According to the national statistics, if you were to have a good old clear out and get rid of all of the belongings you don’t want or need using the internet, you could make hundreds of pounds of profit. Gone are the days of packing up all of your stuff, taking it to the nearest car boot sale and haggling with the customers, and rife is the trend of selling your stuff easily, from the comfort of your sofa on the screen of your laptop – or even your smartphone. A lot of people remain skeptical about the art of selling online, but if you’re new to all of this, then don’t worry! Here are some top tips on how you can successfully use the internet in order to sell your things.

How To Use Internet To Sell?

Top Tips on How You Can Use the Internet to Sell Your Things

Join the Wonderful World of eBay

eBay has been for a long time, one of the most popular online selling platforms around. Although all online selling comes with a little risk, this is potentially one of the safest ways in which you can sell your things and make money quickly. Sounds appealing, right?

Well, you can create as many as up to one thousand listings on eBay, for free, every month. The final value fee will be 10% of your transaction cost, including postage. This is if you haven’t chosen to go through PayPal, and if you have then there may be additional fees.

You can either sell your stuff via an online auction-style bidding system or put it up for a set price by opting for the “buy it now” selection. If you’re new to online selling, then offering a fixed price might be right for you.

Statistically, Sunday evening is the prime time for capturing online shoppers – so why not try putting fresh deals on then? It’s all about attracting the right audience towards your product in order to sell it quickly

Avoid Being Scammed

One of the biggest things that put people off selling their stuff on the internet, is through the fear of being scammed. We’ve all heard the horror stories, haven’t we? However, if you’re careful, there are ways of sidestepping the scammers out there entirely.

  • Don’t give your bank account details out online.
  • Be sure to allow and make payments through a well-renowned method.
  • Avoid selling on shifty-looking websites. Stick to what is well-known, and you’re less likely to come across these types of people.
  • Follow your gut. It might sound silly but if something doesn’t seem right, chances are it’s probably not. As humans we have a fairly high level of intuition, so exercise it when you’re making your transactions online.

Facebook To Sell

Once upon a time, you would’ve been laughed at if you said you were planning on selling your stuff on Facebook – but not anymore. The worldwide social media phenomenon is no longer just a place in which you can communicate with friends, upload pictures and play games, but it actually has its own marketplace with specific sections for each kind of item, where you can advertise a selling price and image of the said product. Who saw that coming?

You can sell pretty much anything on Facebook now. People sell cars for cheaper to newly passed drivers, expensive household items for a bargain price for those looking to move into a new property quickly and cheaply, perhaps after going through a break-up or divorce, and there was even a woman who attempted to sell her house on Facebook by giving a virtual live video tour and requesting offers through her private message.

The beauty of a Facebook sale is that you can advertise it in your local area for either collection or drop-off and therefore, unlike eBay and other online platforms, don’t have to pay for postage and packaging! This is potentially one of the most cost-effective ways of selling your stuff online, plus it’s easy.

Don’t Forget About Postage and Packaging on Internet Sell

Last but not least, if you are selling on the vast majority of an online platform. You’ll have to consider paying for and organizing postage and packaging.

When listing your item and how much it costs. Ensure that you include the price of postage and packaging either in the cost, or have it labeled separately. People want to know exactly what they’re paying for. A high delivery price could be off-putting for potential customers.

The upside is you can actually buy and print postage from the comfort of your home. The Royal Mail also has an entirely free and easy to use service. With that, you can’t complain!

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