A Magento website redesign takes a lot of time and effort, so the goal is always to build something that will last and resonate well with visitors. Exceptional user experience is the foundation of a website’s success, so here are four UX tips to follow to make sure that your next Magento website redesign keeps users top of mind and satisfied.

Top 4 UX Tips for Your Next Magento Website Redesign

Focus on Functionality

It’s easy to get excited about a website redesign because there is a lot you can do to improve a site’s overall look. Your gears may be turning on how you can bring a touch to the website that showcases the brand in an original and captivating way. However, it’s important to make sure that you focus most of your elements and design choices on functionality. Ultimately, what a website visitor is going to be most impressed by is having the ability to navigate seamlessly through the site to get to exactly what they are looking for.

What is considered functional for an audience may vary among different websites, so it’s essential to understand how a visitor wants to interact with your site. One way to know is by viewing your current website’s analytics and checking out their behavior flow. Armed with this knowledge, Magento website design examples can then help guide your design decisions.

Incorporate SEO In The UX Of Magento Website Redesign

SEO is one of the most vital parts of any website. A properly executed SEO strategy should get new visitors to your website, which can translate into more sales. Make sure that from the beginning, your designed pages have a proper meta description, alt tags, and keyword-rich photo titles.

In addition, remember that for as big of a deal as SEO can be, the user experience means the most. There is no need to force SEO onto the site; instead, some key SEO practices can make a difference without alienating your audience using Magento UX.

Stay True to Your Brand

Most of your website traffic will likely come from returning visitors who are used to your brand. Bells and whistles on a new design are nice. But you’ll want to step back and check that you’re still staying true to the brand that your audience loves.

The same goes for newcomers to your website. It’s important to design the site in such a way that anyone unfamiliar with your brand. So, can get a sense of its personality through the design and words on the page.

Optimize for Mobile UX Magento Website Redesign

Around 50% of users visit websites on their mobile devices, so optimizing for mobile by building a responsive design will provide these visitors with the same experience as desktop users. A responsive design accounts for screen size. So, adjusts according to the device the user is engaging with to visit your website. In this way, you’re delivering a customized experience that will encourage rather than frustrate the user.

Even after designing a site focused on the user experience. It’s normal to make adjustments later on as you learn how users are navigating through the new website. Be open to adjustments and watch customer satisfaction increase.

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