Top 10 Ways To Market Your App In 2021

Here are a few strategies you can follow to increase the visibility of your app and a list of the top ways to market your APP

Updated on July 25, 2022
Top 10 Ways To Market Your App In 2021

There are over 5 million apps available in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Research shows that users mostly install the apps that come in the top five list. So if you are thinking about developing apps or having a a mobile app development company, you also have to think about marketing them. There are many strategies that you can use to increase your app’s reach. From asking your social circle to paid promotions, the list is pretty long. Here are a few strategies you can follow to increase the visibility of your app:

Top 10 Ways To Market Your App In 2021

  • Always provide a free version of the app.

In this strategy, you provide a free lite version of your app with some of the selected features. This free version helps in forming a strong user base. Then occasional advertisements about the paid features will attract the users to upgrade to the premium versions. The freemium version features should be selected thoughtfully; these features will make the users switch to the paid version.

  • Optimized app description

The app description plays a crucial role in marketing. As mentioned above, when users are searching for an app, they will most likely go with the top five listed apps. So you have to ensure your app is in the right place. The use of appropriate keywords is the key to this. The app description should be precise and straightforward. Also, make sure to deliver features in excellent quality, as you claim in the description.

  • A dedicated website and landing page for the app

Another effective strategy is to create a dedicated website for your app and also a landing page. The website is the platform where you can go on talking about your app. Here you can use your creativity to the maximum to write beautifully about every single feature of your app and how it is different from the existing ones, and how life can be much more comfortable with your app. Also, flaunt more by adding the screenshot of the app. As you are developing a website, make sure to follow SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

  • Advertisements- Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Advertisements can give a boost to your app. But it is an expensive affair. It can be helpful for companies that offer mobile app development services. The advertisements that we see on Facebook or while using google are paid ones. If we search for something on Google, most probably, the first two results are advertisements. These are big platforms to market your apps. If you have financial aid, it is worth trying, and the results are guaranteed.

  • Influencer Marketing

The perfect way to crack social media marketing is by taking the help of an influencer. It is time-consuming and extra effort to make your own set of followers and then promote your app. So it is more comfortable and practical to approach an influencer for the promotion of your app. All you have to do is find out the right candidate. It means you have to research well about the influencer’s viewers and choose the one with the set of viewers you want for your app. It also involves money, but you choose how much you want to spend, depending on the influencer.

  • A dedicated blog for your app

A blog that talks exclusively about your app: here, you can talk about your app’s unique features. You can also tell about the version updates and how it is better than the older version. Also, about the bug fixes, you have done in the new version. A detailed guideline to your app can be written here. You can also include video demos for the app. It will ensure your users can use the app to its fullest.

  • Top ways to market your App: Email promotion

Another smart way of app promotion is email marketing. In the email, marketing emails are sent to potential customers who promote your app. A direct download link will also be present in the email. So the user can directly download the app by following the link.

You can also send emails regarding the updates of your app to your current customers. You can tell them about the improved features. In addition, include a link to the landing page of your website. It will help in pushing your brand value.

  • Top ways to market your App: Podcast marketing

It is yet another marketing strategy. Make sure you have the right audience listening to the podcast. If your app does something related to fashion, then make the entire content on fashion. You have to ensure quality content is getting delivered to the listeners. To the podcast, you can add promotions to your app. One important factor is don’t make it just about marketing.

  • Getting featured on mobile app review platforms

Yet another vital marketing strategy. You can approach review platforms to feature your app. It will be perfect proof that our app is worth downloading. You can even get suggestions from the reviewers to improve their apps. So getting featured on trusted review platforms is not easy. Your app should have an excellent graphic layout, quality content, and smooth functioning.

  • Top ways to market your App: Network through tech conferences

With many webinars and tech conferences happening today, it is the right platform to market your app. You can attend the conferences with your targeted audience. And there you get a pool of potential users. All of you have to do is to promote your app in the right way.

App marketing is as vital as developing an app. Even if you have developed a perfect unique app and don’t know about it, all the work you have done will be in vain. Make sure you use the right strategies for marketing your app.