The Future of Dating Services: What Awaits Us Soon

Human relationships have been greatly influenced by technological progress. Here are the main trends of future dating. Google's chief

The Future of Dating Services What Awaits Us Soon

Google’s chief futurologist predicts that the technological singularity, the point in the development of technologies, after which the human brain will not be able to perceive the development of the world, will happen as early as 2045. And no matter how ominous such prospects sound, it’s worth starting with a simple question — how many functions do your smartphones perform today? From the door key and wallet to the alarm clock, music player, and library. And even such a seemingly intangible sphere as human relationships have been greatly influenced by technological progress. Here are the main trends of future dating.

The Future of Dating Services What Awaits Us Soon

1 – VR Dating

As for dating services, VR technologies will allow you to meet the person you like, take a closer look at them before transferring communication to real life; and, of course, significantly reduce the feeling of awkwardness at the first date even want to appoint one. Such services as Ladadate — date brides online might also soon introduce this technology. This function will allow users to get to know each other better before the first date, hear laughter, see each other’s smiles, smell a future partner, etc.

2 – Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers in Dating

Tracking your heart rate, the application will form “your type” in its memory and suggest candidates closest to it. That is, the service will not just select a suitable pair for you, but find someone who can make your heart beat faster. According to research by anthropologists; who studied students’ brain activity in a state of love, it is very different from the normal state. The areas responsible for stress, fear; and aggression are reduced. At the same time, the ability to soberly analyze what is happening; and predict the consequences of events is also suppressed.

3 – Matching Based on DNA

One of the possible ways of developing dating platforms could be selecting a partner based on DNA. It sounds very logical because it will make it possible to exclude candidates who are carriers of genes that can lead to genetic mutations in future offspring.

4 – Monitoring of the Interlocutor’s Reactions with Smart Lenses

Imagine a world where awkward pauses in communication disappear as a phenomenon. Artificial intelligence will analyze video and audio information, process it, and instantly give feedback to the user. Besides, like dating services, smart lenses will be able to remember and form the image of an ideal companion for the user and look for people closest to this ideal on social networks or in the street.

5 – The Rating System in Dating

So, some dating services already have a rating system. With the improvement of this function, each user will be able to evaluate a potential partner; and, if desired, leave a review about them. So, the higher the rating, the more willing people will get to know you.

6 – Introduction of Sex Toys in Dating

Expanding the possibilities of communication using sex gadgets that can synchronize with smartphones and control remotely by a partner solves several problems at once various psychological clamps, various kinds of deviations will not bring pain and injury; both partners can equally control the situation, and exclude the possibility of violence and contact can even remain anonymous.