The Importance of Web Design For an E-commerce Business

We have listed some reasons why web design is important for your e-commerce business and how you can benefit from this to generate sales and succeed.

The Importance of Web Design For an E-commerce Business

How important is web design for e-commerce? Well, 75-85% of respondents of a survey admitted that they have made judgments and formed impressions about a business by their website’s designs. If you want to grow in the online marketplace you need to focus on developing a perfect website for your business. A successful e-commerce website will help you get more customers and leads. A Web Design Company can help you create an effective website to present your brand and service. We have listed some reasons why web design is important for your e-commerce business and how you can benefit from this to generate sales and succeed.

The Importance of Web Design For an E-commerce Business

The first impression is important

The first impression decides if your visitor is going to stay or click away. You need to make the web design easily accessible to anyone. Of course, it should be pleasing in all viewer’s perspectives. They will judge your business with the design of your webpage. Forming positive impressions in the minds of your customer is necessary for your company.

If the webpage you have is mediocre and dull,  or it is outdated you need to consider upgrading it soon. Otherwise, you risk creating negative impressions of both your company and business. Not addressing this issue will result in losing out important leads to your audience. Because they’ll prefer the page which is more appealing than yours. So, web design has a big importance of e-commerce business.

So it is to be noted that the outlook of a webpage truly matters if you want to grow the business even more. It resolves them to click away or to stay on the site. The choice is yours to make.

Be sure The Website is Responsive and User Friendly

Most people are browsing websites on mobile usually. One of the top complaints from users is that the websites they visit are not user friendly. If you want to keep all these customers and leads in your business you should focus on making your website responsive. In addition, responsive design improves user experience leading to more revenue.

It’s important to keep your website user friendly. Make sure your customer can easily find what they are searching for. Some simple sections like FAQs, contact info, CTAs that show where customers can go. Reducing your website load speed helps you increase more traffic. So, people hate a website that loads too much. You can easily check on Google page speed insights that help you to see how much load speed your website has and how you can make improvements. Your SEO rank is determined by how user-friendly your website is.

Make Sure The Website is SEO Friendly: Importance Of E-Commerce Web Design Business

It will differentiate your website from how your content is published. SEO will help you to engage more traffic on your website. If your content is updated at least weekly, then your SEO will get a boost increasing the chances of your website showing up on top of search pages.

To do that you need to keep consistency in your webpage items. You need to update your website at least weekly. People tend to trust companies who show up at the top of their search results. It’s important to build trust in your business and it will be easy to get more leads through your website.

So, this is one of those things you just can’t ignore. SEO has the power to grow your company organically that even ads can’t do. To get the best results in the SEO you need an SEO agency to do some of the legwork for you.

Focus on Content and Customer Service

Creating interesting content is somewhat of a challenge for every company. To get the sweet spotlight on a search engine, you have to use great keywords and interesting texts. These texts should be anywhere such as home page, product page, etc. By doing all that you’re securing the sweet spot in the search engine.

Make sure the content you publish on your website appeals to your target market.  This will help you engage your customers and reduce bounce rates. As a result, web design has a big importance of e-commerce business.

Customer service is another key component of your website.  Anyone visiting your website should not feel lost, but if they do, they should be able to connect with someone who lives quickly.

Keep The Brand & Message  Consistent

It is very important to keep your brand image and message consistent in every turn and corner of your website.  Keep content that is relevant to your target audience and always is consistent with the messaging.  The visuals you use and the words you use will need to tie into your brand constantly through-out the website.

Your website should not look like a Facebook profile of a user for example where they share content from the various subject matter.  Your content should be relevant to why your customers need you and how you can help them.

Color Guide: Importance Of E-Commerce Web Design Business

The right colors are not just pleasing for the eyes, they affect the psychology of buying. Moreover, choosing the right colors for your brand is very important. The color of the logo, the background color, the font color, and the color themes of the images should all be consistent in drawing your target audience in and compel them to keep browsing your website as they make the purchase decision. So, complementary colors are the way to go for every higher tier company.

For example, cooler colors like blue can be a good choice. But in that case, you’ll have to combine it with other cooler colors to go with the blue. If your main audience is children then bright colors can attract them. If you intend to draw adults, then aesthetic colors are going to draw their attention

There is a thing called Color Theory. It theorizes what each color means and what thoughts and feelings they trigger in the viewer’s mind. Use the color theory to evoke the right emotions with your customers.

Conclusion Of The Importance Of E-Commerce Web Design

Web design for an e-commerce business is as critical as store design and layout of products are for a traditional brick and mortar store.  The web design will define the impressions customers will make of your brand and your offering. In conclusion, web design will help (or hinder) building trust and credibility.  Web design will help in keeping SEO optimized and keep bounce rates low and increase conversion rates. As you can see, web design is everything.  So, get the help of the experts and create the best web design possible for your brand.