Top Tips: How To Increase Views On Instagram Story

This feature, inspired by Snapchat has changed the way things are on Instagram. Learn how to generate and increase Instagram story views 

Top Tips: How To Increase Views On Instagram Story

This feature, inspired by Snapchat has changed the way things are on Instagram. Promotion and engagement on Instagram reached incredible levels. Especially with the opportunity to buy story views, there are exciting results to receive for your last post on Instagram. And that’s just one option of the many. Almost every brand and influencer is using this type of content, and the ones who don’t – are seriously losing their chance to improve the performance of their Instagram profile. From this article, you will know how to generate and increase organic views for your stories. 

Top Tips: How To Increase Views On Instagram Story

Important Statistics To Keep An Eye On To Increase Views On Instagram Story

To nail the creation and promotion of stories, you will have to monitor closely how they perform. Luckily in Instagram insights, you will find all the numbers you need for surveillance:

  • Replies to your story
  • Taps forward to your next story
  • Taps to the other story which is not yours
  • Click received for the link you placed
  • Impressions review to increase Instagram story view
  • How many unique accounts have watched your story (reach)
  • Backward taps
  • Holdings (for how long people are stopping your story to see details)

All these statistics form a complex measure of your success in this branch. Your aim is to maintain the balance, of course, catching any possibility to improve your result. Following closely your content stats, you can adjust your strategy accordingly, so you lose minimum time for that. 

Teasing The Audience

Stories are literally the best place where you can surprise your viewers with news and upcoming content. There are various methods to do that, but the most common is to hide a part of your content behind an image or color pencil which is built in the interface of the app. It is rather preferred for you to be keen on design and illustration, but you can always learn as you go. Stickers are a great help too, with their help you can interact with your followers and make them guess what you are up to. 

Create Exclusive Content To Increase Views On Instagram Story

To attract your audience and motivate them to check out your stories constantly, you have to provide something that they won’t find anywhere else in your feed. You may have noticed that some influencers and bloggers are stressing in their bio that they have special content posted in stories – that’s how this strategy works. Basically, all your other content serves to promote and enhance stories. This is quite radical, but accentuating that your stories are unique is certainly a good idea that you should consider in your tactical decisions. The whole idea of stories is making content on the go, so use that as a weapon in your struggle for users’ attention. 

Put Your Best Stories To Highlights

To double the views you gain from your most popular stories – put them to highlights. This feature can be described as a folder for your stories where they are stored until you decide to delete them from there. This strategy works well if you see that your blog is growing rapidly – new people can check out your most engaging and useful content too, thus you will increase engagement rate. Important information or user feedback should also be saved like that if you are developing a brand page – that’s how your potential customers can find proof for your product quality. 

Use Stickers To Increase Views On Instagram Story

The second best thing Instagram has created after the format of the story itself is the stickers that can be applied there. Here are the most engaging ones that can be a great help as you try to gain more views:

  • The poll. This one shows the preference between the two options in percentages. The options can be a custom one, and we recommend to keep it short or form a question that leaves you to the original yes/no idea.
  • The question. Impeccably effective stocker, if you want not only to gain more views, but to come up with the conversation with your followers. You can either ask a question yourself and collect the answers, or let users ask you something. The answers can be present in stories too. You may leave the answers anonymous or tag a person – to your mutual liking.
  • The countdown. Moreover, cool and fun feature to highlight the upcoming event, like a product launch or live session on Instagram to increase Instagram story view. 
  • The Emoji slider. This one is quite out or light, but it can bring much engagement to your account. People would hit it without any particular reason – just because it is too simple to ignore. But like in anything else, balance is important. 
  • The quiz. A kind of a fun game that you can use to entertain your viewers. The topic depends on your blog specifics. Or you can collect some feedback with this sticker.

Brace The Power Of Filters

Custom filters are a huge instrument for harnessing more followers and increasing your views. Good filters are spread throughout the platform with the speed of light. Especially if you are creating them in collaboration with known influencers. So, If you are not sure you can create a bombastic filter. You can order one from a newborn kind of specialist – a story maker. This person can offer you a decent option for filters that will accentuate your profile, and many other interesting features and services as well to increase Instagram story view. 

But be careful with beautifying filters. Although they are very successful as a promotion tool, Instagram is struggling to represent a realistic image, so do not overdo it with smaller noses and bigger lips. 

Mix It All In Harmony

The secret of successfully gaining views is that you don’t concentrate your efforts on something. Stories are so brilliant because here you can post literally anything, even things that are not related to your niche. Leave some spontaneity and surprise for your viewers. So, by balancing all possible kinds of content that can be posted in stories. However, it’s worth noticing – ‘talking head” is probably the least favorite type of stories. So you should minimize it or try to shoot such stories with fun and interesting elements. Personal charisma is a given for all of that. 


Stories are a secret of Instagram’s current success as a marketing instrument and a place to express yourself. The variety of options that are offered to you is big enough to create all kinds of fun. Interactive, and valuable content. Increasing story views on Instagram isn’t a hard thing to do. If you are attentive to your statistics, constantly keep your audience engaged. Finally, the most unique things that attract many people who are potential to become your loyal community.