Having a functional WordPress site that does not utilize some of the best WordPress security plugins is fatal. Fatal in the sense that WordPress sites are the most targeted in cyberattacks because it is widely used across the world. In this article, we’ll share the top 5 best WordPress security plugins for website protection.

What is a security plugin to start with?

Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins For Website Protection

It is supposed to be a WordPress security tool that acts as a defense against hackers, malware, or any other form of intrusive access to your site. What does it do exactly? A security plugin scans for malware, clean malicious codes, and protects sites against hacking. Security plugins almost serve the same purpose as VPNs. As an example, NordVPN Tefincom S.A is one of the most popular commercial services in the industry. Read the review above for a better understanding of what VPNs do.

Now it is quite clear why you need reliable security plugins for your WordPress site. So, which are some of the best WordPress security plugins you should consider having? Take a look.

WordPress Security Plugins For Website Protection: Wordfence

This security plugin has the ability to not only detect hacked files but review any changes effected on them. Wordfence can also track your website traffic in real-time and this implies that besides live viewing of user traffic, you also have the privilege of witnessing hack attempts. What other offerings or features can you enjoy from Wordfence? Security audit, login page protection, visitors from various countries blocking, detection and repair of compromised files, etc.


One of the most desirable features that come with the Sucuri Security plugin is that it can detect bad traffic and filter it way before it gets to your server. Its Firewall protects your site from hacks, DDoS, and malware attacks. Sucuri is also reliable in optimizing the performance of a website. It can also make requests to Google for blacklist removal.

WordPress Security Plugins For Website Protection: BulletProof

This plugin is available in both free and premium forms. It monitors files and protects the login page. BulletProof Security also comes with its own fair share of security features. It monitors files and protects the login page. To prevent site manipulation, this plugin logs out to inactive users. It also provides file uploads protection by restricting access or any form of execution in the uploads section.


Do you want a security plugin that carries out scanning on its own? SiteLock plugin does not require you to initiate the scanning since it can do that on its own. Other features from the plugin include a DDoS firewall and automated patching of vulnerabilities that are found on the WordPress core.


MalCare has for almost a decade proved to be a very reliable security plugin for most WordPress users. It has a scanner that can detect even the most complex malware. It also runs unlimited cleanups once you initiate scanning. Additionally, it filters bad traffic. You can also manage other WordPress sites from its dashboard.

In conclusion, the highlighted above are just but a few among many security plugins that your WordPress site can benefit from. Even with the security plugins in place, do not overlook the need to use a VPN as it guarantees online security too. If you are already using one, test VPN to ensure that it is not leaking your data, IP or DNS.

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