The Importance of Local Business Schema Markup to Local SEO

If you run a Google search for a local business’s customer service number. See the importance of local business schema markup to local SEO.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
The Importance of Local Business Schema Markup to Local SEO

If you run a Google search for a local business’s customer service number”, a well-optimized website may have its contact information displayed directly on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You would not necessarily have to navigate to the contact page of the company website to fetch the desired information. The search engine displays it in immediate search results. Since this is greatly beneficial for consumers, businesses need to ensure that local business schema markup is properly implement within their corresponding web pages. In this article, you’ll see the importance of local business schema markup to local SEO.

The Importance of Local Business Schema Markup to Local SEO

In the grand scheme of things, businesses need their information displayed in that manner to sustain their significance in the market. People prefer a direct, straightforward answer to their queries instead of having to enter a website to do so. This is where the importance of local business schema markup kicks in. Following the right procedures will ensure search results show the company information on the SERP, making the website SEO optimized.

What Is Local Business Schema?

A local business schema is a structured data markup kind of code that can be add to a website to help search engines recognize it. This data may include a variety of information, such as the type of business, contact information, owner’s credentials, company logo, active hours, geographical coordinates, similar businesses, vendor contact points, accepted currencies, service coverage, aggregate ratings, customer reviews, and any other information that the owner deems necessary to showcase for prospective customers.

There are a host of benefits of implementing a Local Business schema on your company website. This is one of the key ranking factors these days. We suggest getting professional help in such a case, as they would be able to make the right decisions based on the recurring online scenario.

Why Is Local Business Schema Markup So Essential to Local SEO?

There are a variety of aspects that make local business schema markup an absolute necessity in this day and age. Businesses cannot thrive without proper, informative marketing, and schema markups do just that. This section discusses some of the benefits of schema markups to local SEO.

Control Your Brand Image in Search Results Schema Markup to Local SEO

Most potential customers get their first impression of a business from search results. Thus, businesses need to ensure a high-quality user experience from the moment the results show up on the SERP. Customers will judge your business based on what they see first and possibly move away if the information seems unsatisfactory or uninformative. Implementing schema markup, thus, puts you in the driving seat as you are then able to control what the customers learn about your business. You can maintain lofty standards by showcasing your best features and bringing in more meaningful traffic in the process.

Integrating schema markup makes the results “rich.” A standard search will only comprise a meta description, a URL, and the title. Imagine your website displaying only these results while your competitors have full-fledged local business information on the SERP. You will be happy at how adversely this affects your business with markup local SEO.

Schema markup will allow you more real estate on the SERP, giving you the edge over your direct competitors. Make sure you consult a professional before applying any schema markup data on your own. This way, you can get the best advice based on existing best practices.

Bring High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

A large amount of web traffic does not necessarily mean the business is booming. Let us take online e-commerce websites as an example. Even if a million people visit such a site, the turnover remains negligible if no one act places an order within that site. Hence, mere traffic is not enough; meaningful traffic is what is truly needs.

Integrating schema markup can ensure the traffic in your website is of high quality and is mostly genuine. Rotten Tomatoes achieved a 25% higher CTR (click-through rate) on the pages they had marked up previously. Nestle Faz Bem experienced a CTR bump upwards of 80% after implementing schema markup in their pages. Marked-up recipe pages are significantly more visited (35% more to be exact) on the Food Network.

So, all of these lead to customers spending more time on the page, leading to an increase in potential purchases and a decrease in bounce rates. It is evident that schema markup raises the standard of a website and makes it more acceptable to the public.

Complete Deals Straight From the SERP Schema Markup to Local SEO

One of the biggest advantages of opting for schema markup is the fact that products can be sold directly. From the SERP using this method. Certain companies may decide to incorporate markup data into their product pages. Apply CTA (Call to Action) in the SERP for the users to be able to place orders right away. In addition, nowadays, many book publishers use this brilliant SEO technique to improve their sales.

The online video industry has also benefited from this method. These days, search results display video clips that can directly be played from the SERP. This way, the website becomes more competent for showcasing its videos in a carousel. Moreover, or as a snippet and raises its chances of being included in the video results tab. So, the possibilities are vast. It is up to you to choose the right methods and boost the growth of your local business.

Final Words

Offline purchases result in almost 80% of all local mobile searches. With 50% of the deals being completed within the same day. 85% of all consumers adopt the use of search engines to find the local businesses they are looking for.

The numbers are staggering, which shows the importance of implementing schema markups in local business websites. In a competitive market, extra effort is required to obtain outstanding results. In conclusion, Integrating schema markups that provide more information about a local business accomplishes just that.

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