Top 7 Digital Marketing Positions That Will Hit 2021

2021 shall mark a business recovery cycle from the mess that 2020 has made. we'll explore the top 7 digital marketing positions for 2021.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Positions That Will Hit 2021

2021 shall mark a business recovery cycle from the mess that 2020 has made. The slow death of traditional marketing models has only proven what most marketers already knew: digital is the future. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven digital marketing positions that will hit in 2021.

The pace for digital advertising and media has been accelerated, sending everyone’s marketing budgets towards the same end goal – An authoritative presence on all platforms. With a staggering number of businesses now moving online, digital marketing shall hold the space for talent to tap on these opportunities and deliver overwhelming results.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Positions That Will Hit 2021

So, the demand is more than taken care of. In terms of supply, the digital marketing industry welcomes people with open arms. There are professional courses and certifications available online that are not only accessible but also comprehensive. To be one of a kind, you need to choose a specific niche to concentrate on.  Make the right selection, and you are geared for success.

Whether you are looking for a growing career at agencies like MintTwist or an understanding of what shall matter next, here is a list of positions that shall open up in 2021.

1 Digital Marketing Manager

It goes without saying that with new avenues opening up in the industry, everyone shall need a professional who can handle it. The role comprises brand-building through an omnichannel approach to raise recall, awareness, and adoption. So, a great digital marketing position.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, it is not a jack-of-all-trades position. Given that lead generation and conversion goals are dependent on the Manager, it requires you to be responsible for all the different platforms equally. Leveraging the brand strategy and identity, a synergy is between all digital marketing communications.

2 PPC Manager

Pay-per-click marketing is on the rise. The global advertising spending is expected to go up to 137 billion dollars by 2022, and PPC shall be at its helm. As a PPC Manager, one is supposed to optimize the campaigns for the maximum inflow of qualified leads within the constraints of budget, copy, keywords, and brand strategy.

You shall also be responsible for managing ad publishing, creating landing pages, and hosting varied ad groups. The role shall also include tapping on the growing video trends that have come up as a must for PPC in today’s times.

3 SEO Specialist: Digital Marketing 2021 Positions

Everyone is touted to be battling for the same thing – that glorious number one rank on the search engines. 2021 is bound to see cutthroat competition when it comes to SERP. The job of an SEO expert would be to ensure that the organization pops up when its relevant terms. You shall do the task of driving potential customers to the site through organic web traffic. Any SEO Executive worth half his mettle shall provide a consistently improving ROI and lead generation.

Since there are several intricacies within the SEO structure ranging from site audit, XML maps, and tagging to meta descriptions, keyword planning, and content generation, professionals in this role are highly in-demand.

4 E-Commerce Expert

Following the online movement due to the pandemic, many business owners had to shift to an e-commerce portal from their brick and mortar shops. Since most of them didn’t know about the process, it became a bit cumbersome. E-commerce Experts bridge this very gap effectively. Considering how 2021 shall see the continuance of these online stores, the role has become extremely relevant. As a result, one of the top digital marketing positions for 2021.

Given the responsibility of optimizing product pages and analysis and improvement of consumer navigation, an E-Commerce Specialist shall drive the product sales through an effective funnel.

5 Content Marketer

Content forms the foundation of everything that happens online. Depending upon the digital marketing strategy, content marketers shall research, write, and convert with their words. As a content marketer, you shall have to continually update with all that’s happening around the world and use such information to lure in your consumers.

Even outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising are only as good as the copies propagated through these mediums. So, there shall never be a lack of work. As a professional, you should be well in the language and the analytical tools for quantifiable reporting.

6 Web and UX Developer: Digital Marketing 2021 Positions

Although not traditionally considered within marketing, user-experience is the medium for understanding what consumers what and how they want it. An increasing need for fully functioning websites has given rise to the demand for web developers. With the digital wave that 2021 shall bring, all the marketing efforts will need conversion.  Websites shall become the real estate for every company on the Internet.

As a web and UX developer, your job will be to create SEO-friendly websites that offer a smooth experience from landing to conversion. The work shall also include maintaining a robust structure and instilling relevant management tools to track the metrics.

7 Marketing Data Analyst

You must know the phrase – “Data is the new oil.” Well, I’d hate to repeat it, but it really is. Any digital marketing campaign’s success can only if there are sufficient numbers to back it. Plus, the Return on Investment (ROI) is one factor that you can’t ignore. Digital Marketing Data Analysts design and implement testing methods to gather data from all the channels. They further breakdown all the statistics in hand to deliver actionable Intel and strategies. Think remarketing, market segregation, demographics, and so much more through one single role.

The lines between technology and marketing are blurring as we go forward. Data analysts are no more a luxury but a necessity for every business in the game. Play your cards right, gain the requisite knowledge, and you could be an indispensable asset to the industry.

Digital Marketing 2021 Positions Conclusion

The future is bright and lit with professionals who can prove their worth in the long run. Digital Marketing is no different. You’ll need to be or find the person that knows their niche from all ends of the spectrum.

Stay continually aware of the landscape changes, and you might be able to come out on top.