The Best Free Google Fonts To Use In Your Designs

Take a look at our favorite free Google Fonts to use the best typeface, along with guidance on how to best integrate with your designs.

The Best Free Google Fonts To Use In Your Designs

With a library of more than 1000 choices, Google Fonts is a tool that aims to increase beauty and usability to websites throughout the world. With so many free, open-source fonts and icons at your fingertips, choosing the best typeface for your site can be overwhelming. Take a look at our favorite free Google Fonts to use, along with guidance on how to best integrate with your designs.

The Best Free Google Fonts To Use In Your Designs

You can get free Google Fonts for all kinds of projects and style areas, including logos, headings, and text. If you want to learn more about finding fonts to use in your designs, check out this article. 

What to look for in the best Google Fonts

Almost every internet-connected device these days uses a version of the Web Fonts API. Google’s free way of sending fonts and design elements to a device. Because most devices support this technology, there are built-in advantages to using Google Fonts, such as widespread support and faster page load speeds in most cases.

While all Google Fonts are well-suited for use in websites and apps (according to the folks at Alphabet). Not all of them are going to be suitable for your landing pages. Some are more modern, while others lean on the classic side. Some convey prestige and tradition, while others capture a sense of youth and motion. 

Even though this article points to a list of the best choices, you must always stay true to your vision. Always look for fonts that support your site’s brand voice. What does that mean? Look at the shape of the characters. Ask if the letters honestly tell your brand’s story, the same way you would scrutinize a photograph or color palette. All design elements, including fonts. Should work together on your website to make the whole more significant than the sum of its parts.  

The Best Free Google Fonts for Designers

No other platform will give designers a better set of high-quality fonts and images than Google Fonts. So, not just because you can use any of these free fonts in your website without having to pay anything. Google Fonts bring order to the chaotic world of web design, giving you easy-to-find, free fonts for structures of all types. 


The Roboto font was designed specifically for digital reading. It has open curves and a taller x-height. Making it less compact than other fonts and allows for a more natural reading rhythm. Pair it with Open Sans to give your design a fun and friendly look.

STIX Two Math

A math font with a personality that’s perfect for websites with lots of numbers and symbols. STIX Two Math was designed to satisfy the demanding needs of authors, publishers, printers, and number-heavy websites. The STIX Two Math font is a uniform set of the free google fonts throughout the production process. Pair it with Roboto for a consistent look that’s also readable.


Montserrat is a typeface that knows when to speak up and when to stay quiet. From the rustic to the modern, from playful to elegant. This typeface has a unique personality that comes from its intricate letterforms and charming kerning. Whether you use it for a custom logo or simply some words on your latest project. This typeface will make you fall in love at first sight.

Montserrat pairs well with Roboto and Raleway fonts. Inspired by vintage posters and well-known street signs in the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Montserrat is a vintage serif font that also celebrates a unique style of underline.

Fira Sans

Whether you’re drafting a story on your phone or editing an article for your website, Fira Sans font is the perfect font to help you get the job. With three widths and three styles, this typeface will have you covered no matter your device. Pair it with Roboto or Oxygen for even more typographic goodness.


If you like your fonts with a little more edge, give the Bitter font a try. This contemporary slab serif typeface is based on rational rather than emotional principles and features minimal variation in stroke weight. Pair it with our Source Sans Pro typeface for a look that makes a powerful statement.


The Allison font was crafted to emulate the natural, organic style of handwriting. Allison is great for creating an upbeat mood or adding personality to your design with its casual look and feel. It pairs well with the Allura font, which has a more structured calligraphic-inspired script.

When to use a Google Font

If you’re adding to an existing web font on your site, it’s generally best to go for a Google Font of a similar style to the web font. This ensures that when the type is inserted into a page, it will be consistent with the rest of your brand. If the type looks too different, it could clash with the existing website or be inconsistent with the intended message you want to convey. 

If you can’t find a Google Font that’s right for you, it’s essential to make sure the font is accessible to everyone with screen reading software. Adobe Fonts are an excellent alternative choice, as they also have widespread adoption. 

Although there are numerous ways to integrate Google fonts into your designs, the most common approach is to use a font palette. In addition to allowing you to organize and preview the font selections, a font palette will enable you to test the fonts at various sizes and weights. 


Google Fonts are a practical and valuable tool, and for designers, they’re just one more way to leverage more control over the designs that they develop. With a library of over 1,000 design options and thousands more to come, it’s easy to see why Google Fonts have been so successful in boosting the attractiveness of websites worldwide. Use these best options as a starting point when revamping your website or starting a new design.