Top Benefits of 3D Animation for the Oil & Gas Industry

3D animation videos in oil & gas industry offer multiple benefits, including employee training & marketing. Get studio tips to get results

Updated on September 23, 2023
Top Benefits of 3D Animation for the Oil & Gas Industry

Everyone talking about the effectiveness of 3D Animation for marketing purposes has made you wonder if it would help in the oil and gas industry too. Learn the top benefits of 3D animation for the oil and gas industry.

Obviously, the oil and gas industry is one of the most critical sectors of the economy. Companies in this field constantly look for new ways to enhance their business and increase efficiency. As 3D oil and gas animation has multiple benefits, the oil and gas sector can definitely count on this technique to get the desired results.

Multiple 3D Animation Studios in Malaysia offer their services for oil and gas video production. You can hire them to avail of all the benefits.

What is 3D Animation?

3D oil and gas animation is a graphical technique where images and pictures are created to depict them as real. The method uses the 3-dimensional concept to move, rotate and show a 360-degree view of the digital object. Moreover, the purpose of this technology is to portray the digital image as interactive and responsive, just the way we have them around us.

Why has 3D Animation Become a Leading Marketing Tool?

Irrespective of the industry, 3D Animation has become one of the leading marketing tools. Below are the main reasons for this rising trend:

Boosts brand image – 3D Animation can highlight what your business is doing and how providing the audience with insights that promote the brand image.

Enhanced engagement – As 3D videos seem closer to reality, they tend to have higher user engagement and interaction.

Cost-effective – Compared to going in the field, finding the resources, and shooting in the real environment, 3D videos are cost-effective.

Makes content virality possible – As 3D educational videos can enhance engagement, the initial audience will likely share it with others, making the content viral.

Offers versatility – You can create all video types using the 3D technique. Whether it is the internal training video or marketing content, you can expect them to fulfill the purpose.

Effectiveness of 3D Animation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry is complex. So, using 3D oil and gas video production techniques can make things simpler. Investors are not often the industry experts. So they can use oil and gas educational videos to learn more about how everything works.

Similarly, the end consumers and the community, which isn’t directly related to the operations of the companies in the industry, can find out about the processes, techniques, and newer technologies with great ease.

It also helps the experts and designers working in the industry. The creation of 3D Animation videos and models of the problem or site area can offer a comprehensive perspective, enhancing the opportunities to bring more solutions to the table.

Also, training videos created with this technology can lessen the risks and provide the workers with an improved understanding of the situation.

What are the Benefits of 3D Animation in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Here are the benefits of 3D Animation videos in the oil and gas sector:

1. Training and Educational Purposes Benefits of 3D Animation for the Oil & Gas Industry

You don’t only need videos for customers only. The oil and gas educational videos can also help in improving efficiency when it comes to employees and trainees.

The oil and gas sector is a technical one where every step is crucial and can lead to technical issues. So, all the employees must learn the critical concepts, machinery operating procedures, and other related details with utmost care.

Using 3D Animation videos can provide such an opportunity. With these videos, the employees can get hold of the exact scenario with 3D objects and images without being exposed to risky situations.

2. Safety Videos

The safety of the employees and workplace is important, considering the business nature of the oil and gas sector. Having animated videos highlighting the risky areas, processes, and negligent behavior can create a stronger employee impact.

They can focus and retain more information with oil and gas 3d animation highlighting the consequences of a wrong move on the field. Some safety guides you can use include fire extinguisher procedures, methods to avoid injuries, and first aid tips.

3. Present Technical Data & Geological Information Simply

The conversion of technical details to 3D models and videos can give geologists and engineers a real-time view to analyze the oil reserves. It can help in better decision-making for the subsequent drilling sessions. Also, an efficiently designed 3D model can help oil and gas companies save time and resources.

4. Investor Relations Benefits of 3D Animation for the Oil & Gas Industry

While investors consider the oil and gas industry lucrative, they also want to be sure of a company’s plans for the future. Using 3D Animation videos can highlight these plans in a thorough but concise manner. You can even show the exact processes of what you plan to do with oil and gas 3D animation, which isn’t possible with real-time footage.

5. Gives the Ability to Improve the Design

With 3D Animation, the engineers can see the new equipment’s design elements and other related products. It helps in improving them in the initial phases. Thus, you can save significant amounts of money with the design tweaks before the design goes to the final manufacturing.

6. Marketing Videos

You can also create marketing videos with 3D Animation technology. Whether pitching a new concept to potential clients or updating the website, 3D Animation can offer engaging content.

Such videos are also helpful in tradeshows and guiding the end consumers about the company and its products. They are also useful in community image building and maintaining public relations.

Tips for Finding a Reliable 3D Animation Studio for the Oil and Gas Industry

To help you create a 3D animation, you cannot randomly select any 3D animation studio. So, you need to be careful in the selection. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one:

1.  Ask for the portfolio of the 3D Animation company under consideration. It will give you an idea about the quality of work and experience in the industry.

2.  Decide the turnaround time in the initial rounds of discussion because extensive lead time might require you to change your plans later.

3.  Look for testimonials or reviews on the online forums for the 3D Animation studio. So, it will give you a fair opinion about ethics and work quality.

4.  While discussing the project, notice the customer support being offered. If the staff isn’t cooperative, you’ll face difficulties later.

5.      Another helpful tip is to ask for the rates for different video types in the oil and gas sector, as it can prove to be an essential decision-making point.

Summing Up

3D Animated videos are the new reality in the digital world. Irrespective of the industry, you can utilize these videos and ensure better internal productivity and improved marketing. However, you’ll need to select a suitable 3D Video company to get all the benefits. Do not forget to follow the tips to find the proper 3D Animation studio.