Steps To Create A Single Product Website With WordPress

In this article, we will show you steps on how to create a single-product website with WordPress to have a successful online store

Updated on August 22, 2023
Steps To Create A Single Product Website With WordPress

Are you planning to enter the rapidly growing E-commerce market with an innovation/product? Do you look after making a website to showcase your product for a successful launch? It is seen that 80% of the shoppers in the US prefer to make an online purchase rather than visit the local stores. In this article, we will show you steps on how to create a single-product website with WordPress to have a successful online store.

There’s no need to say how massively you can increase your chances of generating more sales by having an excellent website appearance

Most of the big eCommerce websites consist of products for you to purchase. Moreover, it is still possible to have a successful online store by selling just a single item. Simply, you can introduce a single-product WordPress website with an enhanced customer experience.

What are Single Product Websites & How it Works?

The term itself is self-explanatory as it is an online store that aims to sell only one item in general. The ultimate logic being creating such a website is to offer attractive deals and attract more customers.

Single-product stores tend to work better without any shipping or manufacturing costs. Also, the products benefit immensely from powerful branding and target potential customers for your high-niche products. It is better to remind yourself of the importance of high-quality product images and Call To Action.

Guide on Creating a Single Product Website

Building a website can be simple, as you can get started with a few simple clicks. The complex part will be to find the perfect theme for your website, and simple market research will get you the best themes for your single-product website.

Select The Web Host & Install WordPress

The first thing you must do is search for a web host and plan your store. On a serious note, you should not choose the cheapest host just because of the single product website, as it can hinder your site performance and fail to have customer retention. However, opt for the best web host for your site, which will be WordPress-friendly. 

Nowadays, getting top-notch WordPress hosting plans for cheaper rates or discounted rates is much easier. Some big names include SiteGround, Bluehost, and A2 Hosting, where you can access their attractive features.

Install and Setup WooCommerce

We know that WordPress is a highly-versatile platform without including e-commerce functionality out of the box. If you wish your single-product online store website to become more than just a promotional banner, you must find efficient ways to manage inventory and secure payment gateways.

As seen in most cases, the solution is within, and plenty of eCommerce plugins are available for WordPress, but still, WooCommerce tops the chart. The platform has loads of custom features to sell a single product or hundreds of them. Before proceeding, you must download, install, activate, and configure WooCommerce. You can also use the plugins, which include a setup wizard to simplify the process, but you need to follow our instructions if you want more details.

Look For a Suitable Theme For Your Product WordPress Website

Using WooCommerce, the complex part of building a one-product website is picking the perfect theme. We have a deep guide on some excellent eCommerce themes and even encourage you to look at your research to get it. We recommend using ShopIsle, a free WordPress eCommerce theme designed for smoother integration with WooCommerce.

It does not matter whether your site consists of single or multiple products – it will make alterations accordingly. Also, it comes with a unique sleek, uncluttered look that highlights a single item. Make use of the WordPress customizer to make necessary changes to your store’s layout.

Launch your Single Product Website

Finally, following the steps to create a unique product website with WordPress, it’s time to feature your product in the store. Select the Products _> Add New tab. You will have to set the product name and its description before you want to publish it. Also, you can add multiple images to drive online sales while trying to sell one specific product. You only need to make it look as good as possible by featuring multiple product images taken from different angles.

When you focus on only one product for your online store, you must fill out all the minute details, as the product images and details will be key to your site’s success. There is plenty of things to do after launching your product life. There are chances that your site is bare or you wish to add more sections and content.

Final Words on Create Single Product Website

In order to run a successful single-product website online store, it is not mandatory to sell hundreds of products. You can always deal by selling only one item if you have a firm copy, excellent HD-quality photos, and an attention-grabbing CTA.

In addition to this, it also helps you get your store management much easier. Till then – keep learning! We hope this article with steps on how to create a single product website with WordPress to have a successful online store has been of help to you.