Tips To Get More Pinterest Followers And Leads

Pinterest is all about discovery, and inspiration. In this article, we'll share the top tips to get more Pinterest followers and leads.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Tips To Get More Pinterest Followers And Leads

Pinterest is all about discovery, sharing, and inspiration. So, if one of your social media goals is to improve your Pinterest follower base and get more leads, you will want to pin this guide. In this article, we’ll share the top tips to get more Pinterest followers and leads.

Pinterest offers a great platform to connect with current customers and find new followers who can be genuinely interested in your content. With over 250 million active monthly subscribers, over 70 percent of the users say they found new Pinterest brands. 

Tips To Get More Pinterest Followers And Leads

Coupled with the sales power of Pinterest, the platform has become the go-to shopping inspiration offering them a more significant value proposition. Many people buy Pinterest followers to gain more Pinterest likes and repins. This way, they can generate leads quickly and increase sales. In addition you can use marketing tools to grow the Pinterest following.

Follow the following steps if you are looking to ‘pin’ your sights on success.

Know where the Pinterest audience is:

Here are a few valuable stats to consider: 

  • Firstly, the Pinterest user base is women-dominated, with only 30 percent of men using Pinterest. This number is, however, growing.
  • Secondly, millennials are the most active group on Pinterest.
  • The US is home to half of the Pinterest users.
  • Finally, keeping this in mind, check out the Pinterest base according to the demographics you are trying to appeal to.

Join relevant group boards to get more Pinterest followers

Check out the top boards according to your niche and ask to join the board. Here you are most likely to find like-minded users who might become the next potential customer for your business. Group boards are great places to find new followers and interact with them. You can also buy Pinterest followers cheap from many marketing websites like BuyTrueFollowers and InternetMarketingRocks. There are many other websites to buy Pinterest followers in the USA and other countries, but you need to select the best website, keeping in mind your budget.

Post new and original content:

Most of the users of Pinterest are looking out for inspirations, new ideas, and products. If you are looking to gain significant followers, make sure you put up super fresh and engaging pins. Skip all the standard images and meme shenanigans and bring originality to your followers. Not only will this increase your follower count, but it will also result in generating new leads for you. According to Pinterest, users tend to get the most excited if there is a novelty or newness of your idea. In this way, you will get more repins on Pinterest. You can also buy Pinterest repins to get into the limelight of new users on Pinterest. This is also one of the popular techniques to gain more followers and lead on Pinterest.

Make your pins visually stand out:

Pinterest points to the fact that all the best-performing pins have three common qualities; all of them are actionable, interesting, and beautiful. At its core, Pinterest is a visual platform so make to use eye-catchy and attractive images. Better images mean more likes on pins.

Use high-resolution images of high quality.

  • Try to use images with vertical aspect ratios since the majority of users use Pinterest on their smartphones.
  • Defer from standard product images and use lifestyle images to better place your products.
  • Use a single pin to showcase different products. This helps to keep things organized.
  • Try videos since videos can be more engaging than even the most high-quality images.

Be Consistent to get more Pinterest followers and leads

You cannot reach a million followers overnight, and therefore it becomes essential that you keep your expectations to realistic levels. The reach of the platform accrues over a more extended period than other platforms. Ensure to post constantly at regular intervals over long periods as studies have shown that this is the best way of gaining engaged followers and potential leads.

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