Top Methods To Drive and Boost Ecommerce Store Traffic Without Buying Ads

Know the top methods to drive and boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads; E-commerce is a fast-growing industry

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on October 21, 2022
Top Methods To Drive and Boost Ecommerce Store Traffic Without Buying Ads

Know the top methods to drive and boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads; E-commerce is a fast-growing industry in today’s digital space. There are around 24 million e-commerce sites around the world. E-commerce is leveraging technology and innovation to drive traffic to its stores, create great customer experiences and increase sales.

The transformation of seamless digital companies and their traditional businesses and internet operations to operations. Whether launching a website, using a marketplace management system, or being active on social media, the digital transformation was made simple for everyone.

Top Methods To Drive and Boost Ecommerce Store Traffic Without Buying Ads

E-commerce growth can be pretty challenging, given the competitive market. To sustain increasing competition, companies craft elaborate proposals that select new customers and retain existing ones.

While extended functionality has advantages, it sometimes comes with the long term:

  • Ads guarantee immediate visibility. However, that ad campaign is zero when you run your ad campaign.
  • Ads can be expensive due to the spear war of not appearing high in Google search results. You’ll also pay a fixed amount each time you click on an ad, even if you don’t know if the ad is showing to the actual customer.
  • Today, ads are marked as ‘sponsored.’ According to a study by SMA Marketing, around 70-80% of customers who skip ads and pay in search results choose only to display organic listings.
  • Paid ads for additional care for creating creative materials.
  • Buying ads is safe for your website. But, it will undoubtedly be an expensive affair. This blog looks like seven ways to increase your eCommerce store traffic organically.

Here are the methods that you can use to drive and boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

So, below, you set out 14 different methods to drive and boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads. So, in the long run, the best part is that they don’t cost you a penny, but they will bring you more sales and more profits.

1 – Start a blog

So, the easiest method to drive traffic to your store is to start a blog. Since search engines love updated sites, a blog can help you rank higher in the machines. 

WordPress makes blogging easy, so there’s no reason why blogging shouldn’t work with the tools you have at your disposal. So, you can blog about different ways to use your products, share customer feedback, and provide tips and tricks on the products you sell.

2 – Add video

The video has grown in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. So, given that Youtube is the second largest search engine globally, adding video to your marketing strategy is a great way to increase traffic to your store.

So, you can create videos that show your products in use and share video testimonials or case studies as methods to drive traffic.

3 – Make use of Pinterest to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

Most people think of Pinterest as a social media network because it is often bundled with other social media platforms. And however, Pinterest is a search engine, and if you use it, you can bring a significant amount of traffic to your store.

To get started:

  • Cry long vertical images of your products and pin them to Pinterest.
  • Please provide a title and description of your pin with your product keywords, so other pinners can discover them when they browse Pinterest.
  • Consider requesting pins so people can buy your products directly from Pinterest.

4 – Start a Referral Program

So, another method to drive traffic to your store is to create your referral program. A famous program from a company that has had success with its referral program is Dropbox.

When and launched the company, you were paid for each new user you referred. This was a win-win situation as users gained more storage space, and Dropbox acquired new customers.

So, a simple way to launch your referral program would be to offer a discount to your store for existing customers to submit. So, you can use a tool like ReferralCandy to help your program create and launch the referral.

5 – Make a raffle to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

Consider holding a giveaway for more people to your store. The premise behind the sweepstakes is simple: the more people who participate and help you publish your sweepstakes, the higher your chances of winning the prize and the more traffic you can expect to your store.

You can make one of your trendy products or create an entirely different product from other entertainment. Is it easy to tweet about gifts to secure admission or unlock gifts at the store for a certain amount of money?

6 – Work with influencers

So, identify the top influencers in your niche and work to establish a relationship. You can then offer a free sample of your product and ask them to promote it or give an honest review on their social media profile.

Remember that you don’t have to target accounts with the most followers. Sometimes influencers with a smaller number of followers will have a more engaged audience, giving you a better return on your investment.

7 – Publish your product on Product Hunt

Price of the type of product you are selling, your product may be a popular offer on Product Hunt. Product Hunt lets people discover new products in the tech industry, so you can get a fair amount of traffic if you sell software, mobile apps, or anything else tech-related.

