Are you looking for the best WordPress survey plugins for your website? Surveys allow you to collect feedback, so you can use it to improve your knowledge about your site users and make your business better.

Fulfilling the demands of your visitors should be the number one priority of your website. But how do you know which things your visitors care about?

Running an online survey could be an excellent way to do that. There are lots of free and premium WordPress survey plugins that allow you to create and manage comprehensive online surveys right from your website. In today’s post, I am going to discuss how to add an online survey to WordPress by using a plugin.

WordPress Survey Plugins

Survey Plugins For WordPress


#1. Quiz And Survey Master

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Quiz And Survey Master is a very powerful WordPress servery plugin for creating any surveys. It allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys and quizzes for your WordPress site. You can provide custom text for every visible portion of your surveys. The plugin supports several question types including open answer, multiple responses, radio buttons, true/false, number, captcha, fill in the blanks, accept, etc.

The plugin allows you to create separate landing pages for your visitors. You can take them to different pages depending on the result. It is also possible to send an email with a detailed result.

The flexible nature of Quiz And Survey Master allows you to choose all the options for your survey. For starters, you can choose the survey grading system. Then, you can choose to ask for contact information at the beginning and decide which fields are necessary. You can choose to show all the questions on one page or divide them into several pages.

The built-in scheduling feature allows you to control when the survey should be available. Other management options include allowing the visitors to share results in social media, requiring the participant to be logged in, limiting the number of entries, enable comments for questions, provide hints, apply a time limit, etc.

#2. Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage

Survey Plugins For WordPress


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This is a fully-featured WordPress plugin for creating a detailed online survey, poll, and interactive quizzes. You can add unlimited text, image fields, and manage all of your surveys from the WordPress dashboard. Visitors can take part in the surveys by using their social media profiles or choose to remain anonymous. You will find separate options to filter the participants by using votes, location, gender, time, etc.

Participants can share the question and votes on various social media networks. This will be very useful in growing your brand and getting some additional traffic. You can choose custom text and image for social media shares. It is also possible to show or hide the number of votes and results before or after the survey.

There are several ready-made styles for you to choose from. You can also create your style by choosing the font size, colour, and other styling options. Thanks to the embedding feature, it is possible to show the surveys anywhere you want.

The plugin comes with several methods to block repeat voting. The available options include monitoring the IP address, cookie, social profiles, etc. You can set an expiry date for the surveyor close it manually. Thanks to the built-in redirection features, you can redirect the visitors to different pages based on their votes. It is also possible to collect email addresses before showing the survey results.

#3. Polldaddy

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Polldaddy is one of the most popular choices for creating online polls and surveys. Being an Automattic company, it works perfectly with WordPress. You can create an unlimited number of surveys and show these on your website. The simple but powerful survey editor allows you to create detailed surveys within a short period. You can use any of the 14 supported question types.

Thanks to the powerful reporting feature, you can get updates about your survey in real-time. It is possible to create filters to get specific survey data. You can export the survey data in various formats like PDF, Excel, CSV, Google Docs, etc. Polldaddy also supports custom CSS. That means you can easily customize the look of your surveys.

The free version of Polldaddy allows only one user and comes with the basic features only. Polldaddy Pro is priced at $200 per year. It comes with white label support, full CSS support, custom welcome and thank you pages, 10K participant invites, various survey restriction modes, etc. Polldaddy Corporate is priced at $899 per year, which includes all features of the Pro plan and allows ten accounts, your domain for surveys, 50K participant emails, access to Polldaddy API, etc.

#4. WordPress Simple Survey

Survey Plugins For WordPress
WordPress Survey Plugins


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As the name suggests, the WordPress Simple Survey provides a simple way to create and show online surveys on your WordPress site. Thanks to the intelligent design, the participants won’t have to load and reload pages to complete the survey. So, your surveys will be fully responsive, which means they will work perfectly on mobile and tablet devices as well.

You can choose to get the results in your email address or check these manually on your website. The survey results could be exported as a CSV file. It is also possible to redirect the participants to different pages based on the result. The plugin also allows you to create an auto-response email for the participants. You can customize the subject and body of the email.

Finally, besides the free version, there is also an extended version of the plugin. Priced at $35, the premium version allows a lot more question types, multiple answers questions, adding media to questions and answers, email-only field, WYSIWYG editor, randomize questions, etc.

#5. Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

WordPress Survey Plugins


Modal Survey is a widely used premium plugin for creating surveys, polls, and quizzes. The feature-rich plugin allows you to collect feedback from your visitors and show results in various ways. In addition, you can embed the survey on any place, use a modal style, or use a pop-up to show the survey.

The built-in visual builder will be useful in creating your questions and checking out the preview at the same time. You can add unlimited questions and assign a timer for the questions. It is possible to choose various styling options for each of your questions. As the plugin is powered by AJAX, the visitors won’t have to visit new pages to complete the survey. You can specify a URL to redirect the participants once they complete the survey.

You can make your questions more interesting by adding images. And the integrated progress bar will be very useful for the participants. You can choose to save the survey results and participant data for future reference. The chart-based interface will help you to get a quick overview of the participants. It is also possible to export the survey results in various formats.

Modal Survey comes with various custom shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes to show the survey results in different styles. Thanks to the fully localizable design, you can translate the plugin into other supported languages.

#6. MegaPoll: WordPress Poll and Survey Builder Plugin

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MegaPoll is another premium plugin for creating fully customizable online surveys and display these on your website. The integrated form builder allows you to create your surveys within a few minutes. The plugin supports 15+ form fields to add different types of questions to your survey. You can use any Google font, 650+ icons, and other styling options for the questions.

The intelligent text response feature allows you to analyze the responses in an easy way. As the plugin supports AJAX, the participants can complete the whole survey from one page. Moreover, you can choose to receive email notifications whenever a survey is completed. The plugin’s robust security features will help you to prevent duplicate votes by using IP, session, cookie, password, or user role.

The plugin comes with a custom widget and shortcodes, which will be useful to show the surveys anywhere you want. It is also possible to set a start and finish date for the survey. In addition, fully responsive surveys will work perfectly on all modern web browsers. Other notable features include custom thank you page, several animated chart types, input validator, progress bar, randomize questions, and RTL support.

#7. Gravity Forms Survey Add-on

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Firstly, I think most of you are already familiar with Gravity Forms. But did you know that it has a survey add-on too? You can use this add-on to collect data from your visitors and ensure better user experience for your WordPress site. As this is an add-on, you will need Gravity Forms installed and activated on your website to create the surveys.

Secondly, the add-on makes it very easy to create the surveys. You just need to add the survey fields to your form and configure the available options. It is possible to filter and aggregate the survey results to collect the specific data you want.

Finally, you will need the developer license of Gravity Forms to use the survey add-on. The license is priced at $199 per year and comes with unlimited websites, forms, entries, auto-responder, spam protection, all add-ons, and priority support.

Over to You

Keeping your visitors happy is the best way to build a popular website. And online survey plugins help you find out the requirements of your visitors. Now that you know which are the best WordPress plugins for adding an online survey, it’s your time to pick one and get started.

So, which of the survey plugins are you going to try? Let me know in the comments.

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