Moving your website to a new host, and need to transfer domain name too? Maybe you’ve found a better deal for domain registration. In any case, transferring your domain is a straightforward process, but will usually take several days to complete while you wait for all parties involved to approve the transfer. Most of the work is done behind the scenes; you’ll just need to fill out a few forms.

Transfer Domain Name

Though this tutorial is based on how I moved my domain name from HostGator to Namecheap, it will work for other registrars like Godaddy, Registrar, Network Solutions, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc.

Now let’s see how to transfer your domain name to another registrar. Just follow these simple steps

Transfer Domain Name To A New Register
Transfer Domain Name To A New Register


Whois Data Email Verification

At first, you have to make sure that administrative contact of your domain name has a valid Email address in your whois database. Because the new registrar will send you a confirmation letter to your email.

To check your Email address in Whois data, visit this site. Enter your domain name and check Registrant Email.

If you have a valid Email Address on your Whois data, you can skip this step. But if you haven’t, you need to make sure that your Privacy Protection is disabled. Privacy Protection is a service that hides your personal information from the public. You can contact your registrar to cancel the privacy protection.

You can also do it manually from your Domain Management. Here’s how to do it on HostGator. Go to Domain Management > Manage Domains and click on ‘Shield Sign’. And disable Domain Privacy.

Domain Address Unlock

Your domain must be unlocked for transfer. Domain Locking is a security feature that protects against third parties trying to edit, transfer, or delete your domain without permission.

You can unlock your domain name from the control panel. For HostGator, click on the ‘Lock Sign’ to unlock your domain name.

Authorization Code

Authorization Code is also known as EPP Code or Transfer Key. It’s a unique combination of letters, numbers or symbols. You can get the authorization code from your Domain Overview. If you don’t find any authorization code on your account, contact with your domain registrar. To get EPP Key on HostGator, just click on your Domain Name from ‘Manage Domains’ and a domain overview will be popped up.  Copy EPP Key from there.

Domain Name Transfer

Now time to purchase the Domain Name Transfer from your desired domain registrar. choose your personal favorite. See if it offers cheap domain name transfer.  When you purchase a domain name transfer, some of the providers may let you keep all the remaining time on your current registration. Namecheap keeps all the remaining time.

After the payment, you’ll need to set your Authorization/EPP code on your new registrar. Once you’ve bought the transfer, you’ll get an Email about EPP required. Just follow the link and enter your EPP code.

Email Notifications From Registers

Then you’ll get the confirmation mail from both current and new registrar. You needn’t to do anything with your current registrar’s mail. But you’ll have to click on Confirmation link from your new registrar’s mail. It will take 5-7 days to transfer your domain name. Once your domain transfer has been completed, you’ll get the confirmation Email from your new registrar.

I haven’t faced any downtime while transferring my domain name.  I would suggest you to contact with your new domain provider to know about downtime. Hope it helps. Do let us know if face any difficulties on transferring your domain name to a new registrar. Don’t forget to share your domain transfer experience with us.

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