The Benefits of Using ML and AI in Web Development

The web is buzzing about Ml and AI so everyone knows about these two technologies. See the benefits of using ML and AI in web development.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on October 12, 2022
The Benefits of Using ML and AI in Web Development

The web is buzzing about Ml and AI so everyone knows about these two technologies. See the benefits of using ML and AI in web development. They have been around for a few years and we are already using them in one way or another. Actually, a lot of people can’t even imagine not having Siri on their smartphones. Most of the modern customer support systems have their own chatbots. These days we even have robots and robotic systems that are more than impressive. Anyone can hire AI developer to leverage the benefits of ML and AI in web development. So, how do these technologies impact web development, and how your own website can benefit from them. Moreover, among companies that are already using AI are:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Nvidia

This list goes on and on and there are thousands of successful cases you can find on the web.

AI Can Boost Your Website Design and Development

Usually, building a website starts with the layout which means you have to provide a design for it. Using AI in this process can reduce the time of development. It means a web designer can build the front-end part of your website by capturing its prototype. Actually, that was just a start. There is more to it than it seems.

Boost Your Web Development Process

Web developers and designers can use AI while building the design or layout of a website. The technology offers real-time assistance and guides a user while constructing the website. It gives comments and suggestions on what can be added or changed to reach better outcomes. AI can also help a developer to automate time-consuming repetitious tasks which means faster development times. Developers can do lots of things without actually coding in AI language. Finally, they can use AI APIs and other tools they are familiar with to integrate this technology.

How to Use AI to Improve User Experience and Web Development

Another thing you could do is use AI to provide your customers with unique experiences. Get to understand your customers better by using AI-powered software. Track and analyze how your users interact with your app or a website to provide one to one experience and predict user behavior.

The main goal of a business website is to for the target audience to easily find it and use it. Artificial intelligence will help to take into account previous user experience to understand how to make your website better. Marketing is great but the user experience is vital if you take good care of your customers. This can even help you to discover new opportunities as well (in terms of traffic, bounce rate, etc.).

Chatbots and Customer Support AI for Web Development

Most business websites have a customer support system. The bigger your business is the more customers you have. Usually, it would take a whole team of customer support representatives to handle all requests. Still, if they are being handled manually, the response time can not be good. This means that a part of your customers is waiting on your feedback. Some of them might disappoint if they are on hold for too long.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution for this. AI-powered chatbots can act like reading humans. They receive information from a customer and figure out to what kind of matter a particular request relates. It can send the request to the corresponding department or even handle the request themselves.

For example, if your user is searching for some information on your website and can’t find it, a chatbot can help the user if it’s triggered appropriately. A feature like this can help your website become more appealing to your customers and easier to use in general.

Eliminate Possible Security Threats

Machine learning is a part of AI technology. Basically, it’s a process of creating an algorithm that can learn and make deductions by analyzing data. It has to be self-sufficient and written without explicit programming. Machine learning algorithms can be used for multiple purposes. One of them is web security.

By using a few ML algorithms, it’s possible to secure your website from hack attacks, malicious software, possible phishing, and more. Such an algorithm can recognize suspicious behavior taking into account collected data. It can make a particular decision as per its logic designed by a developer. Sometimes cybersecurity is about handling and analyzing huge volumes of data and machine learning is a good tool for that. I can do more. I can actually recognize and eliminate a threat before it is too late.

Voice Search and SEO Are Connected

It was mentioned Siri before and that was not unintentional. There are more ways to use our gadgets and search the web. We have been interacting with artificial intelligence on a daily basis and it’s getting more popular because it’s a hands-free technology. These days you can google something simple using Siri, Alexa, or another kind of virtual assistant. Try looking up something using your voice.

Sometimes it’s not perfect but it also usually does give you a chance to narrow the search down. Your website can be SEO optimized and ready for Voice Search. Just like with mobile-friendly, websites that take into account voice search may become preferable by search engines.

ML and AI to Improve Web Development

Overall, after reading this article it is clear that if you are not using any AI technology right now, it’s time to change that. The wide range of all possible use cases is amazing. Since worldwide companies like Facebook and Microsoft have been already using AI, why not try using it yourself? In conclusion, improve the website you already have or build a completely new one with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Get to leverage the benefits of integrating such a modern technology. Take your business to the next level today and beyond.

Claudio Pires

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