​The Surprising Benefits of Sports Betting with Bitcoin

The benefits of sports betting with bitcoin; the world of online betting has completely transformed over the past three decades

​The Surprising Benefits of Sports Betting with Bitcoin

The benefits of sports betting with bitcoin; the world of online betting has completely transformed over the past three decades. From the moment the internet began making its way into people’s homes in the early 1990s, it was destined to revolutionise every industry in existence. While some of the greatest advancements have been made in the health, transport, communication; and education sector, the entertainment industry is perhaps still the one that most of us can clearly timeline its impact on our lives.

​The Surprising Benefits of Sports Betting with Bitcoin

This is because the changes that happen within home entertainment appear and feel more instantaneous than, say, advancements in medicine. By this, we simply mean that we can probably all remember getting our first PC and/or CD player; or if we are from a younger demographic, our first MP3 player and/or laptop. These moments remain firmly established in our minds as they represent a big shift in how we can actually spend our free time. 

How has sports betting changed?

When it comes to sports betting, for anyone who had to run down to their local betting shop only to discover that it had already closed; the moment online betting became a reality is one which they will never forget. Moreover, another groundbreaking event is the moment it became possible to place a bet from your smartphone or tablet device. 

However, this article has been put together to discuss a further development that has been made within the world of online betting: the creation of Bitcoin Betting Sites and Sportsbooks. That offers a number of advantages, including the ability to stay invested in crypto while you bet, ultra-fast deposits and withdrawals, complete anonymity, and even 

exclusive bonus offers. But before outlining the benefits of these sportsbooks, we want to remind you to always make sure to pick a reliable and trusted Bitcoin Betting Site. 

​​(Source: https://sportslens.com/us/sportsbooks/bitcoin/)​​​

What are bitcoin sports betting sites & sportsbooks?

In essence, they are exactly what they sound like. They are betting sites that allow you to wager bets on a variety of sporting events using the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. For those unaware, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created in January 2009. 

It follows the ideas that were first published in a white paper by an unknown individual going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The main goal of Bitcoin was to create a currency that operated outside of centralized authorities. Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is created, distributed, traded; and stored with the use of a decentralized ledger system, known as a ‘blockchain.’ 

The advantages of bitcoin sports betting sites & sportsbooks

There is an array of advantages to Bitcoin in comparison to traditional currencies; many of which make it the ideal currency to use for placing sports bets online. While it may feel like an alien concept to many, the exponential growth of technology will ensure that this is the norm in a short amount of time. So, let’s dive in and look at the benefits of using Bitcoin Betting Sites and Sportsbooks…

Bitcoin sportsbooks are secure

Bitcoin uses something referred to as ‘cryptography’ to keep it safe and secure. The aforementioned public ledger is completely transparent due to the fact that everyone has access to it. Despite this, it encrypts each individual transaction. Additionally, a process called “mining” means that all Bitcoin transactions must be verified; giving you peace of mind that your transactions are safe.

So, this is, of course, a huge benefit when it comes to individuals using Bitcoin Sportsbooks. So, the last thing you want when you are placing a bet; an activity that adds an extra level of excitement to sporting events; is to be worrying about the security of your hard-earned money. Thankfully, Bitcoin is the ideal digital currency when it comes to all things security.

Bitcoin sportsbooks are fast

When online betting sites first went live they were hailed for their time-saving abilities. The fact that you no longer had to go to a brick-and-mortar betting shop meant that people could save an incredible amount of time in terms of how long it took to actually place a bet. However, some aspects of online betting were not full-time resistant. As the vast majority of us will know, it can often take 1-2 working days to process a traditional money transfer. In turn, this meant that while you didn’t have to go to a physical location to wager a bet; you did always have to remember to plan ahead.

Thankfully, Bitcoin transfers are basically instantaneous, which means that you can now truly place a bet on a sports game at any time and any place. This will be a very welcome development for anyone who has experienced using traditional betting sites!

Bitcoin sportsbooks are anonymous

Finally, Bitcoin allows you to remain completely anonymous online; which is something that many people would like to do, especially when it comes to their sports betting activity. This means that you can guarantee your personal information remains exactly as it should, private.

A final note

Just as many of us will remember the first smartphone we owned; when it comes to the world of sports betting; the first time we use a Bitcoin Betting Site is likely to be a similar memory in terms of our own individual entertainment timelines. So from here, we simply want to say to remember to stay safe and have fun!