The 10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

If you're interested in programming, why not try to learn it all yourself? See the 10 most popular programming languages o learn this year.

The 10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

You decided to create a website, so you rush to hire PHP developers and a bunch of other programmers to get it done? Don’t be so fast. Although hiring freelance developers is surely a good solution, if you’re interested in programming, why not try to learn it all yourself? In this article, we’ll see the 10 most popular programming languages o learn this year.

The 10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

You might be surprised at how exciting learning programming languages can be and how many opportunities it can open to you. You’ll get a well-paid job, analytical skills, and much more! But how to choose the programming language? Which are the most popular ones to learn in 2021? 

These are the question we’ll explore right now, with our list of: 

1) Python

Python is the most popular programming language in 2021. The reason is that it’s really easy to learn as the syntax is pretty simple. So if you’ve never learned a programming language before, Python will be the best choice as you’ll figure it all out pretty quickly. 

It also has a huge library of toolkits and standards that make it all even easier for the developers. You can integrate it with other common programming languages like C++ or C. 

The average annual salary of Python developers is $120K and there are always companies that look for Python developers. 

Java is the language that is usually with client-server applications that are widely by big companies all over the world. The best part of this language is that once you develop your app using Java, you can run it on any platform that supports Java. That’s why their main slogan is: “write once, run anywhere.” 

Other than business applications, Java is also widely in the Android mobile operating system. The average annual salary of a Java developer is $104K. 

3) JavaScript 

If you are into interactive websites and want to learn to build one yourself, then JavaScript will be your favorite language. As Gorton puts it, “virtually everyone is using it.” 

If you don’t believe it, go ahead and disable JavaScript from your browser to see how much of the Internet depends on it. Most of the popular websites will simply stop working without JavaScript or will look like old pages from the 2000s. 

If you become a JavaScript developer, your average salary will be $118K per year, and you’ll have fun working with website and mobile application development. 

R is heavily in statistics analytics and machine learning. If this is something you’re in, then you’ll love learning this language! The average salary for R developers is $93K. 

5) C

Along with Python and Java, C is the language that helps to build a solid foundation. It is one of the oldest programming languages, and it will help you a lot in your programming journey. It has served as the foundation for Ruby, PHP, and Python, so once you learn C, all those modern programming languages will be easier to grasp. The average salary for a C developer is $97K per year. 

C++ is next on our list, again, with an average salary of $97K per year. It is an extension of C and works well for developing systems with the help of which you can run applications. It is also a good choice for multi-platform and multi-device systems. The main drawback of C languages is that they have complex syntax, so it might take you a while to learn them properly. 

6) C# 

Finally, the last one in the C-list is C# which is to be a more secure alternative to C. It is entirely with the .Net framework of Microsoft. The average salary is again $97K. 

Swift is the language developed by Apple and it is used for creating applications on Mac computers. So, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. The average salary is $93K. 

8) PHP

PHP is a perfect choice if you want to become a back-end developer. So, It is used for server-side development and is widely popular. Currently, the average salary is $81K.

10) GO

No, don’t go anywhere yet, you got us wrong. Go is our last programming language developed by Google that can be the perfect solution for 2021. The average salary is $93K. Now go and learn it! 

In conclusion, Don’t forget to let us know which of these languages was your favorite one!