The Benefits Of Vlogging With WordPress

Learn in this guide how to start vlogging with a WordPress website and the benefits and advantages of combining blogging & video content

The Benefits Of Vlogging With WordPress

Want to learn how to vlog? Video blogging, or “vlogging” as is it better known, is the act of recording a blog in video format. Fundamentally the same as blogging, it is an entirely different process to work with. In this guide, you’ll learn how to start vlogging with a WordPress website and the benefits and advantages of combining blogging and video content.

Vlogs are a prevalent means of providing content to your readers/watchers. It allows you to engage with your audience using sight and sound and is a much more exciting way to promote yourself. Not only are you promoting your content, whatever that may be, but you are also adding a visual element into the mix.

Your followers will become accustomed to your physical appearance on their screens, and in some cases, viewers will become extremely attached to someone via this form of media.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a phenomenon that has taken off in the last five years. In the shot, vlogging is a video blogging trend instead of written blog posts. Although initially seen as a pastime for the younger generation, vlogging has recently become an excellent option for all ages.

Vlogging can be based on topic, making it an ideal medium for individuals and businesses. Just pick your niche and start recording. However, making interesting videos that attract an audience can be much more difficult. Try not to let this put you off! T

here are many benefits to vlogging, and whatever your business or personal goals, vlogging can be an effective way to help you achieve them. So, an excellent reason to start vlogging with WordPress and getting all the benefits and advantages.

Vlogging Platform – WordPress

The majority of vlogging happens on YouTube. With over 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It enables individuals to create their own YouTube channels, produce labeled playlists of uploaded videos, stream live videos, live chat with their audience, and offer many other features. This makes YouTube an ideal platform for vloggers.

Other channels are popular among vloggers. Depending on your vlogging niche and audience, you may want to consider vlogging on Vimeo, Facebook or Facebook Live, and even Instagram. If you have a website, you should also publish your vlogs on your site.

However, if you post to other platforms, always do so alongside YouTube. The sheer number of YouTube’s visitors makes it the go-to place if you want to become a successful vlogger.

Vlogging Benefits

Vlogging has multiple benefits, making it an ideal pursuit for businesses and individuals. So let’s take a look at a few of the best pros. As a result, a top reason to start vlogging with WordPress and getting all the benefits and advantages.

Find New Views

Using YouTube as a platform for your vlogs enables you to reach a wider audience. This search engine ensures that your videos are more accessible to the masses than if you just posted vlogs on your WordPress website.

Once a new audience on YouTube views your videos, you can use your vlogs to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, sell products, and much more.

Talk To Your Audience Closer for Vlogging in WordPress

Vlogging enables you to engage directly with your audience. By ‘getting to know you through your vlogs, your viewers will quickly come to trust you and see you as an expert in your field. By connecting in this way with your community, your target audience is more likely to remember you, use your service, or buy from your site.

Be a Reference

Some of the most famous vloggers have accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers, and their videos are watched by millions. Not only have they become celebrities, these vloggers have made big bucks through advertising on their videos.

Companies can pay popular vloggers to promote their products, wear their brands, and send traffic to their websites. Finally, an excellent reason to start vlogging with WordPress and get all the benefits and advantages.

Traffic to Your Website

Many bloggers and businesses use vlogging to drive traffic to their website. Watching videos is fast becoming the norm and the preferred online media type. Many people will now watch a video but pass up on a written article. So websites often use vlogging to attract new visitors and help them retain current ones.

Promoting Yourself by Vlogging

Vlogs can be used as part of your marketing strategy. Whatever your online site is selling, use vlogging to promote it. If you run a membership site, explain why viewers should sign up. If you have an eCommerce store, display your products and tell those watching why they should make a purchase. Or want people to visit your blog? Then sell the content to them through vlogs.

Starting Your Vlogger Journey

So now you know a bit about what vlogging is and the rewards that can come of it. Next, let’s have a look at how to get started as a vlogger.

Planning Your Video Contents for Vlogging with WordPress

As always online, content is key. If you want to build up a large vlogging following, then you need to be producing interesting videos. Find a niche that interests you or is related to your WordPress website. Then take your time deciding what content will be in your videos.

Consider posting how-to videos, interviews, comedy sketches, or anything else valuable or entertaining for your viewers. So, a good reason to start vlogging with WordPress and get all the benefits and advantages.

Some vloggers plan out what they will say, others just ad-lib. Either way, make sure your videos are fun, informative, and relevant. Your vlogs must connect with your target audience and inspire them to become regular followers.

