The Perfect Length for An Instagram Reel

Let's learn how long can be an Instagram Reel be and what duration to use for perfect length to optimize IG reels engagement

By Claudio Pires
Updated on April 15, 2024
The Perfect Length for An Instagram Reel

As a content creator, there are many resources at your disposal for reaching out to potential followers and building your follower base. For example, if you are a content creator for Instagram, there is an ideal length that you should make your reels to satisfy the algorithm and increase your chances of going viral. Let’s learn how long can be an Instagram Reel to use perfect length and optimize IG reels engagement.

So how long should an Instagram reel ideally be? How can you edit your reel to capture your audience’s attention? Let’s find out!

7 to 15 Seconds Is the Perfect Length for An Instagram Reel

TikTok popularized short-form videos, which then encouraged Facebook and Instagram to release their reels a few years back to keep up with the social media competition. The perfect length for an Instagram reel is about seven to 15 seconds. Good photos, illustrations, and pictures like the ones you can get on help the engagement as well.

Anything shorter than seven seconds may cause viewers to not get the full picture of what your reel is trying to communicate. Longer reels, depending on the overall content and how it’s edited, could cause people to scroll away before they finish watching the entire reel. In addition, another great way is to utilize the “rewrite my essay tool to enhance the clarity and coherence of your content, ensuring it resonates with your audience effectively.

Increase Engagement Stats With These Tactics

Hence, you need to hook the viewer within the first three to five seconds of the reel and then deliver your takeaway message within the next three to five seconds after that. Keep your reels as short as possible by adding to your reel’s captions “See description below”. 

 This helps to further engage viewers with your content because the reel will keep replaying as they read the description. Plus, if they like what they read, they may be more willing to check out your page, view your other content, and give you a follow. 

60 Seconds Is the Maximum Reel Length

While a reel can be up to 60 seconds long, this time length should only be used for specific content related to your niche. If a subject needs more information, then a 30 to 60-second reel would be beneficial. 

Some content that would interest viewers watching 30 to 60-second reels include on IG reels length for engagement:

  • How-to features. 
  • Location walkthroughs. 
  • Product or game review. 

Split Your Niche Into Specialized Topics

Discussing your niche has many parts to it. Take advantage of the popularity of short-form videos and create up to 15-second reels about a specialized topic related to your niche. 

For example, perhaps you are a casino gamer content creator. Try the online casino Belgium to play your favorite casino games such as Blackjack, slots, roulette, and baccarat. Besides experiencing the gameplay experience for yourself, you can review these games on your Instagram reels and posts. 

Select one of these topics to get you started on creating a reel as a casino gamer content creator:

  • Do a 30 to 60-second casino game review.
  • 5 tips for playing a specific casino game. 
  • Tips for playing casino games responsibly.
  • The psychology behind gambling addiction and how to combat it. 

Instagram Reel Editing Tips

Once you do it a few times, editing an Instagram video will become second nature. Even if you did not go to school for videography, there are a few simple editing tips to follow to engage viewers:

  • Select a popular trending audio. 
  • Have the video transition to the beat of the audio.
  • Add video effects when necessary and if it enhances the viewing experience
  • Do a quick voiceover if the reel needs further explanation. 
  • Add subtitles to the reel for people who are watching it without the audio on. 


While the best length to grab viewers’ attention for an Instagram reel is seven to 15 seconds, you can make reels however long you would like in the style that you want. Show your unique style to your followers and they will appreciate your content as long as you are genuine, informational, and relatable. 

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