The Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Today

Not all social media platforms can make you popular. Our article will highlight the trendiest social media platforms for today.

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Today

Nowadays, we can hardly imagine a modern person without spending at least a few minutes on social media. People regularly visit different platforms to have fun, conduct business, communicate, find useful information, and something of the kind. Commonly, teenagers want to find entertainment and earn money. It can be done with an increase in followers, likes, and comments. However, even adult users want to be popular on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms. Not all social media platforms can make you popular. First of all, you should know which ones are visited most to hope for success. Our article will highlight the trendiest social media platforms for today.

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Today

We have based our research and analysis on Statista. It’s a famous and credible informative resource, which provides relevant results of different surveys, questionnaires, studies, etc. In addition, the results of social media analysis were formed by the number of active users on every platform. The numbers are given in millions.

  1. Facebook, – 2701.
  2. YouTube and WhatsApp – 2000 (each).
  3. Facebook Messenger, – 1300.
  4. WeChat, – 1206.
  5. Instagram, – 1158.
  6. TikTok – 689.

Social Media Platforms

As you can see, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform. It was the first of its kind, and its popularity didn’t decrease. Its instant messenger allows for texting other users very fast. Thus, it holds the third position on our list.

YouTube is popular thanks to its video content, which is very vivid to satisfy all people’s demands. It uses an intelligent program, which analyses the topics you choose. In addition, it generates possible favorites using the content you frequently review. So, this convenience and the possibility of entertaining or learning useful lifehacks made YouTube sought-after in every corner of the globe.

WhatsApp is likewise popular thanks to the simplicity it proposes. You can exchange instant messages without time-lapses and bugs. Besides, users can add images, videos, audio records, etc.

What to Do?

Undoubtedly, you know a lot about platforms that are from the 4th to the 6th position. Other platforms have a lower number of active followers. Everyone can create a private page or public to gain popularity, earn money, or follow other purposes. Of course, one should understand how to popularize his/her popular social media pages. So, we have a few suggestions for you. Make allowances for:

  • Firstly, buy automatic likes, comments, and followers;
  • Secondly, make your content attractive and original;
  • Utilize story highlights;
  • Advertising thanks to partners;
  • Try live meetings and conferences;
  • Stick to a single recognizable style;
  • I prefer the strategy of minimalism;
  • Finally, use hashtags and multi-linking.

Besides, you may create accounts on another or even several social media platforms. Thus, you’ll easily create links that guide your followers to the main platform that advertises either your business or your private page. If you’re a newbie, it may take pretty much to become popular on the Internet. The best way for beginners is to buy promoting trends (likes, comments, reviews, followers). All social media users have multiple solutions to become popular and reach whatever objectives they may have.