TikTok Creator Best Practices You Need To Follow Today

Awesome TikTok creator best practices, tips and insights will be what you need to leverage your brand engagement with lovely content

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
TikTok Creator Best Practices You Need To Follow Today

There are 100 million active TikTok users monthly. This is all the more reason for TikTok creators to amp up strategies in increasing brand exposure and reach. Suppose your target audience is Gen Z and young millennials. TikTok is definitely the platform you need to interact with a global community by creating snackable content that users will love. These awesome TikTok creator best practices, tips and insights will be what you need to leverage your brand engagement.

TikTok Creator Best Practices You Need To Follow Today

Follow The Trends

Trends are important on every platform and they are particularly crucial on TikTok. It is the platform’s lifeblood. People express themselves through trends. Trends become an ongoing conversation that other users cannot help but want to be part of. You can even increase your followers with the help of growtok TikTok growth.

Keep up with the trends so you can be part of that conversation and community. You naturally become more engaging this way. To be successful on TikTok, identify trends, and use them to create your own engaging and authentic videos.

Scroll through the app, and you will quickly discover trends that popular creators are doing. Some top-of-the-charts trends are dances, challenges, songs, sounds, and features. Other TikTok trends are pretty obvious, but others can be a bit more difficult to recognize.

By spending more time on the platform, you can sharpen your trend-spotting skills. Take notice of how pop culture and current events influence content. TikTok creators usually respond to what’s happening around them. Once you’ve spotted a trend, make it your own, giving your unique take. Whether it’s choosing a color palette or being particular with a zoom level, be authentic and be true to who you are. You might even create your own trend!

Work With Influencers

TikTok influencers are important in the ecosystem of social media platforms. Benchmarking how they create content will inspire you to grow your following through engaging videos.

There are many influencer types. There are athletes, dancers, artists, singers, magicians, health experts, and more. Whatever topic or interest, there is surely an influencer to get inspiration from.

To find out who they are and go as far as connect with them and start following them through  Influence Grid. Explore influencers’ accounts and discover popular trends, hashtags, and sounds. You’ll definitely find out who you can collaborate with for duet opportunities!

Influence Grid is a TikTok influencer discovery platform for TikTok creators to find TikTok influencers specific to your interest or niche. You can run searches by country, topics, number of followers,  number of views or likes per video, or engagement rates. You can even know whether they’re verified on TikTok or if they’re also on Instagram. Search results will pull up detailed influencer profiles that help brands, and content creators find TikTok influencers to work with.

Take On The Duets

Any TikTok creator who wants a shot at going viral should try and create a duet challenge via TikTok Duets, specifically Duet Challenges. TikTok Duets allow users to create content that features an initial video.

These types of posts show both videos side-by-side in a square format on the screen. It’s an exciting way to reply to video content with the user’s videos. TikTok Duets get so much interaction, making it one of the strongest forms of social media engagement. Duets are great for increasing your reach.

There are different ways to make Duets. You can start with creating a shareable duet by uploading your TikTok video as usual,  but make sure to untick “Disable Duet/React.” Type up a caption that calls out your message and includes the hashtags, brand, and challenges you would like to promote.

Another awesome thing to do is to duet with another TikTokker or with anyone in your fanbase. Press the share button, followed by the duet button at the bottom left, and you’re all set!

Use Trending Hashtags

Becoming TikTok-famous involves the strategic use of hashtags. These help people know about the context of the posts you create. Using trending TikTok hashtags gives a major boost to your content, making it possible for your video to make its way to the Discovery pages.

Trending hashtags also create a community. The platform’s “For You” page picks up on what other users like watching. For example, if someone finds a video funny, odds are they will click on the hashtag and try to find other similar videos.

If you see that other TikTokkers are watching videos with that specific hashtag, then use it on your videos to get your content videos pushed in front. This means more likes, followers, and engagement rates.

There are all sorts of hashtags you can explore. Hashtags for educational content, funny content, health-related content, food-related content, or friendship-related content. There can also be trending hashtags for art and craft, beauty, dance, and motivational content.

Another amazing thing about TikTok is, you can even create and use your own branded hashtags. This is good for collecting and sharing user-generated content, which is what the TikTok algorithm loves.

TikTok Creator Best Practices You Need To Follow Today

Tell A Compelling Story: TikTok Creator Best Practices

Most TikTok creators get discovered on the app by just sharing stories that people find interesting. Humans are curious, so If you have an interesting life, this could be your easiest way to go viral on the platform. And since TikTok values creativity, the technique is important in TikTok storytelling.

One technique is to create a video that starts telling a story then cuts it off, telling viewers to follow and like for Part 2. This way, users will keep checking their profile and following instead of continuing scrolling after the first video.

Another helpful tip is to use the problem-solution plot. Address a common problem in the first seconds of the video to catch attention and spark curiosity. Then towards the end, the video should solve that problem you addressed initially.

The greatest TikTok creators are able to impress audiences in less than 15 seconds. This only means that to stand out, your content needs to be compelling and unique. We highly encourage creating original videos that provide knowledge and value.

To do this, try to show behind-the-scenes videos where you share your day-to-day life. If it is interesting enough, you’ll attract new followers.

Another video idea can be enumerations. These types of TikTok posts have texts that interact with the user similar to what stickers do. Enumerations are great as short and sweet listicles, how-to bits, or pieces of advice.

TikTok Creator Best Practices You Need To Follow Today

Use Popular Sounds: TikTok Creator Best Practices

Songs and various sounds easily become viral on the app. Playing a popular song in the background of your video greatly increases your odds of going viral! A lot of musical artists got their spotlight by creating viral Sounds.

You can create Original TikTok Sounds that range from voiceovers to people singing to music mishaps. This is a huge opportunity for growth, especially for TikTok Creator Practices who are musicians.

Just remember that other users can use anything that is recorded on TikTok as a sound. Once a song is recorded on TikTok, it becomes an Original Track. In other words, no other sounds were used, except your voice.

Using popular sounds is great for jumping on trending challenges. TikTok is known for music, so doing challenges from lip-synching to dance trends is always a good idea! Use the correct trending audio in your video and use relevant hashtags in your caption. TikTok Sounds are powerful, and it pushes your content to a larger audience when done right.

Use A Call To Actions

As a TikTok creator, good content should always include a call to action. Ask your audience to like, comment, and share your videos. You can ask them a favor and let them vote.

Create giveaways for them. You can and even go as far as reward your active fans. Be creative in building that authentic and strong relationship with your tribe, and make people feel they’re needed.

Best Practices For TikTok Creators

With TikTok booming, it isn’t always easy to find success. But if you keep a close eye on the platform’s behavior and its users, you will be able to gain access to the most-sought consumers in the world.

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