Comment spam is the harsh reality and every green behind the ears, enthusiastic, unprepared blogger will be staggered by the sheer volume they receive of it. WordPress can help, but you need to mentally prepare yourself for the hard fact that more than 99% of the comments you will receive is going to be spam. If you leave the issue unattended, the spam comments can quite literally overtake your site database and get you permanently banned from search engine index.

Stop Spam Comments Now

Stop Spam Comments Now
Stop Spam Comments Now


Need relief from comment spam? You’re about to get it.

Activate the free Anti-spam plugin on your site now. Then, when the spam stops, you can come back and read my explanation below ?

Here’s what you need to know:

The vast majority of comment spam is automated. It doesn’t come from people who visit your site and submit spam comments. It comes from software that submits them automatically.

The automated software spammers use these days is intense. They scrape the web for thousands of sites to comment on in their niche and use multi-threading to comment on dozens of sites at a time. It’s no challenge to submit tens of thousands of spam comments in a day.

Stop Spam Comments Now 1
Stop Spam Comments Now


Sounds pretty bad for us, huh? Well, the good news is they’re not that hard to stop.

There are ways to distinguish automated bot visitors from real human visitors. For instance, they can be tricked into doing things a real person would never do (like filling in an invisible form field).

The Solution for Comment Spam

Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins
Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins


Anti-spam does a great job of blending techniques like this to detect bots and the outcome is phenomenal. In my experience, it blocks 100% of automatic spam. Just activate the plugin, and you’re done with comment spam.

I’ve also had great results over the last few months with the WP Bruiser plugin. It’s more customizable and feature-rich than Anti-spam, but they both work well.

The popular Akismet plugin also handles comment spam effectively, but it requires a monthly subscription to run on your site.

And about you? What plugin do you use to spot this comments? Feel free to use the comments section bellow if you have questions or want to share your experience and help others!

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