Recording Your Video & Vlogs

When filming vlogs, make sure you use a camera with high video quality. Test the sound quality, and if necessary invest in a microphone. And record your videos in a well-lit room to ensure they aren’t too dark. If your vlogs are low-quality and hard to watch or hear then your audience won’t hang around, so take your time to get it right.

Video Edit Process for Vlogging in WordPress

Once you have recorded your video you will need to edit it. iMovie for Mac or VSDC Video Editor for Windows are both effective free editing software tools if you are just starting out. However, for those looking for a premium solution with more advanced features, Filmora Video Editor is a great choice.

Add your website logo and an end page displaying calls to action when editing your video. Ask people to like your video, comment in the discussion below, follow your YouTube channel or visit your website.

This is a great way to build a community on YouTube, get your content shared, and drive traffic to your WordPress website. As soon as your video is complete you are ready to upload it to YouTube.

Vlogging on YouTube

Do it right YouTube is an integral part of the vlogging process. Firstly, you need to grow your following and convince them to visit your website. Secondly, sign-up to your email list, buy products or do whatever your vlogging objectives may be. Here’s how to do just that.

Create Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube allows you to create your own channel to upload all your vlogs. You can add your own image or logo and description to your channel’s page, create your own playlists, send messages, reply to comments and lots more. Your fans can then follow your channel, making it easy for them to find your vlogs.

Videos Metadata to Each Vlog You Post

Every time you upload a new vlog, you need to add metadata. This will help your vlogs rank in YouTube and Google and make it easier for new viewers to find you.

Write a title and description for each video, including keywords as you would with a blog post. Add your website’s URL in the descriptions so viewers can easily access your site. And incorporate calls to action, encouraging people to share your video, add a comment, or follow your channel.

YouTube Cards Usage: Vlogging with WordPress

YouTube cards enable you to add interactivity to your videos. Firstly, YouTube allows you to add five cards to each vlog. These cards add annotations to your videos.

Secondly, depending on the cards you use, you can show customizable images, titles, calls to action, and URL links to your website. As a result, These cards can be very effective in helping you achieve your vlogging goals, like sending traffic to your website or increasing your online store product sales.

Videos on Your WordPress Website

Displaying your YouTube feed or most recent vlogs on your WordPress website is a great way to link the two platforms and encourage your site visitors to follow you on YouTube. A quick and easy way to do this is to install the free YouTube Embed plugin.

YouTube Embed will enable you to embed your YouTube channel or playlist, or even a live stream, as a feed in your WordPress website. This plugin is very customizable and has a range of impressive features. This allows you to showcase and promote your vlogging to your website audience, encouraging them to become followers.

Vlogging With WordPress Theme Options

A quick way to add your vlogs is using WordPress’s built-in oEmbed support for videos. Simply copy the link (not the embed code – just the URL) for your Youtube video and paste it onto any post or page to have it automatically added and formatted.

Another option is to use your theme’s support for featured post or page media and any page builder elements. For example the Forum WordPress theme includes a video post format as well as a custom video page builder modules so you have plenty of options to add-in your vlogs.

Getting Paid Vlogging with WordPress

Wondering how to vlog and get paid? Once your vlog reaches over the number of subscribers and viewers a month, it’s time to start monetizing. You can achieve this by a wide range of tactics, but the most common for vlogs is to get sponsorships.

If your vlog is targeted at hobbyists, you might find yourself entertaining sponsorships from the producers of goods for the niche. Using exercise as an example, you may be approached by local gyms asking for promotions, who will gladly pay you for your work. Moreover, a motivation to start vlogging with WordPress and getting all the benefits and advantages.

Another way to monetize a vlog is to market your products to your loyal audience, who already take your word as an authority, so they will be much easier to sell than strangers. The influence that big-time vloggers have over their audience is what attracts internet marketers to professional vloggers.

Needless to say, after a lot of hard work, Vlogging can be an extremely profitable venture indeed. Some of the top-performing talents in the field easily make six figures a year from ads alone. Let alone the other opportunities that can be capitalized upon.

Conclusion on Vlogging

In conclusion, now you know how to vlog. It’s time to take action and create your own vlogging adventure! In addition, YouTube provides useful analytics of your channel and audience’s behavior. So once you have been vlogging for a while, monitor your YouTube analytics to see what type of vlog content is resonating with your viewers.

Remember, building a vlogging fan base can take time. But if you follow the steps above you will immediately be ahead of the competition. Good Luck!