The 7 Best SaaS Strategies That Changed The Marketing Landscape

Learn the best SaaS strategies and tips that changed the marketing landscape & increase growth, business ROI and value

By Claudio Pires
Updated on June 15, 2023
The 7 Best SaaS Strategies That Changed The Marketing Landscape

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing strategy involves knowing your target market and delivering a message that resonates with them. You can do this by understanding their personalities, identifying their interests, and knowing how they consume information. Your business will have more opportunities to stand out with the correct clientele information. Learn the best SaaS strategies and tips that changed the marketing landscape & increase growth, business ROI, and value.

This year, you must take a few steps back and assess your SaaS marketing strategies. Figure out if these strategies are still effective and make alterations when necessary. Most platforms focus only on top-line revenue growth and lead generation.

As such, they hinge on closing deals based on prices and features. It’s time they shift their focus to selling solutions and adding value. 

Why should you refine your SaaS marketing strategy?

There’s an urgent need for businesses to refine their B2B SaaS marketing funnels because the competition is getting tougher. An optimized SaaS marketing strategy can lessen customer churn, grow your business’s SaaS subscription, and optimize software pricing. 

If your business is sales-ready and messaging-focused, you can easily stand out. Converting a website user into a paying customer will also be more effortless with the best SaaS strategies. Learn the best SaaS strategies and tips that changed the marketing landscape & increase growth, business ROI, and value.

SaaS Marketing: What is it? 

SaaS marketing is a new marketing approach that has emerged with SaaS products. This marketing strategy focuses on making the customer’s journey engaging and informative. It doesn’t rely on interruptive tactics like cold calls and TV ads. 

Every SaaS marketer aims to offer customers substantial information to encourage informed decisions before buying their products. This process involves informative and engaging content creation and delivery. For example, the SaaS product seller could offer a free demo or trial of their products or host workshops or webinars to show how valuable their product is. 

SaaS vs. Traditional Marketing – Best Marketing Landscape Strategies

SaaS marketing is akin to traditional marketing because it targets potential customers across various channels to grow business sales. They only differ in the nature of the products they offer. 

The first point of difference is the intangible nature of SaaS products. You can’t buy and get SaaS items off the seller’s shelf or receive them by mail. These products are digital items. Hence, advertising for them should also be done through digital channels. 

SaaS products’ pricing structures aim to generate a continuous and steady revenue stream. The sellers intend the product to be an ongoing, all-in-service model instead of a one-off purchase. As such, customer retention is as crucial as customer acquisition. The SaaS marketing strategy must focus on both existing and new customers. 

Businesses allocate almost 60 percent of their marketing budget to digital marketing efforts. However, this number rises to nearly 90 percent for companies with only digital products. 

7 Best SaaS Strategies You Should Try Today

Every SaaS business is unique. Hence, monitoring and adapting SaaS strategies based on your target audience, industry trends, and business goals is best.

The following SaaS growth strategies can help ramp up any business. Learn the best SaaS strategies and tips that changed the marketing landscape & increase growth, business ROI, and value.

1. Invest in content marketing – Best Marketing Landscape Strategies

SaaS content marketing is a well-known growth strategy. More often than not, customers looking to adopt a new SaaS platform have already searched for these solutions in the past. SaaS companies could use this opportunity to curate high-quality content to solve their customers’ problems. 

2. Use SEO 

SEO is still one of the best SaaS marketing techniques to drive more traffic to your website. Then again, if you generate leads through SEO, you’ll see that your competitors are already generating prospects through paid search campaigns. 

Investing in SEO is crucial to compete against paid online search and improve your online visibility. This process entails dedicating resources to keyword research, link building, and content creation. 

Search engines rank sites based on the volume of high-quality backlinks leading toward them. If your site doesn’t perform well, your customers might find searching for keywords related to your services or products hard. You must conduct thorough keyword research first. Focus your search on helping your target market solve their problems. 

Through this, you can easily optimize your website. You must include your researched keywords and spread them across your website to help search engines like Google understand the relevance of your website to those keywords. This optimization can increase your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) using the SaaS marketing to increase growth.

3. Leverage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

A successful SaaS marketing strategy incorporates organic and paid search to connect with your desired audience. Your marketing team must conduct due diligence to ensure the campaign’s success. They should focus on the following: 

  • Keywords: Pick highly competitive and relevant keywords. Narrow your keyword list to include only three to five entries
  • Budget: Start with a small budget and slowly increase your spending 
  • Landing page: Your landing page should match your campaign’s purpose 

4. Offer free trials – Best Marketing Landscape Strategies

Converting trial sign-ups into paying customers can be challenging for many companies. To add insult to injury, many people don’t even bother signing up for free trials. You can overcome this by implementing a freemium model with a trial period that does not require credit card information.

The freemium model can increase your conversion rate while building customer trust. Use a free trial page on your site to gather emails from prospective clients. Nurture your leads with these emails. 

5. Improve customer experience

Customer experience accounts for over 70 percent of every business’s revenue growth. You must look into these factors to improve the customer experience. 

  • Listening to feedback: You must keep your customers satisfied. You can do this by collecting feedback in the form of surveys. Ask them to rate your service and use these answers as points for improvement 
  • Providing value: You need to bring something solid to the sales table. Add value by meeting their needs and consistently exceeding their expectations 
  • Deliver products and services faster: No one wants to wait. Since you’re selling your SaaS products online, there’s no reason for a delay in service delivery. If your customers complain about the service, it’s also best to reply promptly 
  • Offer rewards: It’s rare to find someone who’ll say no to perks and discounts. Consider giving rewards to your customers to encourage patronage

6. Sign-up for SaaS review websites – Best Marketing Landscape Strategies

These websites let businesses publish reviews about their offerings, providing an effective SaaS growth strategy to boost sales and improve conversion. Ensure a prompt follow-up when someone leaves a complaint. Resolve the customers’ issues by responding within 24 hours. 

7. Make your sign-ups easy 

One of the best SaaS marketing campaigns revolves around making lives easier for business customers. You can apply this principle when improving the sign-up process for your business. 

People don’t sign-up because the process is tedious. Make it seamless for your customers to buy a product you’re selling. Limit the steps customers need to follow before they can complete the registration. 

Turn Your SaaS Business Around With the Best SaaS Strategies

The SaaS industry is highly competitive. Companies continue developing and releasing new SaaS products to address customer pain points. Getting a fair share of the SaaS sales pie is hard if you don’t modify your marketing campaigns. Hence, businesses need to leverage the best SaaS techniques to stay relevant. 

Now is the time to review your SaaS campaigns. If you need to hit your numbers, you must change your strategies. Nurture high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers with the best SaaS strategies.

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