Top 15 WordPress Developer Skills for Beginners

Know top 15 WordPress developer skills for beginners; So, there is always someone in the market looking for someone with WordPress developer

Top 15 WordPress Developer Skills for Beginners

Know top 15 WordPress developer skills for beginners; So, there is always someone in the market looking for someone with WordPress developer skills. But the truth is, you hardly need to be a developer to make WordPress. So why are we recommending these skills to you, you ask.

Top 15 WordPress Developer Skills for Beginners

As a developer, WordPress can help you determine which developer skills are needed based on the needs of your clients or the type of projects they expect from you. So, it also forces you to learn faster because the competition is fierce and you always need something new to complete the task.

Even if you are competing with beginners, your service prices are usually low; however, once you get into the top 10% of highly skilled developers, you can charge high fees. For example, some WordPress developers may charge tens of thousands of dollars or more for a WordPress site.

This article will teach you five developer skills that will help you break into the top 10% of highly skilled developers.

Top 15 WordPress developer skills for beginners

1 – CSS and HTML

HTML and CSS are the core languages ​​of browsers that display files and other data available on the Internet and other networks. These control all front-end visual styles that users see when visiting your website. Learning the CSS and HTML languages ​​is the first step in becoming a web developer. 

 HTML and CSS are powerful developer skills that were once the only tools available for website development. Still, you can use them to create stunning responsive websites and other digital media. Also, there are people out there who are willing to pay you for this ability. 

Everything may seem easy and fun in the first few weeks of learning HTML and CSS. Until it hits the wall. Following tutorials and basic instructions are not enough to learn these skills. You need to put everything you have learned into practice and build things. You also need to maintain learning consistency. 

However, you can learn the basics by starting with free learning sources such as SoloLearn, edX, exerciseism, and freeCodeCamp. For example, Free Code Camp is a website where you can learn everything about web development. A responsive web design course and some great free lessons to get you started.

How To Learn it?

You need to follow simple steps to complete a tutorial like the one below. For example, B. Change the element’s color or change the background. It’s a good idea to repeat these little steps to get the hang of it. 

Free Code Camp is a great way to learn the basics. However, the visualization is missing. It specifies how to implement a particular element in your project. 

Therefore, you can look for paid or free courses that show you how to design a real website from scratch and visualize how to structure everything. Also, look for a class that shows how to combine HTML and CSS to create the final product. 

We can also provide services that require these skills. For example, creating custom email templates and web forms, managing websites, creating WordPress website customizations, and more. It is also important to learn how to pay close attention to the details.

2 – Javascript

So, one WordPress development skill is adding Javascript to your HTML, and CSS skills give you better control over the functionality of many parts of your website, greatly improving interactivity on your website. In addition, if you have a good understanding of JavaScript, you can easily exchange frameworks and have more opportunities to work as a frontend developer. 

However, I would like to focus on the core basics of JavaScript. B. JSX, Promises, HTTP requests, and parent array operations. You need to know some differences between regular vanilla JavaScript and the framework. 

You need to understand how higher-order arrays work when working with data. Learn how to write better, cleaner JavaScript code through self-paced courses, books, conferences, and networking events to learn 

JavaScript best practices. Of course, starting a project is the most effective way to learn

JavaScript is constantly evolving and adding new features, so it’s important to keep learning JavaScript. You want to stay in the ball.

3 – Github and Bitbucket

Hosting code is an important component of project process efficiency and productivity. So, Bitbucket and GitHub are hosting platforms that provide developers with public and private repositories. 

This includes code hosting, issue tracking systems, project boards, continuous builds and integrations, wikis, etc. They are arguably the most widely used repositories. 

So, as a beginner, you may be wondering which platform to learn and use first. So, the two platforms work in the same way in terms of functionality. However, there are some differences between them. Moreover, GitHub focuses on public code, collaboration, and access control. Bitbucket is private and is primarily used by enterprise and business users.  

