click on your page, the more sales you’ll make and, finally, more commissions you’ll earn. We look forward to this article on the star rating on the Google search display results page and a list of the best free WordPress plugins. Please, leave us a comment in the comments section below!

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