The Best Plugins to Turn your WP Website into a Mobile App

TOp list of the best plugins to turn your WP (WordPress) website into a mobile app in order for your site can benefit from devices

By Claudio Pires
Updated on December 20, 2023
The Best Plugins to Turn your WP Website into a Mobile App

In today’s day and age, you would have to look pretty hard to find a WordPress theme that is not responsive. Even more, in a world with 3.5 billion smartphone users, a website that doesn’t adapt to the mobile world doesn’t stand a chance in front of viewers or search engines. However, regardless of how responsive your theme is, having an app as the mobile version of your website can be a great idea. In this article, we’ll see a list of the best plugins to turn your WordPress (WP) website into a mobile app so your site can benefit from the revolution.

Apps are faster and can access a device’s native features like notifications or location (paramount information for providing users with a personalized experience).

Still, not everyone has the budget or the skills to build a mobile app from scratch. Luckily, if you run the website on WordPress, you may not have to. Several plugins can help convert the website into a mobile app without additional costs or headaches.

Top Plugins to Turn WordPress into a Mobile App

But before we discuss some of the most popular plugins that can help when converting your site into a mobile app, we want to highlight that they still require intermediate to advanced WordPress skills. So, if you’re just starting, it’s best to stick with a responsive theme or run a few tests before you apply the plugin on an actual live site.

WPApp Ninja

WPApp Ninja is a powerhouse in the world of plugins. It offers a straightforward way to create a mobile app directly from your WP site without the need for coding skills. The plugin provides customizable options to match your brand’s aesthetics and ensures smooth integration with WP functionalities.


This is a platform oriented towards mobile app developers who work with WordPress sites. According to them, if you know how to set up a WordPress website, these are all the skills you’ll need to build an app using their system. As a result, it is an excellent method to turn your WP site into a mobile app.

As such, you can build an app from a blog, an eCommerce site, a landing page, and more (as long as they are built using WP). In addition, the resulting app will work on Android and iOS, providing access to a broader audience.

If you have ever wondered how apps make money, the main secret stands in their reach. Apps are easier to use than mobile browsers and can easily integrate with various operating system functions.

MobiLoud Plugin to Turn WP Website into a Mobile App

Speaking of better monetization on mobile, this plugin promises to convert your website without any coding skills required. Even more, it keeps in sync with the site, so any changes will also be reflected in the app.

The platform supports many useful features like mobile ad support, push notifications, and analytics. You don’t have to do a lot of work as you can allow their team to prepare and submit the app to stores.

Still, keep in mind that MobiLoud is a bit more restrictive. When it comes to the type of sites, it supports. As such, the platform can be used with two types of sites. News and/or blogs and eCommerce sites that use a plugin like WooCommerce. As a result, it is an excellent method to turn your WP site into a mobile app.

Androapp (Outdated: Honorable Mention)

This plugin will only help you create an app for Android devices, but it offers the first month for free. This way, you can use it and see if you are happy. With the results before you submit to a lengthy subscription.

It’s also more flexible in customizations, but it requires more advanced WP and coding skills. So, if you’re looking for a plugin that will let you get more personal. With the interface and the code behind it, this may be it.


WappPress is a budget-friendly option for small businesses and individuals. It provides basic features needed for app conversion, with a simple interface that makes the process accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

While these plugins offer great solutions, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs and the nature of your WP site before making a decision. Each plugin has its unique strengths, and the right choice depends on your goals, audience, and the functionality you require.

Wrap Up About Plugins to Turn WP Website into a Mobile App

A quick search in the WP plugins marketplace may also offer other results. But before you make any decisions, check the reviews and the features. After all, an important lesson all WP site admins and developers learn is that not all plugins are trustworthy. So, if you act cautiously, your site should be fine.

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