The Great Bitcoin Poker Guide

You want to play poker and you want to be good at it, Well, keep reading to see the best bitcoin poker guide and crypto tutorial

The Great Bitcoin Poker Guide tutorial crypto

The year is 2022. You want to play Bitcoin poker and you want to be good at it, but you are not quite sure where to start. Well, keep reading. We’re covering all that and more right here. See the best bitcoin poker guide and crypto play tutorial.

Sure, cryptocurrencies have been around for a while. They’ve been around for so long that they’ve almost become household terms. Probably everyone has heard about Bitcoin at least once in their life, be it about success stories or about crypto being the future of finance. 

You might already be looking at a variety of online guides and searching for the best bitcoin poker sites available. This is why we’ve compiled everything you need to know to start playing bitcoin poker immediately and making a profit on your favorite game. Let’s dive in.

Why Choose Bitcoin Poker 

If you are a believer that crypto is the future of finance and if you are an avid fan of poker, this sphere of the Internet might be your next favorite thing to explore. This variant of everyone’s favorite game entered a renaissance, as it is now widely and easily available and the bitcoin poker guide will help. 

This is different from your traditional poker in terms of location, accessibility, anonymity, and data privacy. The general rules, however, stay the same. As with real-life casinos, choosing the best online variant will be one of the more important aspects of your success.

Differences between Bitcoin and Traditional Poker 

This version of the game offers a high level of security for players around the globe. The wallets are protected by blockchain encryption, and with the high value of this currency, it is possible to move significant sums without the hassle, calls, and questions of your local bank. 

Additionally, your private data is safe. Not only this, but you stay anonymous as a player. We know that not everyone wants the public to know about how they choose to spend their free time and finances. This is also good in case your poker face isn’t, as you can avoid it. 

You will also be happy to find out that transactions come at a high speed and are fully digital. Keep in mind that Bitcoin does not have a reigning authority. When it comes to making transactions from one place to another, which gives you financial freedom and efficiency.

A Guide on How to Play Bitcoin Poker

Let’s start with the most obvious part. Sure, rules stay the same but the stake, in this case, comes in the form of Bitcoin. Assuming you’ve already got your currency, digital wallet. So, website of choice, you will join a room and start a round with the setting of minimum bets. 

One thing that will probably take some getting used to is the fact that best. Pot values, and game limits are demonstrated in mBTC one thousand of a BTC. Not dollars or other fiat currencies you might be already used to in traditional casinos. 

A great tip is to use a converter or a “switcher”. Some sites will offer it on their site, but in the odd chance that you don’t find it. You can look at converters from USD to BTC/mBTC. Eventually, you will get a hold of it and ditch the calculator, but until then it’s under recommendation. 

To deposit Bitcoin into an online poker website of your choice. So, you will log into it and head over to the Cashier where you will click on Deposit. Once you complete the identifier, you will send the mBTC or BTC amount from your digital crypto wallet to the site/address.

The transaction is up quite fast so you can expect to play within a couple of minutes or hours. So, keep this part of the crypto poker guide and tutorial in mind for a good play & to gain bitcoin.

Pro Tips for Bitcoin Poker

An aggressive style of play is often the way, as it can unmask your opponents and make them crack under pressure. If you come into the game seeing that your hand is not great, you should fold as early as possible – especially if you’re still uncomfortable with the game. 

As you’re playing online, you’ll have more oversight over your opponents and you’ll find it easier to guess their hand and track their behavior. Plus, you can mask your bluff easily, as no faces are present. You could be completely cracking from pressure behind your computer, but they can’t know that as they don’t see you. With that, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the game.

What are the Risks?

This is the part where I tell you all the risks, so I can absolve myself of any responsibility after suggesting that Bitcoin might be worth a shot. Even with the best bitcoin crypto poker guide and tutorial, you’ll need to deal with:

  • Prices go up and down. In general, Bitcoin is still a new currency, so its price volatility is more than USD, EUR, GBP, etc. If you own bitcoin, don’t expect it to stay the same from one day to another.
  • You are in control of security. If you lose bitcoins, they are gone. There is no support hotline or the ability to reverse transactions. The freedom and control Bitcoin gives you comes at a price, and that price is your own money. This is a double-edged sword that not everyone wants to use.
  • This is a computer program. I don’t see any technical flaws that could cause it to crash fundamentally, but you never know. I’m confident it works, but only because I know the technology. Use your own judgment.

After all, you’re a poker player, so you’re no stranger to risk. If anything, you try to be as risk-friendly as possible. Bitcoin is just another part of your daily risk analysis.

Is it Safe?

It depends on the operator. There are some online poker sites that have been in operation for years and are proven safe places to play, but there are many more shady sites that don’t offer much credibility. Be very careful when choosing an online poker site, especially if it’s a site with no long track record. I hope this bitcoin and crypto poker guide & tutorial helps you with your play.