The Top Devices and Tools a Graphic Design Agency Should Own

If you're a graphic design agency owner you must know and have the best devices and tools in order to optimize and improve your work quality

The Top Devices and Tools a Graphic Design Agency Should Own

The top devices and tools a graphic design agency should own; How long has your graphic design agency been in business? Whether you are just starting out or using it for decades, there are always new tools that can make your job easier and also take your business to the next level.

The Top Devices and Tools a Graphic Design Agency Should Own

The Top Devices and Tools a Graphic Design Agency Should Own

One issue with figuring out what works best for your brand is sorting through the various options. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you and found the top tools that we feel are most useful to all types of graphic designers.

What Tools Should a Graphic Designer Have?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 254,100 graphic designers in the United States. The job outlook is slightly slower than most, with only a 3% growth. If you want to remain competitive, the tools you use can automate some of your work and speed up productivity.

Every graphic designer has their preference about the type of software they prefer, so we will look at types of tools in general. You can then choose the best option within that category for your budget and design needs.

Top Devices and Tools a Graphic to Design Agency

1 – Reliable Hard Drive

Many of the files you’ll work with will be bulky. You may have multiple versions of each design as you go through various edits and changes. Your computer’s hard drive will likely fill up quickly, so it’s important to have multiple places to back up your designs.

So, you also might run into a situation where one file becomes corrupted. But, again, if you have backups, you can simply turn to one of those for your project.

2 – Computer

Most designers use Apple computers because they mesh so well with Adobe software. So, while you can certainly use any type of machine you’re familiar with, Apple is an excellent choice.

Invest in something more up-to-date. Older computers can have software compatibility issues, for example. In 2020, Apple introduced the M1-powered MacBook Air, which phased out the Intel chip. As a result, older models might not have the most up-to-date technology. While investing in a newer system is a chunk of change, you’ll avoid hours of frustration and limitations by buying new ones.

3 – Image Editing Software & Drawing Pads

Graphic design agencies should provide access to image editing software. Graphic designers often use Adobe or Corel to manipulate images and photographs. Programs such as Adobe Illustrator let artists sketch an image on a digital device and upload it directly to the screen.

If you’re working with logos and custom images, you’ll also need to invest in a digital drawing pad. So, there are dozens on the market, so it’s impossible to say which is best. Keep in mind that some must be attached to a computer to work. Others can stand alone, and you can upload them to the computer later.

You’ll pay according to the capabilities of your device. For example, if your staff mainly works in the office or at home, you may get by with a tethered pad. However, you’ll need something a bit more portable if they go out to gain inspiration from nature or anything along those lines.

4 – Excellent Camera

Thanks to the 49,560 professional photographers in the United States, there are many camera options. As a graphic design agency, you’ll probably take product shots, possibly employee headshots for the website, and background images. So finding a camera that’s easy to use but creates vivid images is a must.

You can choose a DSLR camera from a long list of possible options. Another idea is to use a newer smartphone that includes a camera that can do a lot of what a DSLR can do, especially on the fly.

5 – CRM Software

One thing you might not consider at first is customer relationship management (CRM) software. However, the way you relate to your clients can make or break your agency.

Upload birthdays and special events so your system automatically shoots out a message to your clients on those days. It can engage customers and show them you care. As a graphic design agency, you can also use the system to run analytics and see which campaigns work best for each client.

CRM software automates many of the little things you’d do to keep the lines of communication open with your customers. It frees up your time for more creative pursuits or seeking new clients.

Be Open to New Tools

Technology advances more rapidly than anyone can keep track of. Be open to trying new things as they emerge. Machine learning is growing faster than the experts predicted. Thanks to the pandemic shifting society to a more at-home approach, more people shop online and work online. Try new things as they emerge, and keep the ones that help your business perform at the desired level.

Eleanor is Editor-in-Chief of Designerly Magazine. She is also a freelance web designer focusing on user experience. Eleanor lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their bear.