Strategies to Get Backlinks: Boost Your Traffic and Domain Authority

In this article will discuss strategies to get backlinks and show you how to boost your traffic and domain authority in the right way

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on August 3, 2022
Strategies to Get Backlinks: Boost Your Traffic and Domain Authority

Know some strategies to get backlinks and boost your traffic and domain authority. Want to increase the number of backlinks to your website? Backlinks play an essential role in improving search engine rankings.

Your backlinks are one of the top ranking factors in Google Search. The more quality backlinks that lead to your website, the higher your chances of ranking.

This article will discuss strategies to get backlinks and show you how to boost your traffic and domain authority.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are precious for SEO (search engine optimization). Also called external links or inbound links. Let’s say an FHG site uses your Site as an external link in one of their articles. The FHG website link will be a backlink for you.

Now, why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are precious for SEO (search engine optimization). They are votes of trust for your website and its content. Websites with the most backlinks tend to rank higher on Google, according to OptinMonster.

Many websites link to your Site, sending a positive signal to search engines that your content is valuable and worth linking to. In return, search engines improve your website’s ranking and visibility in search results. And this shows that link building is essential for your website. But how do you get backlinks to your website?

Use these strategies to get backlinks

Here are 10 quick and simple strategies to get backlinks and boost your traffic and domain authority. So let’s dive right in.

1 – Find backlink opportunities with top referral sources

You can start by looking at your Site’s top referrer sources. These are websites that link to your content and provide backlinks.

By knowing what websites lead to your Site and what content they like, you can find new ways to get backlinks and create similar content. There are many ways to view the original. For example, go to Acquisition » All Traffic » Referrals in Google’s Universal Analytics. In Google Analytics 4, go to User Acquisition » User Acquisition.

The easiest way to find referral traffic is with MonsterInsights. This is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics and displays various reports in your WordPress dashboard.

To view your top referrers, go to Insights » Reports. The first report displayed is the overview report. Then scroll down to see the top 10 referral sources top referral sources to get backlinks and boost traffic and domain authority.

top referral soruces to get backlinks

2 – Use external links to form partnerships

Another way to find backlink opportunities is by looking at your outgoing links. And for example, if you are linking to a high authority site and sending a lot of traffic, you can send an outreach email and form a partnership.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not provide a ready-to-use external links report. With MonsterInsights, however, you can easily visualize your top outbound links. Simply install the plugin, go to Insights » Reports » Editors, and navigate to the top output links report.

publishers report top outbound link affiliates

The report will show the external links on your Site that get the most clicks. You can then email these sites and start building a relationship. And tell them about your post and how you found the content helpful to use as a source.

Mention that you are looking for a partnership opportunity and perhaps work on a content collaboration, such as a case study. If they agree with the idea, you can get great new backlinks, traffic, and a relationship with the source.

3 – Use Google Search Console reports to get backlinks

Another strategy to get backlinks and boost your traffic is use Google Search Console, which can also help you find backlink opportunities for your website. Additionally, Google’s free tool provides unique data to improve your rankings.

And these are websites that have linked to your website in the past. You can visit your backlinks to see what content they liked and gave you backlinks.

They have linked your domain before, so they are familiar with your site and can provide another backlink. And also, all you have to do is find the website, and you can also read our guide on how to double your traffic using Google Search Console.

4 – Another strategy to get backlinks is to spy on your competitors

So, ever wonder where your competitors get their backlinks from? What is their organic strategy, and what type of content do they publish? If you want information, you need to know what other people are doing.

Ethically spy on your competitors to find backlink sources, analyze organic keywords, high-performing content, social media activity, and more. To find backlinks, you can use his SEO tools, such as Semrush.

It provides a complete backlink profile for every website you enter. To view your backlinks in SEMrush, go to Backlink Analysis in the left panel and enter your competitor’s domain.

Now click on Verify. Then select Backlinks, and you will have a list of domains from which your competitor gets their links.

You can also use these sources to capture a backlink to your website. For example, if your competitor has a guest post link, you can publish content on the guest posting site.

