The Best Android Games With a Controller

Phone games can range from something simple to complex, so find the best Android games with Bluetooth controller support to play with gamepad

The Best Android Games With a Controller Bluetooth support

In the past, you needed a console or a computer to play a game. But the possibilities of games are so great now that you can play them on any device. Find the best Android games with Bluetooth controller support.

The smartphone is one of the most popular devices for gaming. However, the screen size can limit a person in some games. But playing games on a smartphone can be just as comfortable as on a computer if you use a controller.

Android Games With Controller Support

The advantages of controller use are clear:

  • The ability to play more challenging, dynamic games;
  • Better visibility since you won’t cover the screen with your fingers;
  • User-friendly operation;
  • The controller can vibrate with shots or explosions, which makes the game more realistic. 

Let’s take a look at the games that users most often choose to play with the controller. 


In addition to the controller, there is an emulator that precisely simulates the buttons on your smartphone or PC. For example, such an emulator is the application Wabbitemu. This calculator emulator completely mimics a scientific calculator. If your activity is related to scientific calculations, you do not need to buy an expensive calculator. You can simply download Wabbitemu for iOS or Android.

Dead Cells

The game events begin in a maze from which the central player must escape. Of course, this would be easier to do if it were not for the numerous obstacles on the way. During the game, you have to fight enemies and collect valuable trophies. You have only one life, so if you get killed, you will have to start the game from the beginning. But the skills you gained during the mission will stay with you.

GRID Autosport

These are fascinating races on different tracks and city streets. There is quite an impressive fleet of cars and levels of various complexities. You will have to fight for first place in the standings. The game graphic is high-quality as if you find yourself in a real race. You can compete against real people or bots in this game. 

Dandara: Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support

The game’s protagonist is a woman trying to save her world from an impending enemy attack. The laws of gravity do not affect her, but the girl can only move by jumping. You need to overcome the obstacles, fight with enemies and collect valuable items in the battle. Moreover, have to be attentive because the main character has only three lives. You will have to pass the level once more if all lives are over. 

Evoland 2

If the first part of this game was trivial, then the second series promises intriguing adventures. The story begins with people celebrating their victory over demons. But events do not go according to plan, and the players get into the past. The central player has a goal to return to his time, and you will help him. During the game, you will perform tasks, solve puzzles and interact with other characters. 


BombSquad offers a series of fun and action-packed mini-games that encourage couch multiplayer. You’d better play this on an NVIDIA Shield TV with a Bluetooth controller. Playing with friends is always more fun, and BombSquad is an action-packed collection of mini-games with multiple ways to join the game. With fun cartoon graphics, you can choose from eight different game modes.

You might recognize some of these games from our roundup of the best Android games, and for a good reason. But after all, you’re here to get the best games with controller support, so here I show you the best games you can find on the Play Store.

Brawlhalla: Top Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support

Often compared to Super Smash Bros., Ubisoft’s Brawlhalla is one of the best fighting games you can play on mobile right now. It’s also one of those games that greatly improves the quality of life by using a compatible controller.

Of course, as with most fighting games, you’ll need precise input to hone your skills, which is more difficult when using touchscreen controls. But with a sturdy controller handy, this shockingly feature-packed game could take up hours of your time.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Experience one of the greatest mobile games ever made. While the touchscreen controls are serviceable, it’s best done with the controller. I was shocked when Symphony of the Night suddenly landed on the Play Store. It’s one of my favorite games as a kid, right next to Ocarina of Time and Super Metroid, and it’s so exciting to see it on my phone. It had a massive impact on the game as we know it, for a good reason.

Travel through the mysterious castle as you progress through the exciting story. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who don’t have a chance to play this classic, so I’ll stop there.

Play the Way You Want

Now you know the advantages of playing games on your smartphone and using a controller. You can start with the games we talked about in this article. We hope you enjoy playing!