Top Ukraine Designers To Follow And Support Amid and After the Ukraine-Russia War

Top Ukraine designers to follow and support amid and after the Ukraine-Russia War; As a Ukrainian American, my heritage has always

Updated on July 25, 2022
Top Ukraine Designers To Follow And Support Amid and After the Ukraine-Russia War

Top Ukraine designers to follow and support amid and after the Ukraine-Russia war; As a Ukrainian American, my heritage has always been essential to my upbringing. But with the unimaginable fate of our brothers and sisters back home, the impact of our shared culture on my friends and family, who we are as people, as creative people, has become clearer.

Top Ukraine Designers To Follow And Support Amid and After the Ukraine-Russia War

It may have always been a current force in our lives. Still, as the world witnesses, the ongoing tragedy and the bravery of the Ukrainian people, the pride and global awareness of Ukrainian culture are exploding.

More than a week has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and despite tragedy and turmoil, the local industry is doing its best to stay at sea. There are many ways to help Ukraine, such as signing petitions, donating to refugees and organizations that support the war effort, and spreading the word. Another way to show support is to look for independent Ukrainian manufacturers who make a living as a business.

We spotlight 12 Ukrainian fashion designers to keep you on your toes, from big names to emerging talent. You’ll be inspired by our rich heritage, such as hand-embroidered traditional B. clothing, whimsical and contemporary designs that exude the same vibrant spirit that prevails; and most importantly, a cultural identity that permeates every collection.

(Please note: The following brands are shipping at the time of publication, but this may change due to changing current events.)

Top Ukraine designers to follow and :

Vita Kin

Known for its bohemian atmosphere and laid-back silhouette, the coveted eponymous label is heavily influenced by the designer’s Ukrainian tradition; especially in the design of Vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian embroidery technique. Each piece is meticulously crafted in a Kyiv studio using artisanal methods that have stood the test of time.

You can show your support for Ukraine designers by following on Instagram @vitakin_originals.


Founded in 2015 with the aid of using Ivan Frolov, this “couture-to-wear” logo is a pink carpet favorite. Starlets together with Gwen Stefani, Dua Lipa, and Rita Ora are amongst the ones who’ve sported the line`s captivating pieces, which consist of corsets, uneven jumpsuits, and crystal-decorated gowns. Frolov strives to create apparel with a focal point on freedom of expression – a message that has in no way rang extra true.

You can show your support for Ukraine designers by following on Instagram @frolovheart.

Ukraine designers: Kachorovska

Kachorovska started as a family trade, grew into a small workshop, and eventually became a company with over 100 employees. This well-known accessories brand creates high-quality, on-trend styles at wallet-friendly prices. Therefore, you can not only buy existing designs but also order bespoke works through the atelier program.


So, founded in 2014 by two former fashion editors, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, the luxury pajamas line has evolved into a versatile item that can wear outside the home. You’ve probably seen feather-trimmed pajamas on Instagram, your favorite TV shows, and even Oprah Daily. But of course, I also love candy-colored linen dresses, flower sets, and shoes. In addition, each garment is handcrafted from sustainable materials using a zero-waste manufacturing process.


Founded in Kyiv in 2006, Bevza is known for its sophisticated knitwear; and structured dresses made from sustainable materials and recycled plastics and machine fabrics. The brand has participated in New York Fashion Week for many seasons and received a street-style balaclava in a cozy chic balaclava last February. Don’t miss the origami-style bag and minimalist boots.

Ukraine designers: Ruslan Baginskiy

While starting as a fashion stylist at 20-years-old, Ruslan Baginskiy would hand-make couture headwear pieces for photoshoots. After an internship with several local hatmakers to hone his skills, Baginsky started his eponymous collection. Inspired by Ukrainian folk costumes, art, and vintage fashion, the eye-catching hat features a unique silhouette and gorgeous details like a pearl necklace. No wonder it’s found in many famous heads; such as Madonna, Amanda Gorman, and Miley Cyrus.


Born and raised in Kieu, designer Tamara Davydova founded Minimalist last year to provide timeless, wearable garments ethically manufactured in New York City using a closed-loop process. All are biodegradable and recyclable. So invest in an elegant and soft drape blazer, separate and jumpsuits, and you’ll have them for years to come. Buy now, and 30% of your revenue will benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross and UNICEF. Use the code together to get a 10% discount.

