The Seven Secrets Towards a Successful Unique Blog Design

You need to take a correct approach if you want to avoid unnecessary headaches. We'll explore the top 7 secrets of a successful blog design

Updated on December 6, 2023
The Seven Secrets Towards a Successful Unique Blog Design

With so many blogs out there, people seem to think that it’s simple designing and running one efficiently. However, the truth is much different. You need to take a correct approach if you want to avoid unnecessary headaches. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven secrets of a successful blog design.

1. Design a Distinctive Logo: Secrets of Blog Design

If you’re not a creative person, this can be one of the more difficult tasks on the list. A unique logo has to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen, with a one-of-a-kind shape, color combination, and general representation. It’s going to be the trademark of your blog – something that will help your visitors differentiate you from the rest of the competition. There’s no set limit on the amount of time you must spend designing your logo. If necessary, you can spend weeks, as long as you end up with a good result.

2. Pick The Font/Color Palette

Websites aren’t sketchbooks, which means that you’ll have to create a good combination of colors. Fonts in order to make the overall appearance attractive. In general, the number of different colors on your website shouldn’t exceed three, and they should ideally all be contained in the logo itself. If you’re having trouble imagining how it would all go together, you can use Figma – a website prototype tool. It gives developers the ability to build and test out complete web pages in a non-live environment. Meaning that they don’t have to constantly bring their website down for all their modifications.

3. Use Canva For Visual Content: Secrets of Blog Design

A blog’s interactivity and diversity are very good indicators of its quality. One of the ways to boost these two characteristics is by introducing various visual content. Pictures, infographics, charts, and so on. Although it might seem like a huge hassle at first, there’s a very useful utility that primarily gives you pre-made templates to use – Canva. While the free version has a whole lot of variety of different features and design types, its Pro subscription can give your blog even more of a boost with some truly unique additions.

4. Include Calls To Action

Since you already have a blog and are putting in the effort to run it, it’s normal to try and acquire some profit. To do this, you’ll have to implement calls to action throughout each one of your articles. Essentially, they serve as guidelines to your readers to tell them what to do after they’ve read through your content. For example, you could advertise your book as a way for them to further their knowledge, or a product/service that might be able to fix some of their specific problems. However, make sure not to overdo it since it can cause a countereffect.

5. Investigate Your Competition: Secrets of Blog Design

One of the largest determining factors of your approach is going to be the number of competitors that you have. Your content needs to provide something fresh, new – something that they can’t find anywhere else. This is why you have to do a thorough analysis of your competitors’ strategies. The most likely places to have the information that you need are their social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms are commonly used to introduce some novelties that they plan to add. This will help you create your own ideas, and modify them so that they’re even better.

6. Add Videos

If you truly want to spice up your everyday content, there’s no better way than through videos. It’s the most direct form of interaction possible through the Internet, and it can help you pass out the wanted information much clearer and better than you otherwise would through text. They don’t have to be overly long or edited out – a simple minute-long video is often more than enough. As a result, a great blog design secret and tip.

7. Remain Safe Online

With dozens of emails and phone calls that you have to answer daily. So, you’re constantly putting yourself and your website at great risk. In this day and age, scams are more prominent than ever. You need to know how to protect yourself before you open a single email or answer a single phone call.

The solution is simple and it goes by the name of Spokeo. Its use is very straightforward – all you have to do is execute a reverse phone lookup or an email search and you’ll receive all necessary information to know exactly who the sender or the caller is. This includes their full name, address, social media profiles, and even criminal records. Once it’s done, you simply look through the report and know whether you should answer that email/phone call or report it and move on.

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