No matter if you’re a big or small blogger, you want it to succeed. So, to a blog to have success, it needs high volume traffic. To perform even better, it also needs engagement. To help you out, in this article, we’ve put together a list of the best types of blog content that generate traffic and engagement.

Top Types of Blog Content For Engagement And Traffic

Top Types of Blog Content For Traffic And Engagement

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership-style content can be defined as any blog post or article. That displays your authority, expertise, and originality of thought as a leader in your industry. Why This Type of Blog Post Performs: Thought leadership posts are worthwhile because they act as glimpses into your brain. Imagine meeting an industry peer or newbie over coffee. So, offering them mentorship, advice, and insight – that’s the essence of thought leadership content. If you have a topic you can truly own from your individual formula of experience + authority, you have the equation for this type of share-worthy content.

Long & Resourceful Types of Blog Content For Engagement And Traffic

You already know how I bank on long-form content. I’ve scaled up my traffic here at to 100,000 visitors in under a year with 4,000+ word blog posts. And, I continue to write 2,000-word blog posts, both on Quick Sprout and Neil Patel. So, in my analysis of Quick Sprout blog posts, I found some interesting types of identifiers. Regarding traffic and social media sites.

1,500+ word posts receive 68% more tweets and 22% more Facebook likes. Then the blog posts with fewer than 1,500 words. HubSpot also analyzed 6,192 articles published on their blog and found that 2000+ word blog posts got them the maximum organic traffic, social media platform shares, and inbound links.

How-to’s and Tutorials

Think about it. Why do we go to the web? Sure, it could be because we want to find out the latest sports scores, catch up with old friends or visit IMDb to find out who that familiar actor was on last night’s Law & Order SVU. But often it’s to learn how to accomplish something—change our oil, get debt under control, connect webmaster tools to Google Analytics, etc. So, nice types of blog content form that.

Your prospects and customers are the same. They have a problem, and you can help them solve it by creating a step-by-step post that walks them through a solution. example of a how-to blog post-How-to posts is the not-so-secret sauce of successful business blogs.

A lot of bloggers and business owners are afraid of the how-to post. They think, “If I show them how to do my job, why would they hire me?” If a 500-word post or a 2-minute video can expose your entire business model, you might be in the wrong business. How-to’s and tutorials establish your credibility and expertise. Even if a reader chooses to do it on her own, at least she knows about your business now. She may consider you for other opportunities down the road.

Original Stories Types of Blog Content For Engagement And Traffic

Recently, I predicted that even an average blogger would be able to scrape content and get insights for backing their hypothesis. How? With the onset of tools that allow easy data mining. Data inspires trust and builds your authority – it’s a great way to rationally back your statements. Did you notice that I used data-backed results from over 4 studies in the previous long-form content creation point?

In conclusion, ConversionXL has built a premium audience of marketers, entrepreneurs, and optimizers reaching over 225k visitors a month. Their rule of thumb is to back every opinion with data. They don’t settle for what works. Rather, they scour data and find out why it works. Conduct personal experiments and describe the process to your audience in blog posts. Finally, don’t forget to integrate numbers and data, starting from the headline. Here’s an example in a popular blog post that I wrote.


List posts streamline information into a numbered list that’s easy for your readers to read, share, and put into action. They speak to our desire to find the best information in the shortest amount of time. As a sulky, some great types of blog content.

List posts are attractive to readers because they offer the promise of the best results in less time. Some bloggers hate list posts because they feel it’s been done to death, but there’s no denying it’s effective. All you need to do is visit any newsstand and check out the cover stories of popular magazines: 10 Exercises for Tighter Abs, 101 Ways to Save for College, or The 5 Best Family SUVs.

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