Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Banking App

In this digital age, banking needs to be convenient. In this article, you'll see things to consider while designing a mobile banking app.

Updated on July 25, 2022
Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Banking App

A mobile banking application is perhaps the make or break instrument that makes the bank client decide whether to continue or to sever his business relationship with the bank. In this article, you’ll see things to consider while designing a mobile banking app.

In this digital age, banking needs to be convenient, accurate, safe, and immediately available all at once. Where once before, in the brick and mortar banking institution, services are only available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday except holidays, bank patrons now demand and expect banking services 24 hours daily.

How is that possible? Here are a few tips for creating a user-friendly mobile banking application and an easy to navigate User Interface (UI).

Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Banking App

Who is the banking app for?

Is it designed for millennials? Make the app multi-colored, as if like a montage and looking fun. Is it for clients who have built established careers or businesses? Make it a Wall Street theme of brown, black, white, beige, or grainy wood texture. If the bank has a color theme in place, choose an attractive combination of palettes that reflects its image.

Banking is competitive, hence the need for a reliable banking app

When banks make an agenda in their corporate meetings these days, especially in the Headquarters, most probably on their list is the creation of a mobile banking application. In order to remain competitive and to continue to be of seamless service to their clients, they should have one. Not just any mobile banking app. Something that makes their clients transfer funds easily, take a glance at the performance of their mutual funds and stocks portfolio, be able to reorder checkbooks with ease, and pay bills. Many banking services, at once, simultaneously, on their smartphones.

Where before, the experience of banking was face to face, lots of papers and documents, and generalized (all banking services are prototypes). Banking now is more personalized, customized, immediate, and becoming thoroughly digital. The advent of the increasing extinction of paper money is fast becoming a reality. Where the decimals, the $63.34 phone bill, the $14.68 coat, can all be paid thru debit or fund transfer. No “keep the change”. Everything paid digitally to the last cent, courtesy of your reliable app.

If your clients call or visit your bank asking for your help in using the app this is a bad sign. This means that your application is badly designed because your clients were not able to figure out on their own features of the app. Return the app to its developers for review and updates.

Unlocking new technology through the app

Make the app experience of your clients as seamless as possible. Go beyond the user name and password login process. Make use of new technology like Fingerprint Unlock and Facial Recognition that saves those precious seconds and minutes away from those primitive and tedious log-in processes.

Make your bank patrons proud and be able to brag to their friends about the convenient features of your mobile banking app which they have downloaded on their smartphones. So, now you have good tips for designing mobile banking app.

Just imagine their smiles when they can be able to carry their banking and financial information in their pockets, then transfer funds at a whim and being able to pay bills through the funds in their bank account. All these services are facilitated by your banking app – conveniences that were unheard of a decade ago.

Your mobile banking application should be everything your clients desire it to be

For mobile banking application design, easily and immediately learned User Interfaces (UIs) are a must. The banking app should have an excellent design that makes it user friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It should be capable of reducing the cognitive burden on app users. So, help them do their banking tasks accurately and speedily. If the banking app is capable of doing all these, be prepared for new account applications at your bank. Who want to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.

To get it with a mobile banking app creation, both the legal and compliance perspective. So, the brand experience perspective of clients should be into consideration. By the app developers to make it work to serve the needs of the clients without running into legal roadblocks.

Perhaps a mechanism where your clients can monitor the history of their mortgage payments. Or they can check in what stage is their business loan application with your bank. So, easily trans funds to, in case she is out of town on a school-sanctioned trip. Or also, that the banking app has the ability to convert their funds. Within it into the currency of the country where they are currently traveling. In conclusion, now you have good tips for designing mobile banking app.