Top 9 Tips For Picking The Right Moderators For Your Online Community

The top tips for picking the right moderators for your online community and the benefits to you that are focusing on growing your community

Updated on July 25, 2022
Top 9 Tips For Picking The Right Moderators For Your Online Community

Know the top 9 tips for picking the right moderators for your online community. With careful observation, years of experience, and intelligent research, there are nine most worked tips you should follow during the community moderator selection process.

Top 9 Tips For Picking The Right Moderators For Your Online Community

Top 9 Tips For Picking The Right Moderators For Your Online Community


This blog will benefit you if you’re focussing on growing your community. Managing a community is not as easy as it sounds, and you, as the founder, would need super talented people to stick by your side on the journey.

One of these people is the moderator. 

What is a Moderator?

A good moderator must have an arsenal of people skills at their beck and call. This includes excellent judgment, social intuition, and a solid work ethic

Here are the essential tips that you can use to find and build relationships with the moderators in your community!

  1. You must consider who you select and how you position their responsibilities. This is because you’ll need hierarchy even among moderators at a certain scale level.
  2. You will need to pick people who are not afraid to give feedback but also ensure that this feedback is constructive and not just complaining. Try not to pick chronic complainers; they are a time and energy drain! 
  3. Pick people with a history of speaking up about things they believe in. These people should be willing to have uncomfortable conversations and go the extra mile for the community.
  4. Also, it would be best to tell them why you chose them because being a moderator is a freelancing gig where you’re almost always paid in status, not capital. So, these folks need to know they are valued and special moderators in the community.
  5. When building trust, don’t promise too much or underdeliver. Moreover, if you commit to something and it doesn’t happen, the trust between you and the moderator is compromised. Therefore, we must always keep our promises and fulfill them.
  6. You should know all your moderators personally. Building a relationship with each mod is essential, so don’t forget to do this.  
  7. Moderators discuss each other in public, so avoid disclosing confidential business information unless it is necessary.
  8. The best way to hire a moderator is to ask an existing moderator for recommendations.
  9. You can make the process public with applications open to everyone interested and filter them.

Remember that it is always best to have a limited tenure in the moderator role. Because?

Because this rule will bring in new perspectives and cultures over time, it automatically eliminates moderators underperforming in their committed role.

You can cycle out one moderator monthly for your community, typically the most inactive/underperforming one.

You do not want to enforce burdensome requirements as long as people participate.

Remember, these people have volunteered to help you grow. That should be fine if someone wants to step back for a while. And if there’s a moderator you like that’s about to leave, you should hire them into your business to keep them on board.

Moreover, one of the best things you can do to remodel your community is to stand up to your moderator.

What is a Moderator Stand-up (stum)?

In essence, these stand-ups are quick meetings with your team of moderators. You’ll talk about things such as the progress and challenges being faced in the community.

You can do weekly stand-up sessions with your moderators, and during each session, you can run them through what your plans for the community are going to be over the next week.

Pro tips:

  • Be sure to listen to mods as they are the most neglected part of the company’s ecosystem.
  • Ensure that you have a private channel on your community to which no one except mods can access. Scenes have a great feature that makes it easy to create such private channels.
  • Your primary goal as a community builder should be to make your moderators club so exclusive that folks want to join without nudging. 

As the above tips show, community moderators are crucial to the success of your social media community. And if you take the time to understand them, you can build better relationships with your moderators and improve the quality of the experience on your community platforms.

New to managing the community? If so, you’re probably looking for some neat tips and tricks to get under your belt. Have a chat with our team of community builders, who have been managing a slew of different communities for nearly a decade. We’d be happy to help you out.

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