8 – Leverage SEO to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

So, SEO is not a strategy that will bring you immediate results. In addition, you can expect an increase in traffic over time. However, when you harness the power of SEO, you can start counting on organic traffic made up of people who are already interested in your product as they are looking for them.

Some ways to improve your SEO include optimized keywords like your products, using keywords in natural product offerings, producing products and product titles, and keeping your website fresh with relevant, up-to-date content.

9 – Be active on social media

So, social media presence is a must these days. It’s one of the best ways for you to promote your online store, showcase products, and keep in touch with your followers.

However, it is not enough to post and run. Be active and engage in conversation with others. Ask questions, leave comments on your posts, respond to your comments, and generally be social.

Don’t forget to link your WooCommerce store page in your social media profile bio so your followers can check out the latest products directly from your profile.

10 – Use Email Marketing

So, the saying goes that the money is on the list, but you first need to build your list for that to be true. A good incentive for online marketing is to offer a coupon or discount code that they can use during checkout.

Once you get the email address, cultivate the relationship before going to the sale. This, you will get to know and establish your knowledge factor-like taste and trust, which will make him more inclined to buy from you.

Share your story, explain your mission and provide your most helpful tips. Don’t be afraid to publicize your products or a sale that is on sale, but remember to give value and place first. So, a great way to do this is to include your most popular products at the bottom of every email or invite them to read the latest news from your blog.

11 – Take advantage of comparison engines to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

So, comparison engines allow people to find the best value for their investment. So, you can use them to your advantage and submit your store or individual products. People who use comparison engines are the ideal audience to market your product as they are very interested in buying and are looking for the best deal.

If you offer competitive prices, you are more likely to have shoppers visit your store rather than someone else. Some examples include Google Shopping, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, and others.

12 – Don’t forget about estimates

Numerous surveys show that people trust estimates as much as they trust ratings from friends and family. So not only that, but the vast majority of online shoppers will stop to read forecasts before making a purchase.

So, adding reviews to your store is essential, and WooCommerce makes it easy to display customer reviews on every product page. However, your store isn’t the only place you can get estimates. Sites like Ye, Trust Advisor, Google Reviews, and Facebook are excellent places to put your site.

13 – Update your email signature to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

One of the easiest methods to use traffic to drive is a tool we all use daily. Of course, we’re talking about your email signature. And stop for a moment and think about how many emails you get daily and how many emails you send.

Adding a link to your store only takes a few minutes, and it’s advertising-free every time you hit send in your email inbox. You can link directly to your store’s main page or a specific category or popular product. As options are endless, please take a minute to update your email signature.

14 – check your speed

How is your website speed? Have you checked this lately? So, if your site is taking longer than three seconds to load, you could lose up to 50% of your visitors.

And unfortunately, you’re not very likely to get them back. Nearly 80% of visitors who are frustrated by a site’s loading time never come back.

Try using a tool like to check your site’s performance.

15 – Go offline to boost eCommerce store traffic without buying Ads

After all, it’s not just limited to online advertising. You can also use offline marketing strategies to drive traffic to your online store. For example, you can add a sticker with your business address to your car.

You can also distribute flyers featuring popular products, including your store’s website. Another idea is to rent a tent at a trade conference or a mall kiosk and use selected products as a display. So, you can then hand out a business card with your store website or have visitors scan a QR code to bring them to your website. Whatsmore, the best QR code generators are free to use. All you need is the URL or text you want to encode, and the tool will take care of the rest.

16 – Referral marketing

If you don’t already have a referral program for your e-commerce store, it’s worth creating one. 81% of consumers say that a recommendation from a friend or relative greatly influences their purchasing decisions.

You don’t have to do anything complicated. Instead, include a simple way for consumers to see reviews and recommendations and recommend your brand to others.

This requires some development work, but here’s why it’s important:

  • A consumer acquired through a recommendation has a 25% higher lifetime value than other consumers.
  • This is certainly true for Dropbox. Thanks to their referral program, they went from 100,000 users to over 4 million users in just 15 months,

Final thoughts

So, generating more traffic to your eCommerce store is crucial for you to increase an increase in sales and make more profit at the end of the year. So, use the ideas in this article as a starting point, and be sure to measure results to see what your most effective results are. Then focus on the tournament as part of your primary marketing strategy.