See a comprehensive explanation about subdomains. They are URLs for different sections of your website. They use your main domain name and a prefix. For example, if your domain is “”, a subdomain of your domain might be “”

The takeaway here is that they use your primary domain name and a prefix to denote a separate section of your website. And when we say separate section, we mean that in the most literal sense possible. Subdomains are completely separate entities by search engines, so would be seen as a completely different website as or

Subdomain - A Comprehensive Explanation

As such, WordPress subdomains are actually separate installations of the CMS, not the same one (excluding WordPress Multisite). There are a number of reasons this can be helpful to you as a site administrator. In addition, we have a guide explaining how to create a sub-domain.

Subdomain Uses Explanation

A subdomain can be an essential ally to improve the traffic of a site. Under no aspect, a subdomain should be created that redirect to the same site as the primary domain. On the other hand, if within the site you have different sections, but none represents unusual traffic. It is preferable to keep the parts within the main domain and not create a subdomain.

On the other hand, if you have a content page and want to add a forum to interact with your visits or if you have a sales page where you offer different services/products that have different sections within each one, you do need a subdomain. But beware! Choosing a subdomain requires that some crucial aspects have to be taken into account:

Names Usage

When creating a subdomain, what you are doing is adding another word to your primary domain. So the extension of the area will increase. Therefore it is advisable that the word that will occupy the subdomain be short and straightforward.

Content Separation

Content marketing is increasingly common in companies. It is often shocking for a potential customer to enter a site looking for news and find that it is a sales portal. That is why many companies choose to differentiate the content of the products/services they offer. To gain the trust of visitors and give them the possibility to choose what they want to do within the site.

Finally, it is essential to highlight that the traffic generated by a subdomain will mean an increase in the traffic on the main page. So creating a good strategy and using the subdomains correctly will improve the positioning of your site in searches.

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