Top Website Traffic Analysis Tools and How to Use Them On Your Benefit

In this article, we will talk about the main website traffic analysis tools to dissect the performance of your competitor's website

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on October 3, 2023
Top Website Traffic Analysis Tools and How to Use Them On Your Benefit

Know the top website traffic analysis tools and how to use them on your benefit; keeping a website performing is never easy. First, there is a risk of an ever-changing Google search. Then other sites drive traffic away from their platform.

Top Website Traffic Analysis Tools and How to Use Them On Your Benefit

So how can you improve your site’s performance? The answer is simple. So, you need to make decisions based on relevant and accurate data. And that means information about your appointments. To dissect your competitor’s website performance, you must use website traffic check tools.

Monitor your site and compare stats from portals with benefits. There are some fantastic tools to measure your website stats. For example, you can use Google Analytics to check your website’s traffic. However, collecting data about competitors is a bit more complicated.

Know the top website traffic analysis tools and how to use them on your benefit

How to check statistics with the website traffic analysis tools

So, as you will soon discover, there are numerous ways to check website traffic analysis tools. But how can you be sure the results you’re seeing are accurate?

You should know that it is easy to get inaccurate data about the actual performance of the website. According to statistics, many website checkers significantly exaggerate traffic on more than 90% of websites.

However, we have good news for you! We understand how to identify the amount of traffic any website receives. Want to know how to measure your portal performance the right way? Then follow these simple but effective tricks.

Tips and tricks on using free website traffic analysis tools

Don’t forget who visits your website more often than others. So, we are talking about you. So, yes, you are probably your portal’s biggest fan. But don’t forget to filter your visits from traffic statistics.

Identify your competitors. Before comparing the stats, you should choose about five top competitors. Then, if you run into problems, tools like Serpstat can alert you to sites that share similar keywords and audiences with your portal.

Check the “Ads” page. Have you ever thought about looking at advertising pages? You need to! This is a great way to check website traffic and conversion rates.

SEO and PPC Checkers. Knowing which keywords attract the most people to your site and your competitor’s site is essential. So, you should use website analyzers that provide information about search engine optimization.

No single method is correct. Already have a favorite tool for analyzing statistics? You shouldn’t limit yourself to using a service to check website traffic (Google Analytics seems to be a favorite for testing your websites). Comparing and verifying the reports using as many tools as possible is essential. The difference in results may surprise you. So, website traffic estimators can show you tons of valuable information.

Use all this data to find out how people find their way to your site and what makes them stick around. Then, compare this to your competitor’s website statistics to better understand what to improve on your portal.

15 website traffic analysis tools to spy on competitors

So, ask yourself: how can you fix something when you don’t know what’s broken? First, you need a complete picture to optimize your portal and perform better. And for that, you should examine your competitors to find out what helps them attract new visitors. Otherwise, you will do nothing to decrease traffic to your portal.

You are probably reading this article to learn how to measure performance and SEO on other websites. That’s why we’ll skip the popular website checkers limited to analyzing their portals.

Instead, we will focus on the most accurate website traffic analysis checking tools to analyze rival websites and compare their stats. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Top website traffic analysis tools

1 – SEMrush

SEMrush is a complete set of competitive intelligence for digital marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. The SaaS platform provides insights and solutions for enterprises to create, manage, and measure campaigns across multiple marketing channels., manage and measure campaigns across multiple marketing channels. The company started in 2008 and was listed in 2021.

What’s more interesting is SEMrush’s expensive but useful Full Report tool. It provides in-depth analysis with many metrics, including keywords that drive more clicks to your site.

2 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is by far one of the best website traffic checkers out there. Plus, it’s a great tool for opening that list. So how is it different from other analyzers? For starters, it’s very accurate and provides frequently updated statistics. So, it also has over 45 million keywords in its database, making it the perfect solution to improve SEO rankings.

And so, for a fraction of the cost, you can get a lot of valuable data from Ahrefs. It usually includes landing pages, search engine rankings, most popular keywords, and many other metrics. Furthermore, it is designed to easily gather information about competitors. Do you want to know what makes other sites successful and what you need to improve? Try a 7-day trial and see how useful it is for you.

3 – Quantcast

Quantcast is an extremely accurate website traffic checker. However, there is just one small disappointment. You must join your system before it can show any statistics. So if you want to spy on your competitors, know there’s a good chance they’re not in the Quantcasts ecosystem.

This service stands out from other tools for its excellent demographic analysis. As you can see in the image above, you will know a lot about your visitors. The report provides information about the reader’s shopping interests, education level, and income.

4 – Similar Web

According to various tests, SimilarWeb is among the most accurate web parsers. It’s a great free tool with a paid version. SimilarWeb collects information about the number of visitors and ranks the countries where they visit your website.

