Traveling Billboards: How to Turn Your Vehicle Into a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing is all about the right idea. It sounds fun but is never an easy job. We'll share how to turn your vehicle into a marketing campaign

Updated on July 25, 2022
Traveling Billboards: How to Turn Your Vehicle Into a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing is all about the right idea. It sounds fun but is never an easy job. If you’re not careful, it can actually drill a huge hole in your budget. Worse, it can put you in a bad light. In this article, we’ll share how to turn your vehicle into a marketing campaign.

The recent marketing blunders of 2020 should be enough to tell you this. One very obvious blunder involves Pepsi. Wanting to make the most of the Black Lives Matter movement, the cola company fielded an ad showing no less than Kendall Jenner offering a can of Pepsi to bridge the growing animosity in a protest picket, between protestors and the police. The result? The brand was eviscerated on social media. 

Traveling Billboards: How to Turn Your Vehicle Into a Marketing Campaign?

If only there was a way for you to market your brand effectively without having to spend so much on star power. To note, the recent Pepsi ad fiasco was blamed on the in-house ad group as no agency was used. If only they had the right idea. 

Fortunately, there may be one bright spot, an idea that could spell great branding for you minus the great spend. 

We rsquo;re talking about vehicle advertising. Well, you might not think it but that can be a great chance for you to move the needle of your marketing. Know stats detail an average American makes about 3 000 to 4, 000 steps in a day. That’s roughly 1.5 to 2 miles a day. But what if your marketing can be visible as Americans step outside? Wouldn’t that be timely as the nation reopens its economy?

If the prospects are daunting for you, here are some crafty ways you can transform your vehicles into one effective marketing campaign.

Wrap your Car

Car wraps are amazing. With a stunning design, you should be able to catch everyone’s attention when your vehicle is out in the streets. You can use a full vinyl wrap that extends all over your vehicle to the fullest. That should give you both sides of the vehicle for maximum exposure. 

Just have your best creative ideas splashed on your car’s skin.  Use colors and imagery, lots of it. It must also match the logo and branding of your business. So when people drop who by your website will know in a jiffy. 

Plus, you should make the most of these ads to boost your online presence. Include in the wrap your website and email address together with a phone number, and best of all your social media. So, people would know in a wink of an eye how to get in touch. 

Vehicle Magnets Marketing Campaign

Covering your entire car with the information of your business is truly a good option. It can be an effective marketing campaign. But what if you also use that vehicle for personal travel? Well, covering your entire vehicle may not be the most fitting option in that case. 

Instead you can have something that is portable and easy to apply and remove. And this is exactly why a vehicle magnetic sign is spot on. Not only do you have a way to make your vehicle a tool for business, but you can still use your car for personal purposes. Take note that vehicle wraps are easy to apply and remove. Even better, it’s also durable and low cost with vehicle marketing.

Just have your company name, phone number, website, and logo printed on your magnetic sign. You can also add some of your taglines so prospects will have an idea of what you do.

Advertisements on Rear End

Here’s a question for you, what part of a vehicle is most likely seen for a minute or two? Well, the answer is the rear end of your vehicles, especially true when you are stuck due to a traffic signal. As you may be aware, most people end up staring at the back part of your vehicle. Why not make the most of this useful habit?

Put some advertisements on the rear end of your vehicle. Similarly, you can include your website address. You can also put a marketing pitch such as “text a message by the time you saw this ad to get 15% discount” to encourage prospects. But do make sure it’s clear and readable. It’s clever and yet effective. 

Add QR Codes Vehicle Marketing Campaign

QR or Quick Response code is a convenient way to inform people of your business information. By just scanning that QR code, they will be redirected to whatever you have in store for them. 

Usually, this is a website since most of it has free QR code generators. You can also mention a special promo to entice people from scanning that code. Of course, you can also put your website address below that code for those who do not have the means on scanning that code. It’s ingenious and best of all, it’s cheap.