Startup Growth Hacking Strategies That Have Worked Wonders for Various Unicorns

People launch startups every day, & everyone wishes to grow fast. Check best startup growth hacking strategies & how unicorns use them

By Claudio Pires
Updated on November 14, 2022
Startup Growth Hacking Strategies That Have Worked Wonders for Various Unicorns

People launch startups every day, and everyone wishes to grow fast. Some have the best ideas, while others strive to offer the best quality products. These two are not, however, the only things that one needs to succeed, especially when competition is stiff. The ability to attract customers is also a factor. In this article, we’ll share the best startup growth hacking strategies that have worked wonders for various unicorns and how to use them for your business.

This article discusses growth hacking strategies to help you manage your startup and experience growth within the timelines you want. Read on to gain knowledge, so you do not spin around, trying various growth hacking strategies without registering real growth. 

What’s Growth Hacking 

Growth hacking is an innovative marketing method that seeks to achieve excellent results without using extra time or money. Ideally, this method has a basis for market research and experiment. While it strives to realize many things, the primary goal is to find and use cost-effective ways of growing your business. 

Startup growth hackers combine several marketing strategies to achieve better results and attain growth goals relatively fast. The choice of which method to use depends on what you intend to achieve and the nature of the business you seek to grow. Some of the most common strategies that growth hackers employ include: 

  • Email Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Guest Posts 
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Others 

Notably, the various strategies that growth hackers use to boil down marketing. That explains why companies spend the most on adwords, especially at their first stages of growth. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways of marketing and advertising products or services. Google also supports it, especially if you use it with the best search engine optimization techniques. 

Here Are Five Growth Hacking Strategies That May Work Wonders for Your Startup

Now you know what growth hacking is all about, you should also learn the best strategies. So, in this section, we share valuable ones that may work wonders for your startup. Note that these are not overnight strategies, but tactics you can apply over a relatively short time and realize massive results. Here we go:

1. Encourage Your Customers To Refer Their Friends 

You have probably seen some businesses offering their customers bonuses when they refer friends. That is also one of the best growth hacking strategies that may work wonders if you use it well. Several companies, including Airbnb and Dropbox, used it to hack their way into their current status. 

Create a simple but appealing reward system for customers that refer their friends. The chain effect can be overwhelming, and in the end, you will enjoy a massive customer base. Indeed, it has proved to be a viable strategy worth considering. It may be the only strategy your startup needs to hack its way up. 

2. Seek The Help of Influencers To Promote Your Goods or Services 

Hiring or paying influencers to market your brand is one way to boost growth, especially if you are running a startup. Influencer marketers can positively impact your startup with their large following and reputation in the online community. 

One way to promote your goods or services with the help of influencers is to ask them to include simple adverts of your products as they share the news. In particular, ask them to focus on those channels that are niches relevant to your product. It helps boost your visibility. You’ll see the impact almost immediately. 

As a precaution, beware that not every influencer is a good person to engage as a promoter of your goods or services. The best ones have a following of at least 50,000 and can show their track record in helping startups gain traction and expand clientele. 

3. Give Freemium If Your Business Provides Software As a Service

If your company or business offers software as a service, one way to attract users is through freemium. The freemium model encourages the use of a combined strategy. That is, providing your customers with a free version of your product or software and a premium one. 

The free version of your tool allows users to explore it well, understand its features and compare it with others. Encourage them to use various features before subscribing to the premium version during the free period. Further, ensure that the duration of the free period should be long enough to allow them to explore your tool fully. 

Your free version should not be limited, especially regarding features. What you need to do is to make both versions feature-rich but different in storage and archives. People will then subscribe to the premium one when they want more storage and space for archiving their old messages. That’s what slack offers, and it enjoys millions of users worldwide. 

4. Connect With Internet Giants and Gamify Your Product

When you launch your product, create an engaging game related to what you are offering your customers. Make it easy to play stuff but with great features. Seek the help of a gaming expert and go ahead to ensure that it works well. 

Find a way of linking your gaming and product to internet giants such as YouTube, Dove, and others to widen your outreach. Such a campaign will attract millions of players. If the game is nice, they will be curious to find the owner or the creator. That is how your product will find millions of users as well.

5. Use Email Marketing Startup Growth Hacking Strategies For Unicorns

A successful startup growth strategy cannot be complete without email marketing as part of it. It works both at the early stages of your business and even later to boost leads and sales. You, however, need to understand how it works and employ the best email marketing tactics to reap from it. 

Choose the best cold email software, create an email list and start contacting potential clients. Timing is also important if you want to get it right. The best time is to do it a few weeks before launching your business. It helps create anticipation among your target customers or clients. In your emails, describe your products and ignite conversations. 

6 – Social Media Growth Hacking: Building a Community Around Your Brand

Social media is an important part of a business’s marketing mix. You can use social media communities to promote yourself, get market feedback, and engage with industry influencers.

It takes time to develop content and build an audience. To do this, you must work to align your social media activity with your overall direction. So one of the best startup growth hacking strategies that unicorns use.

One of the best social media growth hacking strategies for using social media for business success is to create a Facebook group around your brand where your audience will engage with your brand. You need to make sure to add value to them through the group. Chances are, once they’re inspired by what’s in your group, those who don’t know your brand will know about it.

Growth Hacking & Outbound Marketing is a Facebook group created by the founder of Find that Lead – Lead Generation Tool. The panel’s audience includes potential buyers of his products, and he does his best to motivate them every day by sharing his best growth hacking tips.

Startup Growth Hacking Strategies For Unicorns Conclusion 

In conclusion, growth hacking works, and many giants you see today used it to widen their customer base in their early years. You can use it to promote your products and services as you strive to grow your business. The trick is to understand various strategies and use those relevant to your business. 

You have learned growth hacking and strategies that you can try. It might look difficult at the start, but with proper guidance, you can build your brand from scratch and reach levels you never expected. All the best!

Infographic Startup Growth Hacking Strategies That Have Worked Wonders for Various Unicorns
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