91 LAB

Ukraine-based knitwear company 91 Lab specializes in handmade knitwear using sophisticated and innovative technology. Textures such as intricate jacquard and signature weaves are widespread throughout the collection. Although unique in design; it is versatile enough to be worn repeatedly.

You can show your support for Ukraine designers by following on Instagram @91lab_official.

Ukraine designers: Paskal

Designer Julie Pascal has an architectural background and received this training to launch her clothing line, known for its sculptural silhouette and dreamy aesthetics. A coveted LVMH Award finalist in 2014, this innovative brand uses laser cutting and precision tailoring to create delicate dresses.

You can show your support for Ukraine designers by following on Instagram @paskalclothes.


Kyiv-based couples Ksenia and Anton Schnaider have combined their talents as fashion and graphic designers to create an edgy ready-to-wear label. Therefore, sustainability is at the forefront of the collection, as many pieces of refurbished or reused items. They are best known for their avant-garde denim pieces like this patchwork blazer.

You can show your support for Ukraine designers by following on Instagram @kseniaschnaider.

SUPPORT by Poustovit

Lilia Poustovit launched her eponymous line in 1998, focusing on everyday dresses, but the brand also has a unisex streetwear capsule called support. Inspired by Ukraine’s ever-changing youth culture, it features the work of graphic designers, artists, stylists, and photographers. So, comfortable T-shirts and sweatshirts may look cool, but the brand’s real goal is to spotlight young creatives.

Ukraine designers: Chereshnivska

a small group of artisans in the western city of Lviv. A tailor handcrafts Chershnivska; many with hand-painted prints by nearby Belarusian artists. So, due to the ongoing crisis in their country, they are now donating all of their earnings to provide food and necessities to their employees.

Mad Cats

Madcats Agency in Kyiv has a lot of courage and a passion for design. Her fun, witty personality is immediately apparent on her website, which turns your standard arrow-shaped cursor into a cat’s paw. Madcats’ work is highly visual, with bold colors and seductive typography making a strong impact. Follow her account if you’re looking for inspiration to think and create outside the box.

Kat Bielobrova

Once you know Bielobrova’s vibrant, bubbly aesthetic, you’ll recognize it. This Ukrainian designer and illustrator use bright colors and abstract textures to create irresistibly warm designs. Her feed also includes videos of her process, revealing the dedication and hard work put into each poppy, eye-catching graphic. 

The First The Last

The First The Last Kyiv-based design studio prides itself on pushing clients beyond the norm. They design branding in addition to apps and websites, creating a complete 360 approach. The agency’s engaging Instagram account showcases consistently dynamic, typographical, and sleek designs. They balance their unmistakably futuristic graphics with an elegant sense of timelessness.

Ukraine designers: OUUM

Founded in 2016, Ouum is a design studio focused on architecture; and 3D visualization. Her work draws palettes from 1960s pop art and interior design and the Bauhaus and modernist movements. Ouum’s designs are bright, whimsical, and mesmerizing. So, I wish I could step into their world like a big fluffy chair on a lime green stage. Moreover, if you want to add some funky color to your Instagram feed, follow Ouum.


Obys Agency’s account showcases engaging, street-art-inspired designs. The stark contrasts and typography create a sleek aesthetic consistent post to post. Their sharp imagery and deep palettes will stand out on your feed.

Jean Gritsfeldt

Jean Gritsfeldt summarizes his label in three words. “Everyday Party Wardrobe”. And by that, he definitely doesn’t mean a typical night-out top or bandage dress. No matter how much you want to celebrate, Gritsfeldt has it all. Kyiv-based designers have held a 10-year fort at Ukraine Fashion Week, offering camel coats decorated with the cartoon character Alf, from the Ukrainian National Circus to Boryspil International Airport and grocery stores. increase. From face masks to bodysuits, designs with the “Kyiv” engraving are especially popular.

Ukraine designers: Yulia Yefimtchuk

Julia Yephimchuk, a graduate of the Kieu State Institute of Decorative Arts; has long been inspired by her heritage. Her early collections included Soviet slogans such as “Peace to the World,” and she continues to incorporate Cyrillic words into her work as a Soviet poster and interpretation of the slogan. (Warning: She is currently on sale for up to 70% off.)

Ienki Ienki

Ienki Ienki puffer fish is a must-see for explorers at the National Center for Antarctic Science in Ukraine. Also, it doesn’t look like you’re actually trekking in the Arctic Circle. Both Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski casually wore them while touring New York City. Even if the balaclava wasn’t new, it would have turned to Hustka Hoods, the signature of founder Dima Ievenko.