Top 6 PPC Marketing Trends To Capitalize On

ital marketing should be a priority if you would like to grow your revenue. We'll explore the top 6 PPC marketing trends to capitalize on.

Top 6 PPC Marketing Trends To Capitalize On

Digital marketing should be a priority if you would like to grow your revenue. However, you need to know how to reach your target audience online. How you package your digital marketing content is also an important consideration. An effective method is to incorporate a personalized advertising strategy into your marketing efforts. You can leverage platforms and strategies such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others), your website, email, or video marketing. In this article, we’ll explore the top 6 PPC marketing trends to capitalize on.

Top 6 PPC Marketing Trends To Capitalize On

Additionally, your choice of digital marketing strategies should be influenced by your goals at the end of the day. For instance, pay-per-click (PPC) is good for individuals who want to increase their website traffic. If you want to grow the visibility or the customer’s awareness of your product, there are other options that will work best for you aside from PPC. You can learn more helpful hints online on how to invest in the right marketing strategy to achieve your goals.  

This article focuses on PPC marketing trends you can invest in: 

1 PPC Automation 

One of the leading trends in PPC advertising is automation. This incorporates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your tasks for Google and Bing ads. The global automation of PPC advertising is expected to grow significantly. With automation, you can optimize your PPC campaigns. PPC marketing experts use automation to: 

  • Generate reports about ad performance automatically
  • Create and optimize your ad copy depending on data feeds and using Google Scripts
  • Boost well-performing ads and identify non-performing ones
  • Improve the cost per click (CPC) by observing the ads with a higher probability of generating conversions
  • Generate ads that are based on website content and user behavior

2 PPC And Video Ads Marketing Trends

A major video ad feature introduced by Google is the Bumper Machine, which is a machine learning technology used for creating 6-second bumper ads out of long videos (90 seconds or less). These ads can be displayed throughout YouTube PPC marketing trends.  

This strategy helps marketers effectively manage a 6-second ad, skippable in-stream ad, and non-skippable in-stream Google ads. To level up your results, you can also use PPC ads on other video websites.  

3 Branching Out With PPC 

PPC advertising isn’t limited to search engines only. You can explore other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Sears Marketplace, Walmart Marketplace, or Amazon (To learn more about the Amazon PPC click here). Branching out aims to reach your target audience wherever they’re found online. Thus, you need to research which platform your audience prefers. In case they’re likely to shift to another platform, you can also test your ads on these platforms to see how they perform.  

4 Smart Bidding PPC Marketing Trends

This is a subset of automated bidding. Depending on your set goals, you can use machine learning for ad optimization and conversion. It’s more or less guesswork. You inform Google’s AI system of your goals, then Smart Bidding determines how to execute the bidding within your budget. PPC marketing goals that work well with Smart Bidding are: 

  • Target Return On Assets (ROA): Gives the best return on investment (ROI)  
  • Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Generates new customers and leads 
  • Maximize Conversions: Optimizes your conversion rate  

5 Google AdMob And Smart Segmentation 

Smart segmentation is here to assist developers of gaming apps to get revenue from non-spending players. Using machine learning, you can segment users depending on the possibility of spending money within your app.  

These ads are to appear to individuals who may not make an in-app purchase. Users who normally purchase won’t see any ad. Google AdMob, which is used for mobile advertising, comes with reporting and analytics features that can give you insights for improving your app. The moment a change occurs in metrics such as impressions and cost per mille (CPM), AdMob will send you alerts. Moreover, you will also receive alerts on user experience in your app.  

More features within AdMob PPC marketing are: 

  • Rewarded Ads Report: Using this feature, you will know how users are interacting with rewarded ads. 
  • AdMob API: This API enables you as an advertiser to get publisher reports programmatically.  
  • User Engagement Card: It gives you insights into user metrics such as ad exposure or session, and the average duration of a session. 
  • Easy Comparison Reporting: Finally, for comparing two metrics in the same chart for better data correlation.  

6 PPC Campaigns And Voice Search 

More consumers are now using voice shopping and voice-based searches. Lack of a PPC campaign for voice search can edge you out in voice search results. To maximize voice search PPC campaigns, you can: 

  • Firstly, study current keywords. 
  • Secondly, remove or add negative keywords. 
  • Know the position of your searcher in the buying cycle.  
  • Finally, use question phrases and long-tail keywords.  

PPC Marketing Trends Conclusion  

PPC marketing strategies can be costly but may grow your traffic significantly. Before embarking on PPC advertising campaigns, ensure that your goals are ready. Every digital advertising strategy has its intended purpose. However, if you decide to settle for PPC marketing, this article can help you remember the leading trends in PPC that can bring more organic traffic to your website.