The Gaming Industry A Winner In The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Gaming Industry, A Winner In The Coronavirus Pandemic. In this article, you'll learn why the gaming industry grew up in the crisis

The Gaming Industry A Winner In The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Gaming Industry, A Winner In The Coronavirus Pandemic. To say that 2020 has been a year of loss, in general, is maybe an understatement. Industries of all traits across the world have suffered deeply because of the irruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. But while many businesses have sadly seen their profits slim dramatically, a few other exceptions have actually thrived during this obligated stoppage time. The video gaming industry has seen its numbers skyrocket because of the need for sports betting strategy fans to get their entertainment fix even if at lockdown at home. In this article, you’ll learn why the gaming industry is the winner in the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gaming Industry A Winner In The Coronavirus Pandemic

No Pro Sports Action, No Worries on Gaming Industry

One of the first actions that were put into place as soon as the global pandemic started was to bring all professional sports to a halt. With the imposed standstill, sports fans worldwide still needed to find a way to get their fix, so what happened? The video gaming industry stepped up yet once again to help bail their loyal followers. The place for streamers is Twitch. See the review of Viewerlabs before purchasing twitch followers

Games like FIFA for soccer fanatics and NBA2K for basketball aficionados became staples for players worldwide. At the same time, they waited for their favorite sports leagues to be back and running.

Another game that has found the perfect space to thrive during this pandemic is no other than the NFL classic Madden. As reported by USA Today, Video game publisher EA Sports has seen a spike of 13% of players playing Madden 2021 since its release in late August of 2020. One of the main reasons for the spike in players is the fact that they now have the option to fill out the roster for the Virtual Pro Bowl. The NFL’s version of the regular Pro Bowl in pandemic times. Which will be virtually played on Jan 31 and broadcasted by the NFL Network.

Other Online Playing Attractions Also Took Notice

While pro sports video games have been a sure-fire success for gaming producers. Other styles of games and titles have also taken the gaming industry winner by storm. While online betting fans have seen a clear improvement in gaming platforms that host casino-style games where players can make some serious money while at home playing their favorite card games, slots, or others, top video game producers have also focused on giving fans a vast array of options to pass their time.

First-person shooter games such as Call of Duty also saw their popularity soar thanks to their news. Free-to-play “Warzone” game mode. The game’s publishing company, Activision, has recorded a spike up in players of around 150%, from having 30 million players in March 2020 to having up to 75 million active players by August on gaming industry.

Like in the style of another gigantic first-person shooter title Fortnite. This new version of COD is a “battle royale” which means that players all parachute into a large. The diverse map ends up resembling a “Hunger Games” style arena of playing. In the said map, players can run. Loot weapons and ammo catch, and of course, hunt down and kill other players. With the map continuously shrinking, making the playing field narrower for players until one team is victorious.

Moving Forward Never Looked So Good

If we can take a lesson out of 2020. You can never know what may be in store in the future. But with the gaming industry, it looks pretty clear that the sky will again be the limit. With the COVID-19 related restrictions probably still in play in 2021. So, even with the vaccination efforts being made by different countries. The gaming industry will most probably still thrive. By giving fans a great escape valve to get through this rough patch we’ve been going through. With predictions stating that the gaming industry will see its profits soar to over $180 billion in 2021. The horizon has never looked as bright as it does right now.