You’re consistently skimping on the website development, it may lead to the ultimate collapse. In this article, we’ll share the best recommendation to stop annoying your customers. In addition, share things you should remove from your website forever. Typically, the owner forgets about the main thing – the quality of the website and creates it at a low cost. So it turns out that people spend money, waste their time, and still make no progress. And all this is because of mistakes that young and inexperienced novice developers make. Bear with us if you want to get the maximum of your site, and you will learn how to avoid critical and treacherous mistakes in its creation. Therefore, if you plan to order a website for the record, then pass by. The rest are welcome.

Glaring errors are visible to the unaided eye and disastrously affect the quality of the website. Incidentally, some failures create discomfort for the user, and he might leave the site, so the company loses potential customers. The result is evident and deplorable. Similar errors, which we give below, can occur on any website, regardless of its type. Therefore, be careful and be sure to analyze your web project if it is under development or has already been submitted to you.

Stop Annoying Your Customers Things You Should Remove from Your Website Forever

Typical mistakes when creating a site that will annoy the customers

Incorrect site structure things to remove from your website

Website development should always begin with the analysis and development of the structure. It is one of the essential criteria, which is responsible for the convenience of using the site and its indexing and ranking by the search algorithm. The illogical linkage between folders, incorrect leveling, complicated, inaccurate, or incomprehensible navigation. The duplicate pages under different URLs will create one colossal minus in usability for the user and in the promotion for search engines. The user will not use the site if it is inconvenient or incomprehensible to him, and search engines will lower the position of pages in the search results.

Incorrect domain selection

A domain is more than a set of letters. It is a powerful marketing tool that will help the site to advance and become more recognizable to it. Therefore, the domain name should be matched wisely. An illogical or incomprehensible word that is not readable or does not symbolize a company will never be able to help it in increasing recognition. Besides, an incorrectly selected domain zone can also create problems with the further promotion of the site. Therefore, the choice of the domain should be given attention to by studying the rules for its preparation. If this is your first time encountering this issue, we recommend that you read the article on choosing a domain for the site.

Things to remove from your website: Design Errors and Usability

The site design should be harmonious, color matching, readable fonts, photos vibrant, appealing logo design as a brand’s unique identity and high-quality in the required quantity. Only in this case the site creates a complete picture, forms the correct impression of the company with the user, and becomes an incentive for surfing the pages. “The flash animation and various colors, fonts, photos, and videos can coexist on one page miraculously. It leads to a real failure, which critically affects usability.

Website design is one of the major factors that affect the usability of a website. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance between all the elements.

It’s a big mistake if the web site’s owner is guided not by the TOP of SEO-delivery but by beautiful websites from the context, or other sources, where websites have nothing to do with the search engine promotion.

Errors in creating an online portal

The portal is based on content. Therefore, it should be not only relevant but also correctly laid out and attractively decorated. Lack of search, incorrect structure with obscure categories, and subcategories. Lack of headings and subheadings, and finally, grammatical errors in articles and texts only aggravate the situation. And users do not want to strain. They want to go to the site and in just 2-3 clicks find what interests them. As a result. it helps in stop annoying your customers.

Things to remove from your website: Slow loading speed of the website

This is one of the most common mistakes on sites, including sites of major brands. And it is one thing if sacrificing speed for the sake of demonstrating high-quality content. Another if it is a banal mistake. Of course, it’s great if the photo allows you to view the object in the smallest detail, but this is not always appropriate. Because of this, the site loading speed is abysmally low. But in this case, you can make a “power move” – upload an optimized image to the site. Download high-resolution, detailed photos in the pop-up, ajax, or in another tab after a user clicks. As a result. it helps in stop annoying your customers.

Technical errors on the site

Broken links annoy and disappoint the user when he is in search of information or product of interest to him. And if there are a lot of them on the site, then search engines can rank the site poorly. Therefore, you should avoid them and get the aid of special analyzing services.

Be sure to analyze your site for errors. To sum up, cooperate only with the professionals who make the best HR software. To minimize the likelihood of all kinds of flaws that could lead your online project to failure.

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