The other useful tool you can use is traffic sources. It lets you see how users come across your website through email marketing, social media, or search engines. So, This can help you improve your SEO or online advertising to drive more traffic.

For its premium version, SimilarWeb offers several tools to compare your portal with rival sites.

5 – WorthTraffic Website

SiteWorthTraffic is a fantastic tool to understand how much money any website makes from ads. It also fetches some useful traffic data.

Did we mention it’s completely free? Also, SiteWorthTraffic doesn’t even ask you to register. If you’re like us, you’re also tired of the website traffic-checking tools that ask you to sign up. That’s why this provider can be a breath of fresh air.

6 – crow

Raven is a comprehensive SEO product suite that provides valuable data about website traffic. Unfortunately, the most interesting things are locked behind a paywall. However, you do not have to dismiss this website analyzer yet. Even a free account is enough to optimize your portal.

The free Raven account allows you to analyze one website or 100 search queries monthly. Its detailed report includes information on referrals and traffic sources, audience geography, and keywords that bring in new users.

7 – SE Classification

So, if you are familiar with tools such as Ahrefs and SemRush, SE rankings are not surprising. Analyze organic traffic and keyword optimizations on major search engine pages and track website rankings based on country, region, and city.

This service also allows you to collect the data above about your competitors. You can try the SE Rankings functionality for free with a 14-day trial.

8 – Website IQ

Website IQ is an incredibly popular service that has been analyzing online portals since 2011. It is an insightful tool for anyone who wants to understand how much traffic a website receives. So, the benefits of this tool include a clear and intuitive user interface and exhaustive data for larger sites.

Website IQ has a very useful comparison and tracking tool that you can use to compare different websites. The free tool provides daily, weekly and monthly charts for up to one year. Insufficient? Then you can pay for the Business or Pro subscription plan and get access to a complete picture and more sophisticated features.

9 – Visitor Detective

As you can judge from the name, VisitorsDetective can help you get information about any website. Interested in seeing how many visitors your rivals get? Just put the website name; you will get information about inbound traffic based on the country.

VisitorsDetective is a very simple but surprisingly accurate website traffic checker. And the best? It’s completely free.

10 – Serpstat

Another free service for detailed website analysis. Serpstat uses Google and the Yandex search engine to provide a detailed analysis of any website. So, the latter makes this tool popular among Russian portals.

With Serpstat, you can see the top competitors, especially based on organic searches. Want to know how far you are to your website? You can review your domain traffic, analyze and compare your most popular organic keywords, cost-per-click and volume, and view the most visited pages on each website.

Still, you’ll have to pay to access more advanced features like backlink analysis and full site auditing.

11 – Traffic Estimation Traffic Estimator

A simple website traffic estimator that gathers basic statistics about any website. There’s nothing extraordinary about it except that it’s free and takes a few seconds to complete a review.

The Traffic Estimate report includes statistics on unique visitors, hosting, SEO, and targeted keywords. Plus, you’ll view other sites competing for similar keywords.

The results from Traffic Estimation can vary significantly from other popular website analyzers. Moreover, of course, this raises the question of how accurate it is. Still, it’s a useful feature if you want to cross-reference the stats you got from another website verification tool.

12 – QuickSprout

And so, QuickSprout is an amazing SEO tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs. This service provides an easily dissected analysis table. In addition, it features your competitor’s traffic data, SEO ranking, and a list of the most popular keywords.

It’s not just dry statistics. QuickSprout also offers suggestions on how to improve your site. In addition, this tool will give you clear, easy-to-follow recommendations if you want to appeal to a wider audience. So, to top it off, all these features are free!

13 – Keyword competitor

Need accurate and detailed information about your website traffic? You need to understand your visitors, and where they come from, and what attracts them to your website. But keep in mind that you can also learn from your competitors.

14 – KWFinder

So, KWFinder is a fantastic website traffic checker for amateur bloggers. It has one of the best intuitive interfaces on the market and tons of keyword research features.

With KWFinder, you will get a good view of your competitor’s SEO best practices to implement in your portal.

15 – Rank2Traffic

A completely free and reliable alternative to the famous Alexa website traffic estimator. Rank2Traffic uses advanced algorithms based on the Alexa ranking system to provide comprehensive information about visitors.

This online tool works best as a supplement. We recommend that you compare your Rank2Traffic results with statistics from other sites. So this allows you to more accurately estimate your competitor’s data.

Website traffic analysis tools: Final thoughts

Need accurate and detailed information about your website traffic? So, you need to understand your visitors, where they come from, and what attracts them to your website. But keep in mind that you can also learn from your competitors.

That’s where website traffic-checking tools come in handy. It is essential to learn from more experienced content creators. See which keywords bring in the most traffic, and see what works and doesn’t. Finally, use this information to improve your portal.