Did you know that bad web design can cost you conversions? That users lose trust in your business if your site looks unprofessional, or that by simply not having your contact details on a site, you may be losing more than 40% of potential customers?

A new infographic by Design Advisor puts a spotlight on some of these issues, with a detailed list of fifteen web design trends to look out for. Each trend comes paired with case studies, advice on good practices to follow and things to avoid in order to improve user experience.

Conversions Boosting Trends

Top Conversions Boosting Web Design Trends of 2018
Top Conversions Boosting Web Design Trends of 2018


Here’s an example: The section on user experience details that almost all users (95%) value their experience in a site as the most important factor for assessing whether to purchase from it. For example, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) managed to increase mobile traffic by 40% and social referral by 1624% by utilizing branded storytelling and improving their aesthetics and user experience. Design Advisor recommends engaging users to scroll as a way of improving the way they experience your site.

Some trends are not as broad. For instance, adding your contact information alone can greatly increase conversions. The reasoning is simple – if users can’t easily find a way to contact you in case of problems or to learn out more about a certain product or service, they won’t trust that the business is legitimate. This is more important than you may think as a study mentioned in the infographic below shows that after landing on a company’s site, 64% of visitors will search for contact information.

All in all, these trends are worth keeping up with if you wish to increase your conversions. The impact of good web design on revenue is often overlooked, yet investing in it can mean the difference between a satisfied returning customer and a less than impressed one. Check the infographic below to learn more about what you can do to get your web design game up to par. See the graphic now.

Top Conversions Boosting Web Design Trends of 2018 - Infographic

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