Also, if you have a link from a forum, you can create a profile on that forum to get backlinks.

Other techniques to stay ahead of competitors include signing up for their email newsletters and setting up Google Alerts. So you are immediately notified when they publish new content or are featured on another site.

5 – Find broken links to build backlinks

If you look at your competitors, you’ll also see broken links. The broken link-building strategy is another quick and easy way to track backlinks.

A broken link is a link that does not exist or does not work on a website. And they can be caused by websites. And then, use a tool like Semrush or Ahrefs to find broken links.

Semrush lets you filter the Competitor Backlinks report. First, check the missing checkbox among the various options listed under Backlinks. Then you will see links that work longer.

Alternatively, if you’re using Ahrefs, enter your website’s URL in Site Explorer and click Broken under the Backlinks option in the left menu. This tool will show you all your competitors’ broken links.

And once you have a list of broken links, your next step is to contact the webmasters of those sites and report the broken links.

When writing a pitch, be humble and introduce yourself. Please add the exact location of the broken link because you want to help them.

Then list various alternatives for the broken link, including your website. For example, webmasters may use your Site as a proxy and get backlinks in return.

6 – Create high-quality content that’s link-worthy

Creating top-notch content is one of the most basic ways to get backlinks. Your goal is to create content that other bloggers and industry professionals can use and link to your Site.

This may be a time-consuming strategy, but hopefully, it’s worth it. Many types of content can create. For example, you can write how-to articles, develop guides, list posts, take quizzes, and more.

For example, if you run a fashion blog, you can create a how-to article on how to run a fashion brand for as little as $100. You can also list 50 fashion trends that are changing society.

7 – Publish a Skyscraper content

When creating content, you can also create Skyscraper content to get backlinks. These are very detailed, extensive guides on existing topics of over 10,000 words.

And the idea behind Skyscraper content is to write posts that cover all aspects of a topic in detail and make it stand out from the rest. It’s a way to get links to your posts and generate many backlinks.

You can start by searching Google for your niche topic. Then take a closer look at the results, as these pages got a lot of backlinks and landed on Google’s first page.

For example, I look at search results when I write about content marketing. Then, go through the content of each link and start creating 10x better posts.

skyscrapper content for backlinks

And once your content is ready, it’s time to get down to the most crucial part: advertising. There are several ways to advertise.

8 – Another strategy to get backlinks is to use infographics to capture backlinks

In addition to text, use infographics to ensure backlinks to your website. Infographics present data and information using graphs, images, and charts.

And they provide a quick overview of a topic and help break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand graphics. Consider the case. Your infographic on WordPress trivia had 700 backlinks.

Help other content creators by creating engaging and helpful infographics. For example, they can use your visual work on their blog and provide a backlink as the original creator of the infographic.

No need to hire. Alternatively, you can create your own using various free online tools. Check out our guide to the best visual content creation tools.

9 – Write testimonials

Did you know that you can get backlinks to your website by writing testimonials on other websites? Many companies are looking for testimonials to offer as social proof. So they display them on their home page as well.

And so, if you are a regular user of a tool or service, you can write testimonials in exchange for backlinks. Find companies related to your industry and submit your references.

10 – Use help a reporter out (HARO)

When we speak of high-quality backlinks getting links from news websites and journalistic blogs is like winning the jackpot. This is because these websites have backlinks with high domain authority, and being featured there also increases the trust level of the website.

The best way to get backlinks from news organizations is through Help a Reporter Out (HARO). A platform that provides sources of news and articles for journalists and bloggers.

Strategies to Get Backlinks Boost Your Traffic and Domain Authority

Strategies to get backlinks: Final thoughts

The correct strategy to get backlinks and boost your traffic and domain authority for your link-building strategy will depend on many factors, including your industry’s competitiveness and your website’s authority.

There are many ways to build links, but creating quality content is a good start. From there, you can launch specific pages and try different approaches.

Not every attempt will get you a backlink, but you need a few quality links to make an impact.