Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers

Top technological gadgets for travel bloggers to use while traveling & keep creating & saving content, using the best tech you should buy.

Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers

In this article, we’ll raise a list of the top technological gadgets for travel bloggers to use while traveling and keep creating and saving content in the process using best tech you should buy.

Yes, taking your work with you on holiday might sound like a horrible tactic, but when you’re passionate about your blog, and it’s an important part of your business, or even your business, you need to make sure you’re able to manage it even when you’re away enjoying time out with your family and friends.

OK, so below I’ve outlined a few of the essential gadgets and technology I think all travel bloggers should consider packing in their backpacks or suitcases! These pieces of tech also happen to be the things I carry myself when I’m traveling. Let’s get to it!

Top Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers

Aukey 10,000mAh portable charger

As a digital nomad, there is always a risk of running out of juice. With the 10,000mAh Aukey portable power bank, this risk gets significantly decreased. As a result, this is a great tech travel blogger gadget. Aukey is one of the most necessary gadgets for travelers and bloggers.

As it can charge 2 devices simultaneously and with its quick charge 2.0 capability and an LED flash. As a result, it’s the perfect companion day or night.

DJI Osmo is a Top Gadget for Travelers

Video can play an essential role as part of the content of your travel stories. If you want to capture unique stories by shooting beautiful, high-quality footage. In addition, share them with your audience, then the DJI Osmo is all you need. With this intelligent gimbal, you can shoot action without any hint of shake.

Moreover, record video without blur as it keeps the camera stable no matter how you hold it. So, if you ever wonder. How you can capture the perfect panorama views or the amazing tripod-free long exposures, look no further.

Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers: The Spiderpodium

$3.99 from Amazon. After years of taking her two children on travel marathons in order to reach far-flung destinations around the world, Tara Cannon has developed an expertise that not only allows her to survive but actually enjoys family travel.  Cannon’s top pick for keeping children entertained while flying is something, the Spiderpodium.

Universal to all mobile devices (also usable with e-readers and books), the super cheap Spiderpodium comes outfitted with eight legs. It’s much different from your standard three-legged tripod. It can adapt to its environment and has a firm grip that will keep your item in place. Finally, a great tech travel blogger gadget.

Universal Travel Adapter

Eagle Creek Universal Adapter | Cool travel accessories universal Travel Adapter from Eagle Creek. If you travel a lot, you’ll know what a pain it is rummaging through your adapters to find the right one for the following country.

That’s why Eagle Creek’s world plug adapter works great. It’s got everything you need in one compact plug. No more loose pieces of gear getting lost in the hotel room. Why this one? Because it is light and compact and also comes with 2 USB outlets with top travel gadgets you should buy.

Lifeproof Case Top Tech Gadgets For Travel Bloggers

You spend a lot of money on your smartphone, so why wouldn’t you take care of it. Lifeproof is the best case for your electronics, making them waterproof and shock-absorbent.

We have tested it. If you drop your phone a lot like me or plan on doing water excursions or adventure travel, you’ll want this case. I ruined a phone snowboarding in wet conditions in Whistler, if I had had this case then my phone would have been saved.

Camera Gear

A picture is worth a thousand words, and for travel bloggers, high-resolution images and videos are paramount. Investing in a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera, along with accessories like tripods and gimbals, can significantly uplift the visual appeal of your blog.

Drone Gadgets for Travel Bloggers

Drones provide a unique perspective, capturing breathtaking aerial shots of landscapes and landmarks. A compact, easy-to-fly drone with a high-resolution camera is a worthy addition to a travel blogger’s tech arsenal. As a result, present on the list of top travel gadgets you should buy.

Memory Card Holder

If you are anything like us, you have a lot of different SD cards. We don’t like to erase anything until our photos and videos are secure, but having memory cards lost in our luggage isn’t an option either. This Aluminum Memory Cardholder goes well with our Apple products (since it is silver) and holds SD and Micro SD Memory cards snug as a bug. This never leaves our camera bag.

We also use it to keep things organized by putting used cards on one side and unused ones on the other. Why this one? Most memory card holders are soft, and your cards can get damaged. This is a hard case, and it stores both types of cards.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether editing content or simply relaxing, noise-canceling headphones provide a way to concentrate amidst the hustle and bustle of travel.

Gadgets for Travel Bloggers Conclusion

Equipping oneself with the right tech gadgets significantly elevates the experience and success of travel blogging. From capturing captivating visuals to ensuring seamless connectivity and content sharing, these gadgets are investments towards a fruitful travel blogging career. The fusion of wanderlust and technology not only enriches a travel blogger’s storytelling capacity but also enhances the engagement and growth of their online community.

What is your favorite tech travel gadget? Please let us know in the comments section below and share your experience. Aside from tech gadgets, head on over to for more handy travel gadgets.