Top Mobile Apps For Kids in 2022

Mobile phones are part of the kids, children & students lives, and they can use it for good, See the top and best mobile educational apps

Top Mobile Apps For Kids educational best

Every parent wants the best for their children, but many parents allow their children everything and then it backfires in the future. With children, you need to gently, tactfully, gradually, and through play clarify things that they may not understand. Check now the best and top educational mobile apps for kids, children, and students.

Although children are small, they are intelligent and always willing to help their parents, so why not teach them things from the world of adults from a young age? 

One of the things experts advise is that children should be taught how to manage money wisely from a young age and to know the best credit card for kids.

Investing as a possibility on certain mobile apps

Before, saving for children was about piggy banks and pulling out money when we needed it. However, today there are mobile apps that are connected to banks and offer the possibility of various options. 

The goal of every parent is to choose the right one, however, not all options offer the possibility of investment, we will single out those that are the first choice of many parents and are worth mentioning. 

Most offers include saving, spending, earning, and some offer the possibility of donating money. Tables of work, activities, and obligations are formed by parents together with children and give responsibilities according to their age.

TOP mobile apps your kids will love


BusyKid offers a diverse range of offerings that include the acquisition of skill sets, money management, and social sensitivity. 

Moreover, it has managed to convey to children as closely as possible how the world of money works for adults, offering the possibility of investing in real shares such as Netflix. 

All of this happens within a specially designed mobile app system that enables riders to monitor activities. Complete control, set up a savings and investment plan, as well as possibility of setting up various chores for children. 

Innovation is the BusyPay option, with a QR code, a third party can deposit funds directly into the children’s account. 

This is a very tempting option for birthdays and holidays. You pay $3.99 per month, but if you choose the annual fee, you automatically save 20%. 

The number of cards is up to 5 children, so this is great for a family with several children. Kids with BusyKid can choose to donate money within the app and choose from hundreds of different charities.

Greenlight Best Mobile Apps for Kids

Greenlight also offers standard options such as spending, saving, and donating money. But what children can do with this card is donate money to the app. 

They offer a free trial for a month, the monthly fee you will have to pay is $4.99. In addition, the price includes 5 children. 

This offer also allows parents to monitor and see how their children spend and invest their money. You can personalize your card for $9.99.


Acorns is an application that serves to invest funds and is primarily intended for children, minors, and young adults. 

It works so that if you have some change and when you pay, they use it and invest it in the chosen investment. 

These accounts are also managed by parents or guardians, and all activity on the account must be approved by the parent. This option costs $5 per month.

Stockpile Mobile Educational Apps for Kids

Stockpile is one of the more exceptional options, a completely free investment application intended for children from a young age. This option does not charge any fees or trading fees. 

Children are also under the supervision of parents or guardians, and with their approval, they can invest. 

Children can choose from a multitude of choices of different shares, monitor how the shares are doing, whether their price is rising or falling, and in any case, they can sell or exchange them.

Math for Money

Math for money is an application aimed at children from the age of 4 and it is completely free. This app is designed in such a way that children can set a specific savings goal and math tasks that they must complete to reach that goal. 

Money will appear for each task that they solve correctly, and parents set weekly tasks that the children must complete within the given time. 

Children can check how much money they have in their accounts and ask for additional tasks if they want. As a result, children & kids mobile apps like this are a good educational choice.


Copper is another financial application that is completely free. Parents transfer funds to a card that children can use. 

Children can set up an investment and savings plan with their parents. This offer is valid for children from 13 to 19 years old. This is one of the newer apps and offerings on the market.

Best for All Ages: Khan Academy

Teachers, parents and kids are fans of the Khan Academy app, which offers thousands of free resources on everything from early math to art history. From preschool to high school, kids of all ages can play and learn on this non-profit platform. All shows are completely free, so you don’t have to worry about subscription fees.

Parents of our testers said the videos helped each child learn at their own pace. For those with kids under 4, check out its kid-friendly counterpart, Khan Academy Kids on iOS or Android, which offers many of the great elements of the older app at age-appropriate levels. Age: 4+. free. Get it: iOS or Android children and kids mobile phones can receive these educational apps.

Best app for preschoolers: Nick Jr.

Nick Jr.’s app enables parents to let their kids enjoy their favorite shows on the go – no TV required! The app includes videos from all of Nick Jr.’s shows, plus a selection of games (educational and non-educational) based on Nick Jr.’s shows and featuring your child’s favorite characters.

To unlock some parts of the app, you’ll need to enter your cable provider’s information. Even without them, your kids can still use the features they look forward to most: full episodes and tons of games!

Ages: 2-7. Cost: Free, some content requires cable provider information. Get it: iOS, Android or the Amazon App Store.

Best Reading Mobile Apps for Kids & Children: Epic!

Love Persian! is an app for kids with an e-book library of over 35,000 children’s books (it also includes a read aloud feature for kids who are still learning to read). One of our parent testers said it’s “a great app for when kids want screen time but you don’t!”

This app is the perfect way to use your device to read on the go, perfect for Families with children of different ages. Ages: 2-12. Cost: Free trial for one month, then $8 per month. Get it: iOS or Android