The Usage of Low-code Platform in Selling WP Themes

Popular nowadays, the usage of a low-code platform is widely present in selling WordPress themes. Let’s see how it works in this article and its advantages

The Usage of Low-code Platform in Selling WP Themes

Creating a professional theme can never be so easy for citizen developers. However, with the presence and usage of low-code platforms such as WordPress CRM, developing themes using WordPress is made easier. Consequently, selling WordPress themes is made easier too.

The ability to customize websites by users is thus accelerated by low-code. However, web development is just the beginning of the whole process. What follows is the promotion and finally selling. Low-code platforms will be able to help you throughout the process of development, promotion, and selling your new website’s themes. But what is low code? Understanding a low code and being in an apposition to use it for developing seamless themes on WordPress will make your WP themes more attractive, easy to use, and more marketable. In fact, you don’t need to be a pro designer or have many years of experience in coding. From, it is more important to understand your audience as well as be able to make your brand competitive.

Usage of Low-code Platform in Selling WordPress Themes

The Usage of Low-code Platform in Selling WP Themes

How to promote and sell a WordPress theme

Once you made high-quality WordPress themes, focus on developing a clear business strategy, and identifying an effective marketing. Remember, only those businesses with attractive and memorable themes become appealing to customers and are able to beat the competition. Let’s look at a few ways you can promote and sell your WordPress themes particularly with the help of low-code platforms.

1 Develop a plan

A business strategy is a key step towards the success of any business. Develop a plan and be ready to prioritize its objectives. You can develop a good business strategy using CRM systems and tools. This will help you to visualize your product and market audience at the same time helping you to sell themes on WordPress much easier.

2 Identify a niche: Usage of Low-code Platform

Increase your sales by choosing a niche you have more understanding of and that are less crowded. Through low-code platforms, you are able to conduct a market study through an interactive CRM platform and be able to understand what your customers may need in the modern market or what is trending and emerging preferences. This will help you, in the long run, to settle on a niche as well as promote and market your WordPress themes.

3 Know and understand your competitors

Once you have a niche, find out who else is in that field. Study them and understand what they are doing differently to win customers. You need a smart WordPress CRM.

4 Decide the price

Develop free versions for customers to try before they can upgrade to a premium paid version. This way, you get better customer feedback even on possible improvements. Use CRM for WordPress to follow up and receive feedback on your free version and encourage them to upgrade.

5 Unique design: Usage of Low-code Platform

You may not be a professional designer, however, low-code helps you to come up with attractive themes even without prior coding knowledge. You can use these platforms to come up with unique designs that will grow your market beyond expectations.

6 Include plugins

Adding plugins to your WordPress theme increases their salability by up to 4x. Low-code development platforms can help you to add a plugin to your theme more seamlessly. This expands its functionality and integrating a website builder, for instance, makes theme development much faster.

7 Use content marketing

The best content marketing tools are those integrated with a good CRM software. Acquire one and stay focused on your leads and networks. Once you have a good customer relationship management software, market your themes more actively by connecting to your customers through social media platforms, email, or Google calendars. This will position your WordPress themes much closer to the buyers and more are therefore able to buy from you. Try both passive and active marketing options at all times until you land a sale.

8 Social media

Integrating your CRM systems with social media accounts helps you sell faster by constantly engaging your networks about your products. Low-code will, however, help you maintain a good quality of the content you share, collect and store data on customer feedback as well as give your possible customers good user experience.