As an online business owner, an automated 3 step sales funnel is going to be your best friend. After all, you want to focus on most of what will help move the needle with your online business and either automate or outsource the rest of the work. Given that sales funnels are crucial when it comes to generating leads and making sales, I’m going to show you one of the best sales funnels that you can put together to help save you tons of time.

No more is being tied to your computer chair, and there will certainly be no more explaining what you do and what you have to offer to anyone and everyone interested. Let’s automate that. Continue reading to find out exactly how that’s done.

The Best Automated 3 Step Sales Funnel

The Automated 3 Step Sales Funnel

So here are the three main moving parts of this sales funnel. And don’t worry, I will go into more detail as we continue with this article.

  1. Lead generation landing page.
  2. Thank you/download landing page.
  3. Last but not least, you have the email autoresponder follow-ups.

The good thing about this sales funnel is that it’s not exactly going to break the bank when it comes to setting it up. I recommend that you do a little research to see what sales funnel builder will be best for you (unless you already have one).

If you don’t have sales funnel software yet, most of the best tools are ~$100 a month, and many times, they can cost less, so just be on the lookout for special landing page pricing deals. Now let’s move onto the three powerful steps.

1 – The Lead Generation Landing Page

First things first, you need to make sure that you have a good idea about who you will speaking to. In other words, who is your perfect audience?

This is important to know because when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one specifically. Also, having no clarity with your marketing is a big mistake and a quick way to waste your time and effort, and money. So be sure that you identify who your perfect audience is because on this page, you will be speaking exactly to them and what they want (or what problem they desperately want to be solved).

The main goal of this page is to collect email addresses and nothing else. With that being said, here are the key elements of a high-converting lead generation page (and I put them so that you will see them on the page from top to bottom).

  • Telling them what they will be getting and making sure it’s something that they want.
  • A benefit-enriched headline that goes in line with what you’re giving to them.
  • A call to action that tells them exactly what to do.

That’s all you really need when it comes to creating a high-converting landing page, as I’ve converted anywhere between 70%-80% on cold Facebook traffic (you need to make sure that your targeting is dialed in).

Example Lead Generation Page

So allow me to give you an example of what I might put on my lead generation page, and keep in mind, my targeted audience for this example will be people who are intermediate online marketers and are familiar with lingo such as squeeze page, CPC, conversion rate, and so forth.

  • Free PDF Report Reveal (this lets them know what they are getting).
  • How I Got A 77% Optin Rate On FB Traffic Without Having Big Authority (headline).
  • Click Here To Get Instant Access (this is the call to action, so they know what to do next).

This was very similar to a landing page that I did, in fact, run cold Facebook traffic to, and it had one of the best option rates I’d ever received. Remember when I said that you need to know your audience and who you are speaking to? This is very important when it comes to creating your headline.

For example, my audience knows what an optin rate is and how valuable 77% conversions are. I also know that many of them don’t have a ton of authority, so sometimes they struggle with that. For that reason, that’s why you see the “without having big authority” at the end of the headline as it counters that objection.

So that concludes the lead generation page. Let’s move onto the next step of best-automated sales funnels now.

2 – The Thank You/Download Landing Page

This section won’t be as long, and that’s good news because this is one of the easiest landing pages to create. Here are the important aspects that you’ll want to include (once again, these are in the order that you see them from top to bottom).

  • Say thank you or congratulations for opting-in to get their gift.
  • Tell them exactly where they can download their gift (a button on the page will do).
  • Let them know that they will be receiving emails in the future with more helpful info.
  • You can also add a link to a relevant offer if you’d like to make a few extra sales.

The last bullet point is optional, but it’s a great way to increase your affiliate sales if you have any relevant offers that you would like to recommend in that spot. Just make sure that it is lined-up with what you are giving away to have the highest possible conversions.

Keep in mind that the majority of these steps can also be done through video as this is a great way for your future audience to get to know you and realize that you are, in fact, a real person and not just hiding behind a laptop.

Now onto the last part of this automated 3 step sales funnel.

3 – The Epic Email Autoresponder Followups

Enter email marketing, the process that not only goes hand-in-hand with your sales funnel but will also be automated by having your emails sent out at specific time intervals (a little more on that very soon).

When someone enters their email on your lead generation page, they immediately (and automatically) get sent out an email. This email is important because it’s the first time that you will be invading their coveted inbox.

Whether you are creating an email pitch for reaching out to influencers or prospective clients, here are the tips that I recommend you use when it comes to sending out your first welcome email.

  • Remind them who you are why they got this email (sometimes they forget).
  • Add a link to where they can get their gift again (in case they forget, again).
  • Provide a teaser of what they will be receiving in future emails (think about benefits).
  • Lastly, leave them with a cliffhanger regarding what they will see in the next email.

So those are the tips that I recommend when it comes to your introduction email. After the initial email sent on day 0, we will now be focusing on a four-day loop email sequence that can continue for as long as you like.

Here is what you need to focus on when it comes to each specific day.

  1. Value email for best-automated sales funnel.
  2. Value email again.
  3. Review video.
  4. Promotion video.

This is the process that works perfectly as it combines plenty of value. While also being able to lightly recommend a product, offer, or service that your audience would like.

Let’s focus a little bit more on these emails.

Value Emails

The emails don’t need to be hard, but your main focus should be on getting the click to whatever value you might be giving to your audience. It might be a video, it might be a blog post, or maybe you want to provide all of your value within the email itself. It’s really going to be up to you. I recommend having a link that either goes to a separate landing page or a blog post. With the leads you have, these can turn into sales through the value emails you’ve created. For instance, you can also choose between MQL vs. SQL to provide more value to the leads that you’ve made.

On either of these, you can have a video that provides valuable information and a soft recommendation of something that they might be purchasing. Underneath the video is where you can put a button or link that directs them to the offer.

The great thing about value emails is that not only does your audience get helpful information from them, but it also allows you to make a sale at the same time, so it’s pretty much a win-win scenario.

Review Email: Automated Sales Funnel

This is the next natural step in the progression. Because you’ve helped them out with valuable information, they might even have some questions since you’ve talked about this product previously.

Once again, you can do the entire review in the email. Moreover, you can send your audience to another landing page or blog post to dive deeper into the product review you’ve created for them.

The good thing about having a link to a blog post is that there are multiple ways to optimize your website to increase your clicks and conversions.

Promotional Email

This will be the only email in the series where the main goal is making the sale. By now, your audience knows about the product. They have gone through the review, and this is where you can make a full pitch.

If you really want to increase your conversions. Consider adding in bonuses as that’s a proven way to make more sales, especially if you add urgency or scarcity.

So that is the four-day loop email sequence. Since this is going to be in an autoresponder. All you have to do is insert the emails on the specific days that you’d like them. I recommend that you have an automated email sent out anywhere between 1-3 days. Just keep in mind that if you send an email every day. That will be much more writing for you to do quicker.

The Automated 3 Step Sales Funnel Conclusion

So there you have it. That was a quick example of what it takes to create an automated 3 step sales funnel. The best part about this funnel is that you can slowly add more emails in the future. Your subscribers will see them as they reach the appropriate day.

Put together your landing pages, write a few emails, and test this out. It saves you a ton of time since you don’t have the pressure of sending out daily email broadcasts. So your sales will only increase as you keep adding more emails to your follow-up series.

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