The Benefits of Technology During Troublesome Times

Technologies are helping companies remain solvent. We'll explore the benefits and advantages of technology during troublesome times.

Updated on August 2, 2023
The Benefits of Technology During Troublesome Times

The lockdown has caused many small businesses to get creative and find new ways to conduct business to achieve profits. Thankfully, existing and newer technologies are helping companies remain solvent. I this article, we’ll explore the benefits and advantages of technology during troublesome times.

Management Software

The new software allows many small companies to conduct business close to normally. Religious organizations, for example, can utilize church management software offered through companies like to provide a safe platform for socializing, receiving contributions, and keeping track of upcoming events for their members.

Many management programs provide an open platform where team managers and employees can meet to discuss work-related topics. This allows companies to conduct business safely where in-person meetings are restricted. This can often mean the difference between companies surviving and going under.

Touch-Free Payments: Benefits of Technology During Troublesome Times

To many, the virus is scary, and they prefer not to touch things. One way to give customers peace of mind is to encourage a touch-free existence. Restaurants, already at reduced capacities, need every sale. To protect customers and keep them safe, many establishments create QR codes to use in lieu of printed menus and now encourage touch-free payments instead of cash..

Using PayPal QR codes, businesses receive payments quickly and customers avoid delays with a simple scan and go.

Social Media Visibility

While social media is not a new technology, for many small businesses it provides a new way to conduct business they may not have needed before with technology benefits. Placing ads that pop up when their target audience is on works in their favor. This allows a business owner to draw an influx of traffic to their site periodically throughout the day.

Unlike television and radio ads, the cost is minimal, making it affordable. Another site, LinkedIn, provides a forum where business owners can chat and discover new ways to grow their business. With more potential customers searching for ways to buy goods and services remotely, a healthy online presence means a healthier business.

Virtual Meetings

Companies with large office staffs can stay connected. They can collaborate on projects and hold weekly meetings using programs like Zoom. While not ideal, this technology allows everyone employed to remain on the same page to achieve their goals. From remote locations, people stay safe while attending video or audio-only conferences.

Healthcare: Benefits of Technology During Troublesome Times

Apps that allow for virtual meetings are helping keep people healthy. Doctors can talk face-to-face with patients and prescribe prescriptions and other advice without needing an on-site visit. There are also apps for therapy, physical exercise, and physical therapy. This allows businesses to continue to see patients and monitor their progress. Interactive mobile apps also allow for real-time monitoring and care of patients in hospitals.

Revamping Company Website/Creating a Blog

In the past, many small business owners had a basic website. Today, with more people using the internet as their main source for finding services and products, websites must evolve. Quality content is essential to engage existing and new customers. Whiteboard animation is growing in popularity because it helps keep potential customers on the site longer.

The longer they stay on your website, the more likely you are to make a sale. Tutorials that offer insight and describe the products and services offered are beneficial. Creating a blog provides another page that helps you achieve brand recognition. You can use it to offer helpful tips and share stories of success.

Advantages of Email: Benefits of Technology During Troublesome Times

Email is an inexpensive way to reach thousands of people in minutes. Sending out mass emails will help you bring in additional revenue. You can also use email to maintain contact with existing customers to keep them loyal to the business. Email can prove to be a valuable marketing tool, allowing you to send personal messages and express concern for the well-being and safety of consumers during COVID-19.

While operating your business as usual is impossible now, technology lets you keep your doors open and flourish.