Bitbucket is also specially designed for professional teams and professionals. You can search for additional comparisons of Github and Bitbucket to determine the best one for your particular situation. For example, the comparison in this figure focuses on the security of both systems. 

These provide a place for developers to save all project-related documents. However, these affect how projects are measured, monitored, and managed. It also affects your ability to collaborate with other members of your team.

4 – WordPress Developer Skill: Photoshop

There may be no way to work with graphics or other visuals. Some images require changes that can only be processed by raster-based applications such as Photoshop. Therefore, some projects may require Photoshop as part of the process. This can be a tool that complements the programming process. 

Photoshop is not for development. It’s not coding or text editing. However, knowing Photoshop can be very helpful when working with assets or changing things on the go, rather than programming. Of course, you may need to add templates regularly, but Photoshop is a great tool to help. 

Photoshop also helps make web pages and applications visually appealing by adding aesthetically pleasing details. Fortunately, there are many courses for developers who want to learn tips and techniques to supplement their programming skills.

5 – SEO skills

WordPress developer skill SEO or search engine optimization is creating or updating your website so that Google can better understand it and rank it higher in search page results. Think of SEO as a way to adapt your website to Google’s algorithms. 

Therefore, if you are a developer working on a client’s website, you need to keep SEO intent in mind. I want to learn the most basic tactics. B. Use H1 or H2 header tags and meta tags to add alt text with relevant keywords to your photos.

So, your HTML should be accessible to different devices. That said, there are some things to consider:

  • Create a user-friendly URL: that is concise, easy to understand, easy to understand, and contains relevant keywords.
  • Use metadata: The bot can understand the page and structure the actual appearance of the search engine list with metadata that is not directly visible to the end-user.
  • Activate the snippet of interest: Integrate the schema code into your website. This code helps Google determine what’s on your site. Google may use schema data to provide richer and more informative results about you on search engine results pages. This may include relevant data, such as ratings, in particular.
  • Make sure the website loads immediately: This will improve the user experience. This is an important ranking factor.

It’s essential to recognize greater approximately search engine marketing because it’s miles turning into vital for businesses. As a developer, it also improves your emblem photo and enables you to deliver higher offerings to your WordPress clients.

6 – PHP Or Hypertext Preprocessor

Developing all these skills in PHP Or Hypertext Preprocessor is the most preferred server-side scripting language for website development around the world. According to statistics, almost 78% of websites are based on PHP.

This is because PHP was developed with website requirements in mind. PHP is dedicated to website development but has become a general-purpose language these days. Ruby or Python is a general-purpose scripting language developed with other applications in mind, and web development is one of the applications. 

PHP makes it easy to manage content and communicate with databases while controlling plugins, third-party integration, and more. Therefore, a good understanding of PHP is one of the most important skills for WordPress developers. This allows you to enable basic functionality on the client’s website. 

PHP makes it easy to select and apply any theme. In other words, PHP runs the backend of your WordPress website. However, you need to learn HTML and CSS when it comes to design customization.

 7 – BootStrap And MySQL

Coding is the lifeblood of a successful WordPress website. However, coding all websites from scratch can be time-consuming and may miss the deadline. Therefore, you need to learn Bootstrap, a framework containing common HTML components such as navigation bars, breadcrumbs, forms, modals, and carousels. 

Now you are ready to use all these components, and you can copy and paste the code. However, minor adjustments may be required to effectively meet your needs. So, W3.css is an alternative to Bootstrap for WordPress developers.

So, as you know, MySQL is a database, and with a little knowledge of MySQL, you can glorify as an experienced backend WordPress developer. All experienced WordPress developers should have at least a basic knowledge of MySQL. B. What are the methods and restrictions for customizing it?

8 – WordPress Developer Skill: Business Skills

WordPress developers need to be familiar with market trends and industry needs. What if you put a lot of effort into developing a website, and it doesn’t get people’s attention? 

Some knowledge and hacker spiritual growth will always help you to be good. You should ask yourself two questions: how can you solve a customer’s problem through a website? And how can you further develop your existing website? 

When developers create websites that effectively meet the needs of their clients, they are excellent and can earn high hourly wages. In addition, if they work for a WordPress development company, they can gain the position of the senior team leader to develop all these skills.

9 – SEO Knowledge

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to increase traffic to your website using organic search results. Reaching more people is always useful for any website. 

Several factors affect the ranking of search engine websites. B. Website content. So, you need to create a unique and appropriate web page title with the appropriate meta description. 

So, you can also hire an SEO expert to oversee your SEO campaign. When you hire an SEO expert from us, we guarantee to increase the traffic to your website.

10 – Command Line Tools

So, WP-CLI is a powerful tool that allows you to execute WordPress commands from the console. It provides a command-line interface for WordPress administrators can perform many actions. So, you don’t need to log in to WordPress or open Filezilla to browse the folder.

You need to write the code on the command line. For example, write wp plugin install –activate on the comment line. This allows you to install and activate the plugin on your website. 

So, as a WordPress developer, you must create your workflow as effectively as possible. So, Once you understand how to use WP-CLI, you will never want to go back. And you can check out the installation guide for more details.

11 – WordPress Developer Skill: Build Tools

Web development is time-consuming; even small tasks like code compilation and code optimization take time. So, to build tools that let you skip those tedious tasks and devote your time to more important work.

Raising awareness among business owners is also one reason you need to learn how to use build tools. For a development project not to last forever and be of the correct quality, specialists with Knowledge and experience working on the project are needed.

Learn about build tools like CodeKit, probably one of the best. So, it allows easy compilation, code compression, and optimization. It works on all browsers and devices. Additionally, it integrates with npm and allows you to import popular front-end frameworks.

So, Gulp and Grunt are JavaScript task runners that automate repetitive steps. But don’t confuse them with just working on JS; you can use them efficiently in other languages ​​, making them versatile.

 12 – Version Control

Version control is a tracking system that keeps track of every change you make in a project, along with information such as: So when the changes were made and who made them. So, you can also revert to the previous version with one click. You don’t have to find and change the code yourself; the tool does it for you.

So, version control is an important step in a web development project. Modern tools like VersionPress and Gitium allow you to integrate Git version control into your WordPress installation very easily.

As a developer, you need to develop fast and use every minute to get it done. Therefore, most development teams use Git, which has all the tools needed to make the development process more valuable. In addition, it’s fast, versatile, open-source, and very user-friendly.

13 – Gutenberg Block Building

Custom blocks are one of the most requested tasks by WordPress developers. It’s certainly the skill you need for the future. Other platforms will soon use custom blocks. 

You can use Gutenberg to develop the ReactJS website. This was not possible before Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a versatile tool that allows you to use Gutenberg regardless of the WordPress area you are developing. 

 Plugin developers can also publish block plugins, develop themes, and integrate templates. This is certainly a skill that will make you stand out in the market.

14 – WordPress Developer Skill: Web Frameworks

Writing code from scratch is part of WordPress. So, you can integrate web frameworks to speed up your web development process. As a result, you can build a powerful, code-clean website. 

So, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP frameworks are highly compatible. So, you can use some of these front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Foundation, Semantic UI, UIKit, and more. 

 As mentioned above, the Gutenberg block is built on top of React. That’s why JavaScript is more important than ever. Finally, a framework made it very easy to develop WordPress themes. 

 I have a web framework to build and a template to reuse. Genesis Framework, Thesis, Cherry Framework, Divi, Gantry, Headway. So, with these tools, you can unleash your creativity and try out all sorts of integrations.

15 – Time Management

Time management is very necessary. No developer wants to have a sense of time and put off work too much. If you are a freelancer or have recently worked from home, it is important to work on communication skills and time management. 

For time management, you can use tools such as RescueTime to improve communication with Slack, Trello, and Focusmate. These tools are great at improving productivity and decision making, helping speed up development.